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How Much Does Ross Pay

Introduction Paragraph- The Ross Stores chain of discount department stores, operated under the brand name Ross Dress for Less, is a chain of discount stores headquartered in Dublin, California. Currently, Ross operates 1,483 stores across 37 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam, covering a large portion of the U.S. Today’s topic- How Much Does Ross Pay?

Answer ParagraphIncluding base and bonus, the rate of pay at Ross Stores is $151,616, or $72 per hour, while the rate of pay for a median position is $156,840, or $75 per hour. Director of Sales at Ross Stores earns $253,185 a year, while Sales Reps earn $30,500. Sales at Ross Stores average $170,436. Marketing pays $137,923, Design pays $135,998, Operations pays $118,960, and Design pays $135,991. The median salary at Ross Stores is $156,840.

The Average Salary at Ross Stores by Job Title

There are a variety of jobs at Ross Stores that can earn drastically different salaries than the average. Store managers, assistant managers, sales representatives, and loss prevention specialists are among the job titles at Ross Stores with high salaries. Ross Stores workers who hold the title store manager earn an average annual salary of $115,824. Additionally, fitting room attendants and stock clerks can also be considered to better understand Ross Stores’ salaries. Ross Stores pays the title fitting room attendant $24,866 per year, by comparison.

  1. Store Manager  $115,824
  2. Assistant Manager $50,435
  3. Sales Representative $50,204
  4. Loss Prevention Specialist $35,463
  5. Loss Prevention Officer $35,596
  6. Area Supervisor $34,293

Salaries at Ross Stores by Location

It is possible for a person’s cost of living to vary dramatically based on where they reside in the country. The salaries of employees at Ross Stores vary by region. Ross Stores is the highest-paid company in Dublin, CA, where the average annual salary is $37,237.In Kailua, HI, Ross Stores employees do not earn as much as those in other locations. There are 35,491 salary earners in Kailua, HI.

  1. Dublin, CA  $37,237
  2. Kailua, HI   $35,491
  3. New York, NY  $33,369
  4. Darien, CT  $32,535
  5. Boone, CO  $30,574

Salaries at Ross Stores by Department

Salary levels at Ross Stores are determined by your location and the position you hold. At Ross Stores, the employees in administrative pay are well above average, earning an average of $41,883 per year. Another highly paid department is facilities, with an average annual salary of $32,703. Among Ross Store’s organizational functions, service and warehouse pay the least. The average salary for these departments is $30,037 and $38,866.

  1. Administrative $41,883
  2. Faculties  $32,703
  3. Retail  $30,931
  4. Sales $31,782
  5. Chain of Supply $31,381

Retail Salaries at Ross Stores

Retail Associates make an average of $11 an hour at Ross Stores. Salary ranges from $4 – $16 per hour for Retail Associates at Ross Stores.

  1. Assistant Manager $50,435
  2. Stock Supervisor  $41,930
  3. Assistant Store Manager $40,282
  4. Retails Sales Lead $35,054
  5. Front End Supervisor $32,283 

The Ross Retail Industry Pays The Most

  • Customer Service Supervisor-

Ross Stores’ Customer Service Supervisors typically make $14 per hour. Salary ranges from $12 – $17 per hour for Customer Service Supervisors at Ross Stores.  

  • Regional Loss Prevention Manager-

An experienced Loss Prevention Manager earns, on average, $8,084 in total compensation (tips, bonus, and overtime pay) based on 11 salaries. The average total compensation for a Loss Prevention Manager with 10-19 years of experience is $8,758 based on 12 salaries.

  • Customer Service Manager-

Ross Stores Senior Customer Service Managers earn an estimated $122,665 per year, which includes a base salary of $103,978 and a bonus of $18,687. In comparison with the US average compensation for a Senior Customer Service Manager, Ross Stores’ Senior Customer Service Manager makes $52,410 more. At Ross Stores, senior customer service managers can expect wages between $65,000 and $166,250.

  • Retail Account Manager-

Glassdoor indicates that an account manager’s average salary is $56,596. The pay can range from $15,000 to $93,000/year, depending on your experience, the company’s size, and your industry.

  • Store Manager-

Store Managers typically earn $51,013 per year in the United States, which is 23% less than the average Ross Stores salary of $67,081 per year.

  • Regional Manager-

It is estimated that an average Regional Manager makes $51,011 per year in the United States, which is 24% less than the average salary at Ross Stores which is $67,295 per year.

  • Retail Franchise Owner-

There is a 65 percent gap between the average salary for a Franchise Owner in the United States and the average salary for the same job in Ross Stores, which is $110,562.

Compensation at Ross Stores as Rated by Sales Associates

Sales Associates at Ross Stores generally believe that they are fairly compensated. Over half of the Sales Associates at Ross Stores report receiving annual bonuses, and a majority (44%) of them are not satisfied with their benefits.

Ross’ Minimum Wage

Store chain Ross ROST, -0.61% reported earnings per share of $1.19, up from FactSet’s expectations of 93 cents. Furthermore, sales exceeded forecasts as well, reaching $4.07 billion against the $3.96 billion FactSet consensus. Comparable-store sales increased 5%, exceeding FactSet’s consensus of 3.5%.

Despite the challenging comparisons as well as a highly competitive retail environment, Barbara Rentler, chief executive, made conservative guidance. Rentler said that the company will invest in wage and benefit packages to provide competitive wages.

According to Ross Store’s forecasts, the company’s same-store sales will rise between 1% and 2% during the first quarter and earnings will range between $1.03 and $1.07. According to FactSet, same-store sales should grow by 2.8% and EPS should be $1.07.

Are There Any Ross Stores Jobs that Pay the Highest?

Incorporated in California as Ross Stores, Inc., Ross Dress for Less operates discount department stores across the United States. Ross is the largest off-price retailer in the United States; it operated 1,483 locations across 37 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam in 2018, covering much of the country but not the Northeast, northern New Jersey, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or areas of the Midwest.

There is a significant difference in pay for Procurement Managers, Brand Directors, and HR Analytics Managers at Ross Stores

Do You Know How Ross Loss Prevention Works?

Identification, investigation, and resolution of all internal and external theft and fraud to minimize the impact of loss on the company and address new types of fraud as they arise. Develop and implement tactics and tools/resources to mitigate the future impact and loss from theft and fraud at the store level.

Do Ross Retail Associates Make a Lot of Money?

In Ross Stores, retail associates typically earn $11 to $12 per hour. Salary ranges from $4 – $16 per hour for Retail Associates at Ross Stores.

How Much do Employees at Ross Get Paid in 2020-21?

In California, the typical salary for Ross Stores is $16. There is a salary range of $13,085 – $28,100 for California-based employees at Ross Stores.


The virtuous cycle of a retail shop like Ross Dress for Less is one of investment in its people, excellent execution of operations, and increased sales and profits. By simplifying operations by offering fewer products and promotions, training employees to perform multiple tasks, eliminating waste in everything but staffing, and letting employees make some decisions, in addition to improving business performance, they can boost customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.

Frequently Asked Question
  1. How would you describe Ross Stores to everyone?
  • Seventy to seventy-five percent are female. They shop for themselves and others in their family.
  • Families with wide differences in income: “want a bargain” and “need a bargain”
  1. Ross asks what questions during an interview?

Interviewers generally ask candidates a range of questions, including-

  • “What do you want to be in five years?” 
  • “Do you take well to stress?” 

Experience working in the general public can be helpful to hiring managers.

  1. Are there any benefits that Ross offers its employees?

They would be very pleased to have you as a part of their team. The company offers competitive salaries and plenty of career advancement opportunities. You and your schedule will be accommodated by the managers. Working there will be a lot of fun and engaging! The management team at Ross is the best part about working there.

  1. Are there any dress codes at Ross?

If you’re a business casual dresser, you can wear it. There is no logo on any blouse or shirt. Jeans are permitted.

  1. Does the hiring process at Ross take a long time?

The interview and orientation process takes about a week from the time you apply, assuming the background check goes smoothly.

  1. Are you able to benefit from Ross?
  • Dental, vision, and medical benefits are provided.
  • Additional vacation time can be purchased as part of time-off benefits.
  • Parental and maternity leave are enhanced.
  • Plan to contribute to a 401(k) with matching contributions from the employer.
  • Aid in adoption and placement.
  1. College expenses are covered by Ross?

This program honors his legacy by providing tuition assistance to Ross Dress for Less and dd’s DISCOUNTS Associates and their dependents.

  1. Why is SPS important at Ross?

Partnering with the Area Loss Prevention Manager (ALPM) and the team at each store, the Senior Store Protection Specialist makes sure that all Loss Prevention directives are followed. The Specialist embraces the 4 objectives of Loss Prevention. Store locations can be supported in multiple locations.

  1. Can you describe the meaning of loss prevention?

A loss prevention program aims to prevent injuries, deaths, and property losses caused by accidents and incidents. The purpose of loss prevention is to reduce work-related hazards and prevent accidents.

  1. How often are Ross clothes used?

There is a large supply of irregular overstock from department stores with lower prices, like JCPenney, at Ross Dress for Less. In consequence, manufacturers often purchase department store merchandise in one season and sell it to off-price retailers in another.

How Much Does Ross Pay?- All About Ross

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