How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word?

How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)

I will tell you how to insert the thumbs up symbol in Microsoft Word using your own laptop and some keyboard shortcuts in today’s post. But just before we start, I’m going to remind you that you can also use the Thumbs up button directly to copy and paste the sign into your Microsoft word for free. Just google and search for the thumbs up icon, then if the icon is available in front of your eyes, directly copy it. You can still copy and paste the symbol when and where the need happens until you get the symbol into your Word document. Although, if you want only to use your laptop’s keyboard to insert this icon in Microsoft Word, the following methods will teach you what you need to remember.


There are several methods in MS Office for adding thumbs up icons that do not have specific keys on their laptop’s keyboard.

So, I will make some different methods open to you in this section that you can use to type or paste a thumbs up icon on your desktop, such as in MS Word for Windows users. Let’s get started without any more ado.

  1. Using the Symbol Insert Dialog Window

The Insert Symbol dialog box is a collection of emoji’s or symbol where you can insert any symbol with only a few mouse clicks into your Word document. Follow the steps below to attach the Microsoft Word thumbs up icon.

  • Open a word file.
How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)
  • Click to put the injection pointer where you want the icon to be inserted.
How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)
  • Choose the injection pointer to use the insert symbol.
How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)
  • Now, click the Symbol drop-down button in the Symbols tab and pick the More Symbols button.
How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)
  • A dialog box for Symbol will appear.
How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)
  • Pick the wingdings from the given options to conveniently find the thumbs up icon, and write 0043 into the code area at the bottom of the file. The Thumbs Up icon appears to be chosen after typing the code.
  • Now, to paste the symbol into your text, press the Insert button.
  • At last, after applying the thumbs up icon, close the dialog, and it would then be inserted precisely where the insertion pointer was put.
  1. Using the Alt code to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol

There is a special code for each symbol in Microsoft Word that you can use to insert the symbol in your text, and this code is only known as the Alt code. Therefore, using the steps below, you can enter this symbol using your laptop’s keyboard:

  • To activate the numeric keypad, press the number lock key.
  • Then, to turn on Number Lock on laptops without a numeric keypad, use the Fn key + Num lock keys. Using this keypad, hold the Alt key and enter 128077.
  • After entering the Alt code, release the Alt key that you have pushed.
  • The Thumbs up Symbol Text should show up in your document as soon as you release the Alt Key.

NOTE: 128077 is the Alt code for inserting icon in MS Word

  1. Shortcuts to Insert Thumbs Up Symbol in Microsoft Word

There are different shortcuts available for the windows version. Just Microsoft Word fits with any of these shortcuts. So, one of them is the Thumbs up Sign shortcut. The shortcut to Microsoft Word’s Thumbs up Icon is 1F44D, Alt+X. But in Microsoft Word, and only in Windows, this workaround works.

Therefore, you have to follow the below instructions in order to use this thumbs up shortcut:

  • Place the Microsoft Word insertion pointer in the correct place.
  • On your keyboard, select 1F44D and then press Alt + X. This will transform the 1F44D code into the Thumbs Up icon where the insertion pointer was placed.


  • Open a file for Word.
How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word (on Keyboard)

Pick a file from the home page after opening the Word doc. You’ll be able to open the previous saved version of the file by doing so.

  • Put you cursor in the place of fixing icon.

This will set the position as the point of insertion of your mark.

  • Choose the insert tab that is on the topmost page of the word file.
  • Then, press the advance icon as it helps in opening the icon page.
  • Select the thumbs up icon.
  • After choosing the thumbs up icon, you can press the insert button to save your icon in the word file.


So, with the aid of your keyboard, these are the different ways you can insert or write the Thumbs Up symbol text in Microsoft Word. Thus, my chosen icon insertion approach is to use the copy and paste method.

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How to Insert the Thumbs Up Symbol in Word?

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