7w8 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs for Them

7w8 Ennegram Personality and Best Jobs for Them

The Enneagram 7W8 (7 wing 8), also referred to as “The Opportunist” or “The Realist,” is a unique personality in the Enneagram of Personality wheel that consists of nine personality types, which model the human psyche. A typical 7w8 personality bears high similarities with the eight personality types but is predominantly a 7 personality.

Who is the 7w8 Human?

A typical 7w8 human is adventurous goal-oriented, loves meeting new people and traveling places. Hates being restricted by schedules or people. So far, there are restrictions they do not have. They truly desire new opportunities and experiences and being satisfied, or content is their greatest desire. A 7w8 human may have some bad traits like justifying things done against them or being logical about bad feelings. Being left out is a major fear, so they tend to attend parties because they enjoy others’ company.

Core Strengths

The core Strengths of a 7w8 human provide him/her the opportunity to thrive in a professional space. They are goal-oriented and ambitious. These traits can be very well channeled for excellence at their workplaces. Assertiveness and the ability to remain calm in turbulence are another major strength of a 7w8 individual, making them very equipped to work under pressure and emergencies.

Core Weakness 

As a result of the innate drive to excel and produce results, 7w8 personalities using work to overcome unpleasant or anxious occurrences may result in overworking, which may adversely affect their health. Also, the inability to have a cordial relationship with people and the inability to communicate effectively may hamper cooperation and productivity in a work setting.

Best Jobs for 7w8 Enneagram

Working efficiently under pressure makes a 7w8 human best fit for a paramedic progression; working in the Emergency room of a hospital would not a bad idea because the pressure for the external does not get to them. Also, working as a customer care representative or a Sales representative, a 7w8 human can leverage the core strength of working effectively and efficiently under pressure. Another job for a 7w8 is being a travel guide. At this job, he/she will explore their innate adventurous personality. More so, the absence of strict/ rigid schedules will enable them to function at maximum capacity.

The assertive nature of a 7w8 human makes him/her the perfect fit for a career as a motivational speaker. The assertive coupled with self-confidence and tangible results will make him/her thrive in this career choice.  A 7w8 individual can also pursue a career as a Television personality or a Reality Show host, a News anchor, and a media personality. These careers give room for creativity and ingenuity. 

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7w8 Enneagram Personality and Best Jobs for Them

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