Read the story of Sean Si, Founder of SEO Hacker

Sean Si – CEO and Founder SEO Hacker

How was your University time?
My time studying at the University was a struggle. I failed 28 units during my stay and this did not sit well with my parents, as they were the ones putting me through school. There are a lot of factors that affected my studies, it was primarily because of my obsession with video games, and the fact that I did not like the course I was studying.

During this time, I had a passion for writing and an unconditional love for God which led to me creating my own blog site dedicated to writing about my relationship with God.

SEO was a completely unfamiliar term for me until I heard about it when I was doing my on the job training in an internet marketing company here in the Philippines. While the initial tasks that I was assigned to do was not completely related to SEO, my curiosity piqued, leading me to search

“What is SEO?”

I was completely absorbed into the world of SEO and started learning more and more about it. Whatever I was learning about SEO, I applied to my own website, which led me to see this as something that I would like to do in a long time. After graduating from college I was able to work for my dream company got paid well for it. This was also the catalyst that led me to start a knowledge-based blog dedicated to the things I learned about SEO – the SEO Hacker Blog.

During this time, I was also able to go on vacation to Hong Kong (which was my Dad’s graduation present). It was there that I met my very first SEO client, which was one of the biggest scuba supply companies in the Philippines. During this time, I had to meet with the owner of the scuba company and convince him that they needed my SEO hacker services.

Slowly but surely, SEO Hacker, which started as a blog, became  full-fledged SEO services company. Through the contract with the scuba company, I was able to generate a good amount of income which led to me deciding to quit my dream job and do SEO hacker Services full-time.

Over the past 8 years that we have been operating, we have had the privilege of servicing some of the biggest companies in the Philippines, and helped their brand grow immensely. In fact, they were so satisfied with our service that a good number of them are still our clients today.

Why did you Seek out a career in SEO?
I took up Information and Communication Technology Management with the hopes of learning more about coding and programming and it had a promising career path. However, my initial aim was to actually develop a video game with the skills I learned.

What was your first job or nuggets from jobs you had that helped you to get to where you are today?
I learned the value of hard work early on when I helped my father’s business. This helped me learn that being laser-focused and determined in what you want to achieve helps get you to new heights. I also learned a lot about experimentation and finding new solutions that make work more efficient.

How did you prepare for an interview?
I usually calm down, take a moment to breathe, and say a short prayer. Being composed and confident is key when doing a job interview, as it helps you keep your focus, ensure that you give a good impression, and convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the job.

What can you recommend on a CV?
My advice is to keep your CV concise but detailed. Only insert the most important skills and achievements relevant to what you are applying for. First impression counts and your CV is a brief look at what you can offer to the company you are applying for.

Advice for someone looking for a job?
My advice is to explore every possible option available and do not be afraid to take risks. There are many job opportunities available, and it is best to consider all possible options.

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?
When I applied for my first job, I was expecting to not get selected due to my struggles in academics. Thankfully, I got accepted into my first job, maybe because of my previous on the job training in a tech company.

Lessons from jobs that you couldn’t get.
I learned that a person’s dream job isn’t always what it’s made up to be. It takes time to find the right job. In my case, I went through numerous experiences that enabled me to find SEO, and I knew right then and there, that it was my calling.

Things are changing very fast in every field, how do you keep yourself updated. Please list blogs, podcasts, or any techniques that you follow etc

I keep myself updated through news sites and blogs to learn more about new skills and tools that my team and I can use to make work more efficient. We follow a good amount of SEO blog sites such as Search Engine Journal, Moz, Search Engine Land, and many more. These sites help us look into more insights on how SEO can work better, how the landscape has changed, and how we can adapt to the changes.

Read the story of Sean Si, Founder of SEO Hacker

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