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Costco Salary

In this article, we will see the Costco Salary and the various jobs at Costco.


Costco Co. is an American-based multinational corporation that deals in wholesale and operates through membership chains. It was reported that as of 2020 Costco became the world’s largest retailer of Prime beef, organic foods, wine, and rotisserie chicken. Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, it was founded in 1976 in San Diego, California by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman. Now it has approximately 804 warehouses around the world. Members at Costco enjoy a wide range of merchandise with the convenience of specialty departments and member services to provide exclusive services to the members. 

Costco Co. provides a good amount of employment opportunities to Job Seekers and constantly looks out for workers during peak seasons. 

 You need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to get considered for a position at Costco. 

How much do typical workers get paid at Costco Wholesale? 

 An entry-level worker like a cashier and Stock Associate at Costco Wholesale gets an average hourly wage of $8 to $10 per hour. The salary depends upon the position while the higher job positions enjoy a considerable amount of pay, the entry-level jobs wriggle around hourly payments. Read this article to get a complete outlook of salary at Costco. For more information on Costco Wholesale, visit

Costco Careers

Costco provides a wide range of opportunities in their warehouses, depots, Office jobs at regional and home levels, and in Information & Technology. While some of the positions mandate previous work experience in the field, other part-time jobs require no prior training. Costco generally employs in the following roles: 

Warehouse Jobs at Costco. 


Individuals directly interact with members, process their orders, and collect their payments. Other Responsibilities include cleaning up the cash counter, stocking up the merchandise, and retrieving the cart. 

This is a part-time position that gets an hourly wage of $9 per hour. 


Daily Responsibilities of a Baker include baking, garnishing, weighing, labeling, and selling the products in the Bakery. 

Their Average Salary starts from $15.67 per hour which is 24 percent above the national average. 

Food Deli Assistant

Daily Responsibilities include preparing, packing, and labeling the food products; making salads, party trays, sushi, cheeses, meats, and pizzas. 

Their average salary starts from $17.20 per hour which is 47 percent of the nation’s average. 

Membership Assistant

Individuals in this position work closely with members and have responsibilities that include, processing sign-ups of members, memberships card renewals, introducing membership benefits to the potential and new members, assisting members on retrieving an item, issuing membership cards, and assuring members of high-quality services. 

The Average hourly Salary of a Membership Assistant gets $13.67 per hour while a Membership Representative enjoys a Pay of  $18.30 per hour which is 48 percent above the national average. 

Depot Jobs at Costco 

Power Equipment Operator

Individuals have to operate the equipment related to power while maintaining them simultaneously, equipment like a clamp, fork sit down lift truck, jacks( manual and electrical pallet), cigarette stamping machine, floor scrubber, battery operator, and other power-related tools. 

The Average Salary reported for a Power Equipment Operator is $16.33 per hour which is 20 percent below the national average. 

Business Center Truck Driver

Responsibilities include driving a commercial truck, unloading the materials from the truck, doing the job of verifying and delivering the items in the right quantity to the members, doing the paperwork, and collecting the payment. 

Required Valid commercial license with no interstate restrictions.

The Average Salary of a Business Center Truck Driver is $15.59 per hour. 

Order Picker

The duties of an Order Picker include processing orders, interacting with members, pulling out merchandise for a great number of orders, communicating with the merchandise managers, marketing partners, and being dedicated to the high level of member service. 

The Average Pay of an Order Picker is $30.18 per hour, which is 62 percent above the national average. 

Truck Driver

The Job Responsibilities include driving a variety of vehicles like tractor/trailer combination, delivering materials to members, warehouses, to or from depots, hauls empty trailers, ability to drive hydraulic 5th wheel tractor, can keep up with records related to equipment. 

A Truck Driver gets an hourly Payment of $ 25.46 per hour which is 24 percent above the national average. 

Travel Jobs At Costco 

Travel Reservation Agents

Individuals at this position generally assist Members in their traveling, plan their vacations, and provide them with the benefits of memberships at Costco in a Call center environment. 

The Travel Agents get rage yearly pay of $35.189 a year which is 21 percent below the national average. 

Ecommerce Jobs at Costco

Costco has opened up hiring in the following positions: 

Ecommerce Logistics Management Clerk 

Individuals will do the duty of management of deliveries done in  Ecommerce, interact with vendors and members, contact centers counterparts related to Ecommerce maintenance to tackle the problems and errors. 

The average hourly Salary paid is $15 per hour which is 22 percent above the national average. 

Contact Center Jobs at Costco

Customer Service Associate

The Job Responsibilities will revolve around providing member service; explaining to them the benefits and exclusive services regarding membership, solving their queries, directing their contact to the manager head or appropriate department. 

The average hourly Salary of a Customer Service Representative is $16.42 per hour which is 22 percent above the national average. 

Pharmacy Tech Phone Agent

Providing orders to the pharmacies by contacting the members using any suitable means of communication, maintaining a web account for prescription orders and requests, and timely tracking of the order. Provides Assistance to the pharmacies by responding to email and web chats. Maintain patient records. 

The Average Pay of a Pharmacy Tech Phone Agent is $17.51 per hour which is 12 percent above the national average. 

Costco Logistics

Costco Logistics Home Office 

There are four job positions in this department which include, Risk Management, Finance, Commercial Sales, and IT. 

The Salary at Finance is $124,936 per year, which is 109 percent above the national average. 

The Salary of an IT specialist is $11.50 per hour which is 32 percent below the national average while 

Costco Logistics Content Developer

Individuals will be responsible for developing Costco Logistic Membership services, involved in the training of new hires and seasonal workers. 

The  Average Salary of a Content Developer is $143,797 per year which is 55 percent above the national average.  

Costco Logistics  Area Manager

Responsibilities will include addressing staff issues and managing the tasks performed by the manager, supervisors, and other workers, solely responsible for maintaining the company’s culture, ethics, and values. This position offers full-time employment. 

The Salary of a Manager at Costco, on average, is $50,000 per year which is 14 percent above the national average. 

Costco Logistics Clerical 

Individuals will be responsible for providing membership benefits and other inventory support complying with the company’s rules and regulations. Costco Co. will also provide prior training as per requirement. 

The  Average yearly  Salary of a Logistics Clerk is $30,000 per annum.  

Costco Logistics Maintenance Manager

Individuals assigned will be responsible for acknowledging issues of staff and is overall responsible for the maintaining company’s environment and oversees the maintenance tasks inside the maintenance. 

The Average Salary, a Logistics Maintenance Manager gets, starts from $15.00 per hour. 

Costco Logistics General Warehouse

The worker assigned in this position will be responsible for the handling of merchandise inside and outside of the warehouse facility. The duties involve around the warehouse and managing its daily operations. 

The Wage a warehouse worker gets starts from $18.05 which is 22 percent above the national average. 

Costco Logistics Market Delivery Operations Driver

The Job responsibilities will include driving commercial trucks, should have the basic knowledge of air brakes and hydraulic lift, responsible for delivering merchandise to the location as chosen by members, solely held responsible for final delivery of the goods, its setup, and demonstration of big-box items including exercise equipment and furniture. 

The average hourly wage of a Deliver Operation Driver is $15.59 per hour. 

Costco Logistics Material Handler

This individual is assigned for the distribution of duties to be conducted following the International Standards Organization, will be held accountable in case of any discrepancy, responsible for maintaining a fast-paced work environment. 

The Average yearly Salary Of a Material Handler is $60,000 per year which is 104 percent above the national average.  

Costco Logistic Unit Manager

 The manager will be responsible for the management of Costco Logistics Services inclusive of Delivery and Installation, interacting with members and retailers, and commercial business partners and maintaining work ethics, assigning tasks to highly motivated installing teams whose goal is focused on quality control standards. 

The Salary Of a Unit Manager on average, at Costco, is $68.570 per annum, 47 percent above the national average. 

Costco Logistics Unit Supervisor

This position functions as the second-tier level manager to the MDO National Delivery Team, And is responsible for the overall management of Home Delivery and Installation of facilities.  Individuals will be responsible for managing finances by managing the coordination of daily work between clerical and warehouse functions. 

The Individuals assigned will be responsible for products sold through Costco and Third Party Clients until the timely delivery and proper installation at members’ location. 

The Salary on average of a Unit Supervisor is $50,000 per annum which is 12 percent above the national average.  

Costco Logistics Member Experience Clerk 

Individuals will be responsible for ensuring compliance with daily processes according to Company’s Policies and concerning members’ experience; this might include; scheduling customers, tracking delivery, managing routing reports, resolving queries related to incomplete and failed deliveries, and interacting with customers about Changes related to delivery. 

The Salary Clerk at Costco is $24,000 per annum which is 9 percent above the national average.  

Costco Logistics Member Service Center Salaried Supervisor 

The supervisor is responsible for coordinating daily activities, supporting standards of a typical US Contact Center In an International Membership Chain. The position is also responsible for upgrading the high level of member service, development of an employee, work rate, and efficiency.

The Average Salary of a Supervisor is $60,000 per annum which is 18 percent above the national average.  

Costco Logistics Workforce Management Analyst

This individual will be responsible for proper evaluation of the contact center, ability to follow up with the ongoing trends to address the contact center growth, Should Know about the call center technology, and utilization of workforce management platforms. 

The Salary of a Workforce Management Analyst at Costco is $116,310 per year which is 65 percent above the national average. 

 For more information, you can visit the main website of Costco Co.

Costco Salary- All about Costco

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