Is Coding a Good Career in 2021?

Is Coding a Good Career?

I have been asking myself this question for so long. So, let’s discuss it and reach a conclusion together. Many of us suffer from constant anxiety when choosing a career. Choosing a career path that can satisfy us mentally and financially is a tough decision to make, especially when you’re in your teens or early twenties. Everyone wishes to have a job with flexibility. Coding seems like a tough path to choose given a lot of fuss about learning a lot of languages, learning many tools, choosing it as a career is a huge decision. To choose a path first, you have to recognize your interests and talents. An imposed career on anyone will never be promising, even if it is coding or anything else. You can’t write code if you have no interest in it. Given the years I have studied coding myself and observing the students around me, I think I am qualified to talk about it. So, first things first.

How is coding a good and promising Career?

If you are an introvert and love to solve problems I promise, you are in the right field. Coding is, in fact, solving different problems, providing solutions. You don’t have to be outside and meet many people to work as a coder. You can sit at your home with a cup of coffee and a good computer and can do all your work. Developing to exporting a whole project to another location can now be done just by sitting at your home. Technology is one hell of support to all of us. The world is known as the world of technology. None of us can walk out of our homes without technology.

Technology is a huge part of our daily life. We all are dependent on it. New inventions and developments every day are opening doors for creativity and a bright future. In all these developments, coding plays an important role. A world of technology and the Internet are all dependent on different types of code and algorithms working together to solve all the world’s problems. Coding is a career that has no defined boundaries or limits. You can always learn more, and you can always develop something new. With these new developments through code, maintenance for that code is also required, which welcomes new jobs for Code testers, and Quality Assurance Engineers, IT experts, and many more.

These all collectively work together in a single network for a piece of code developed by no other but the Coder. In past times, writing code was more difficult as the development tools were not that advanced, so locating errors and bugs in code was difficult. But now, the efficiency and accuracy in development tools have made writing code easier and user-friendly. 

Coding is undoubtedly a skill that you can learn, but it is also a quality that everyone does not possess. Very few people can be excellent coders and can develop efficient and flawless code. Given the rare aspect of this talent market, the demand for coders is very high. But learning a code can improve a person’s logic and problem-solving ability. In my first year, I remember it was hard for me to build logic for some code, but with time, my brain started making logic and finding solutions more quickly. Once you learn a programming language and all its dos and don’ts, the next step to improve your coding ability is to solve little problems or write snippets of code for small problems to improve the logic of your code to write flawless code.

You can enhance your abilities by sitting at home. There are hundreds and thousands of online courses available to teach you different languages and tricks to write code. Once you become a coder, you have the advantage of building anything you think of. You can make your dreams come true. There is no limit to what u can and can’t build. You can always make and develop something new of great value in the market. The more creative you are, the more demand you have in the market. Coding is a vast field. It doesn’t even define your boundary that u can only work for people around you but anywhere in the world just by sitting in your home. It is a kind of field where your future is secured. If you are afraid of a strict job schedule, congratulations, you just found your dream job. As a coder, you can work as a freelancer. You work on a project for a month and get enough paid to rest for 3 months.

If you are adventurous, then this is the right job for you. It not just improves your logical and problem-solving skills with time but also, it’s a well-paid profession. The world moved within days from radio to the internet. The advancements are unbelievable in such a short span. If you go to the play store or app store of your phone, you see millions of applications related to everything. The world depends on technology. How many times do you check your phone daily? Can you live without your phone? Hard question, isn’t it? 

Millions or even billions are applications. Websites are still not enough. There is always room for more that’s the beauty of this field. There is no end, no full stop to it. Artificial Intelligence promised us a bright and promising future which has made the coding world crazy. You can be the one to do that, or you can be a part of it. Artificial Intelligence opens a wide scope for the programming world. Deep learning and neural networks amaze coders with their benefits. The most amazing thing about AI is that even after the AI starts writing its own code, there will still be many assumptions to it, so it will always need a coder to test them. A coder in the future, no matter how far the technology moves. The most important thing is it pays well. Your efforts are always well paid in this career which motivates you to work more.

If these reasons are not convincing enough, let me give you another. Covid-19 has ruined the peace of the whole world. It has reduced the world’s population to an alarming number and, on the other hand, has made many people jobless. In these times, if we can see, the coders still had their jobs secured because they don’t really have to interact with humans to get their job done, and their job is not dependent on the physical behavior of the world. So, coders appear to be the safest in these concerns as they are not interacting with people. They are not getting infected by the virus or becoming a carrier for others. Coders are actually useful in this pandemic. Many have built applications and websites to help people about Covid-19.

Governments are keeping track of patients who are vaccinated on mobile applications. Work from home is the new trend now, but this has always been the plan for programmers. My point is that you have a job that can protect you from the harms of the outside world and a job in which you can be a reason for developing new ideas and new ways. You don’t need a degree for it. You really don’t. If you have the potential to become what it takes and the potential to learn and write code, well, there is no end to learning. You can always learn more. Enhance your skills, explore your ideas, work on your logic, and I promise you this field is the best you can ever think of.  You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. Things take time. It’s not that you are going to be a productive coder on the first day. We learn from our mistakes, and in coding, we learn from our errors. I hope all these facts are enough to convince you that coding is a promising career and you can choose it without any regrets.

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Is Coding a Good Career in 2021?

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