Hospital CEO Job Description – Duties & Salary

Hospital CEO Job Description, Duties, and Salary

Every top-level management or job is the hub where all institutes or companies are being controlled. We will discuss the Hospital CEO Job Description here. When we see this management level (CEO) in a hospital, it seems like managing life and death. That is something that a hospital CEO does. A hospital CEO has the responsibility to ensure almost every aspect that leads the hospital toward efficient working. He needs to supervise day-to-day operations and make strategic decisions to keep the hospital’s reputation on the track of success. Further! We will discover and everything regarding a hospital CEO job, including job description, duties, and salary.

Hospital CEO Job Description

So basically, this job can be described as the top-level management of the hospital. This means that the person in this position is responsible for controlling and providing overall directions to the organization. There are two major aspects of this job. The first one is providing optimal patient facilities and outcomes. The second is to maintain the hospital’s profitability and fulfill all the requirements. For this position, a person must fulfill some of the necessary criteria for this esteemed designation.   


For this level job, education is foundational. You are not necessarily required to go to medical school and acquire a medical degree. The key point is that you need to attain a level of education through which you could understand the complexity of the functionality that needs to be controlled from this position. The minimum level of education one has to attain is a master’s degree. There are few fields of study that a striving CEO might say conceder. But the famous among all are the two primary fields, master of health administration (MHA degree) and master of public health (MPA degree). These two fields of study are more likely considerable because of the two major points:

  • Both degrees are related to the field of medicine.
  • Both degrees teach you the administration of the respective field.

The options accept in these fields, which are less common but still viable, are a master’s in business administration (MBA degree) and a degree in medical management. Though these studies are different from each other, they still provide foundational skills that a hospital CEO can use to deliver a higher level of leadership and managerial direction. A person holding any of these degrees or maybe a higher one like MPhil and Ph.D. in these respected fields have a chance to pursue his or her career as a CEO of a hospital.

Experience Required:

Only a degree will never help you in getting a job of this level. A CEO of a company should not just have to be well educated, but he also has to an experienced person in his respective field. A notable thing here is that a hospital CEO does not have to a doctor or a dentist, on a cardiologist with several experiences in looking after his or her patients. At the CEO level, you are not required to have technical skills. A CEO has to be a person who has the strongest conceptual skills. Because here he is not supposed to check patients or deal with the clients, his responsibility is to control the workforce of that hospital, and for that, he requires a high amount of conceptual skills and a lower amount of technical skill. There are various paths through which a person can gain his or her experience for this designation, for example working at an accounting department, managing a clinic, or an ambulatory center within the broader health care facility.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Though every place has its own requirements, rules and regulations but there are some primary concerns that most hospital CEO’s will share:

  • Responsibility to deliver the highest quality of patient care. For that, he or she has to work closely with the chief medical officer (CMO) or chief nursing officer (CNO) to sustain the standards of patient care. 
  • Delivering efficient leadership while creating a positive and productive culture at the hospital
  • Creating standards and policies for the workforce of his or her hospital, and not just creating but also implementing them in a way that every employee should follow to promote operational efficiency
  • Hire and fire qualified staff
  • Arrange training and workshops for the development of the employees
  • Implement clinical procedure and policies in his or her hospital
  • Developing a good relationship with the outside organizations, including the medical community, media, and referring physicians and chemists
  • To maintain the reputation of the hospital on the track of success and profitability 

Salary of a Hospital CEO

As the designation is high, its pay is also high. So, according to stats, a CEO is given 6 figure salary. The typical salary of a hospital CEO is $177,000 per year, excluding a bonus over it. This is the average figure for salary. The wage of a hospital CEO may depend upon years of experience, location, degree, or higher level of education. Here the location is an important factor, according to mostly to the stats, most of the highly paid CEOs work in the larger cities. 

How to Become a Hospital

Due to the importance and the high level of responsibility associated with the CEO position, this makes it a complex position, more likely to be a no-entry level position. The path to becoming a hospital CEO is usually a long way, encompassing many years of academic training followed by several years of experience working in a health care facility, managing and leading at various points and designations. Anyone who will pass through all of these harsh paths of struggle has strong chances to get an opportunity to be a hospital’s CEO.


  • How many years of experience are required to be a CEO of a hospital? Typically a person willing to be a CEO of a hospital should have at least 15 years of experience working in a health management department. Along with 5 years working in top-level management.

  • Can a person with a non-medical degree be a hospital CEO? Yes. A person holding a degree like MHA or MBA can also be a CEO of a company.

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Hospital CEO Job Description – Duties & Salary

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