COSTCO WHOLESALE: A Complete Salary Guide for the Year 2021 in the United States

COSTCO WHOLESALE: A Complete Salary Guide for the Year 2021 in the United States

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COSTCO WHOLESALE came into the news on 15 February 2021, when a post got viral. It gained huge traction & 59.6k reactions on Pinterest. 

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(February 26, 2021) 

After that, a piece of news came on that “Costco salary increase will apply to Puerto Rico employees.” It was clearly written that “Not only those earning minimum wage will benefit from the increase to $ 16 an hour, but almost all staff will have a raise”. published the same news on that day, and it got confirmed. 

According to (American worldwide employment website for job listings), salary satisfaction at COSTCO is around 85%, which’s a very good percentage. In addition, ratings show that it’s a very fair salary allocation. recently updated average salaries at COSTCO WHOLESALE, which are as follows:


There are four main jobs in this category:

  • Certified Pharmacy Technician with $17.84/hour
  • Pharmacy Manager with $159,663/year
  • Pharmacy Technician with $17.23/hour
  • Pharmacist with $63.90/hour

Loading and Stocking

  • Forklift Operator with $19.93/hour
  • Inventory Auditor with $44,564/year
  • Loader/Unloader with $18.98/hour
  • Material Handler with $16.91/hour
  • Order Picker with $17.67/hour
  • Packer with $31,557/year
  • Receiver with $38,653/year
  • Shipper/Receiver with $19.90/hour
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk with 22.73/hour
  • Stocker with $15.31/hour
  • Unloader with $38.53/hour
  • Vault Clerk with $18.85/hour
  • Warehouse Associate with $14.16/hour
  • Warehouse Clerk with $17.30/hour
  • Warehouse Supervisor with $54,776/year
  • Warehouse Worker with $17.66/hour
  • Wrapper with $16.03/hour

Food Preparation & Service

  • Baker with $37,499/year
  • Bakery Assistant with $18.21/hour
  • Bakery Clerk with $21.02/hour
  • Bakery Manager with $73,928/year
  • Butcher with $19.09/hour
  • Cake Decorator with $52,213/year
  • Cook with $16.98/hour
  • Deli Associate with $16.59/hour
  • Deli Manager with $71,149/year
  • Floor Manager with $74,387/year
  • Food Court Manager with $73,901/year
  • Food Service Associate with $14.13/hour
  • Food Service Worker with $15.32/hour
  • Kitchen Manager with $19.88/hour
  • Line Cook with $22.98/hour
  • Meat Wrapper with $34,249/year
  • Night Manager with $75,137/year
  • Pizza Cook with $17.24/hour
  • Produce Clerk with $16.72/hour
  • Service Assistant with $19.33/hour
  • Steward with $14.30/hour

Customer Service

  • Call Center Representative with $38,415/year
  • Customer Service Manager with $15.50/hour
  • Customer Service Representative with 16.05/hour
  • Customer Support Representative with $27.06/hour
  • Guest Service Agent with $17.82/hour
  • Member Services Representative with 16.05/hour 
  • Membership Assistant with $13.67/hour
  • Membership Representative with 21.08/hour
  • Reservation Agent with $17.11/hour

Installation $ Maintenance

  • Facilities Technician with $21.13/hour
  • Inspector with $23.88/hour
  • Installer with $32,404/year
  • Instrument Technician with $30.11/hour
  • Lot Attendant with $15.40/hour
  • Maintenance Assistant with $21.02/hour
  • Maintenance Engineer with $64,476/year
  • Maintenance Mechanic with $12.98/hour
  • Maintenance Person with $37,799/year
  • Maintenance Technician with $69,130/year
  • Tire Technician with $19.33/hour


  • Administration Manager with $82,473/year
  • Area Manager with $72,437/year
  • Assistant General Manager with $91,693/year
  • Business Development Manager with $21.51/hour
  • Category Manager with $81,885/year
  • Business Development Manager with $21.51/hour
  • Category Manager with $81,885/year
  • Change Manager with $75,324/year
  • Commercial Directory with $16.79/hour
  • Construction Coordinator with $16.55/hour
  • Director with 179,475/year
  • District Manager with $66,079/year
  • Entrepreneur with $74,285/year
  • Entry Level Manager with $71,844/year
  • General Manager with 119,257/year
  • Insider with $55,690/year
  • IT Manager with $130,135/year
  • Junior Managing Director with 70,245/year
  • Laboratory Manager with $79,918/year
  • Manager with $77,570/year
  • Operations Manager with $67,626/year
  • Operations Supervisor with $27.82/hour
  • Philanthropy Manager with $28.41/hour
  • Security Manager with $105,134/year
  • Senior Manager with $85,566/year
  • Shift Manager with $25,58/hour
  • Staff Manager with $80,717/year
  • Supervisor with $65,551/year
  • Warehouse Manager with $115,154/year

Physicians & Surgeons

  • Audiologist with $74,934/year
  • Optometrist with $114,118/year

Administrative Assistance

  • Administrative Assistance with $61,715/year
  • Administrative Officer with $21.00/hour
  • Administrative Supervisor with $29.92/hour
  • Administrator with $101,417/year
  • Center Manager with $69,373/year
  • Clerical Worker with $16.33/hour
  • Data Entry Clerk with $15.20/hour
  • E-Commerce Specialist with $120,422/year
  • Executive Administrative Assistant with $65,179/year 
  • Executive Assistant with $69,263/year
  • Inventory Control Specialist with $25.62/hour
  • Merchandising Assistant with $14.81/hour
  • Operation Agent with $21.71/hour
  • Operations Associate with $19.95/hour 
  • Operations Clerk with $13.86/hour
  • Processing Clerk with $17.52/hour
  • Production Assistant with 44,569/year
  • Receptionist with $32,622/year
  • Secretary with $1,727/week
  • Service Clerk with $22.85/hour 

Software Development

  • Application Developer with $107,430/year
  • Cloud Engineer with $89,227/year
  • Data Warehouse Architect with $143,353/year
  • Database Developer with $83,227/year
  • Database Engineer with $159,740/year
  • Developer with $69,395/year
  • ETL Developer with 93,445/year
  • Front End Developer with 34.32/hour
  • Integration Engineer with 111,163/year
  • Java Developer with 116,631/year
  • Middleware Administrator with $109,488/year
  • Principal Software Engineer with $122,611/year
  • Product Manager with $109,348/year
  • Product Owner with $90,724/year
  • Programmer Analyst with $86,148/year
  • Quality Assurance Engineer with $67,451/year
  • SAP ABAP Developer with $131,343/year
  • Senior Application Developer with $132,786/year
  • Senior Developer with $108,418/year
  • Senior Java Developer with $91,389/year
  • Senior Programmer with $97,681/year
  • Senior Software Engineer with $106,645/year
  • ServiceNow Developer with $81,028/year
  • Software Architect with $124,741/year
  • Software Engineer with $109,624/year
  • Software Test Engineer with $130,312/year
  • Technical Support Specialist with $60,360/year
  • Web Content Specialist with $28.21/hour
  • Web Developer with $85,453/year

Information Design & Documentation

  • Application Analyst with $119,716/year
  • Business Analyst with $84,217/year
  • Business Intelligence Developer with $107,776/year
  • Business Process Analyst with $88,575/year
  • Cybersecurity Analyst with $107,573/year
  • Data Analyst with $68,608/year
  • Data Specialist with $40,490/year
  • Director of Information Technology with $165,382/year
  • Information Security Analyst with $89,051/year
  • Intelligence Analyst with $60,057/year
  • Inventory Analyst with $26.69/year
  • IT Analyst with $98,761/year
  • IT Architect with $73,386/year
  • IT Security Specialist with $30.29/year
  • Network Analyst with $79,843/year
  • Operations Analyst with $4,211/year
  • Performance Analyst with $110,803/year
  • Quality Assurance Analyst with $89,488/year 
  • Security Analyst with $144,547/year
  • Senior Business Analyst with $110,043/year
  • Senior Information Security Analyst with $102,174/year
  • Senior IT Analyst with $83,686/year
  • Senior Quality Assurance Analyst with $100,261/year
  • Senior Reporting Analyst with $25.83/hour 
  • Senior System Analyst with $127,708/year
  • Statistical Analyst with $84,992/year
  • Support Analyst with $33.12/year
  • Systems Analyst with $86,546/year
  • Technical Analyst with $105,417/year
  • Test Analyst with $93,580/year
  • User Experience Designer with $90,416/year


  • Army IT Professional with $140,605/year
  • Crew Member with $29.11/hour
  • Department Manager with $74,374/year
  • Department Supervisor with $25.95/hour
  • Engineer with $16.47/hour
  • Food and Beverage Assistant with $15.56/hour
  • Meat Carver with $78,118/year
  • Receiving Clerk with $21.64/hour


  • Accountant with $49,715/year
  • Accounting Clerk with $59,198/year
  • Accounting Supervisor with $81,989/year
  • Auditor with $25.94/hour 
  • Credit Specialist with $53,806/year
  • Finance Manager with $46,796/year
  • Financial Analyst with $64,756/year
  • Financial Analyst IV with $111,999/year
  • Internal Auditor with $89,744/year
  • Payroll Clerk with $26.22/hour
  • Payroll Coordinator with $27.83/hour
  • Payroll Specialist with $56,248/year
  • Revenue Accountant with $34.69/hour
  • Senior Accountant with $52,611/year
  • Senior Financial Analyst with $94,701/year
  • Staff Auditor with $83,662/year 
  • Tax Accountant with $57,086/year
  • Treasury Analyst with $36.26/hour


  • Account Executive with $51,717/year
  • Account Manager with $101,280/year
  • Account Representative with $42,660/year
  • Demonstrator with $15.94/hour 
  • Design Consultant with 18.11/hour
  • Market Manager with $56,895/year
  • Membership Sales with $22.15/hour
  • Outside Sales Representative with $27.56/hour
  • Parts Manager with $28.01/hour
  • A purchaser with $15.98/hour
  • Sales and Marketing Manager with $58,134/year
  • Sales Assistant with $17.97/hour
  • Sales Associate with 19.61/hour
  • Sales Consultant with 19,954/year
  • Sales Manager with $63,158/year
  • Sales Representative with $55,901/year
  • Telemarketer with $27.48/hour
  • Trading Manager with $97,309/year
  • Travel Counselor with $14.58/hour


  • Digital Marketer with $52,254/year
  • Marketer with $19.83/hour
  • Marketing Analyst with $69,853/year
  • Marketing Assistant with $45,307/year
  • Marketing Coordinator with $61,274/year
  • Marketing Manager with $77,019/year
  • Marketing Program Manager with $77,784/year
  • Marketing Project Manager with $71,364/year
  • Marketing Representative with $23.16/hour
  • Senior Marketing Manager with $81,034/year
  • Social Media Manager with $55.61/hour

Scientific Research & Development

  • Enterprise Architect with $153,060/year
  • Laboratory Assistant with $32,029/year

Project Management

  • IT Project Manager with $101,177/year
  • Program Manager with $102,869/year
  • Project Coordinator with $73,098/year
  • Project Manager with $182,437/year
  • Senior Project Manager with $77,273/year

IT Operations & Helpdesk

  • Database Administrator with $158,910/year
  • Help Desk Analyst with $28.75/hour
  • IT Support with $24.69/hour
  • IT Technician with $70,913/year
  • Junior Database Administrator with $67,954/year
  • Network Engineer with $18.15/hour
  • Network Specialist with $58,632/year
  • Senior Database Administrator with $129,215/year
  • Server Administrator with $76,370/year
  • Server Engineer with $86,531/year
  • Systems Administrator with $103,294/year


  • Delivery Driver with $17.49/hour
  • Driver with $27.61/hour
  • Owner Operator Driver with $65,585/year
  • Route Driver with $19.03/hour
  • Truck Driver with $70,176/year

Mechanical Technician

  • Hearing Aid Dispenser with $30.90/hour
  • Laboratory Technician with $57,115/year
  • Optometric Technician with $18.94/hour

Media & Communication

  • Freelance Writer with $18.61/hour
  • Graphic Designer with $61,265/year
  • Photo Technician with $21.27/hour
  • A reporter with $83,345/year 
  • Senior Visual Designer with $101,985/year
  • A writer with $67,282/year

Security & Public Safety

  • Loss Prevention Manager with $67,689/year
  • Loss Prevention Officer with $22.18/hour
  • Security Officer with $19.39/hour

Production & Marketing

  • Machine Operator with $19.35/hour
  • Mixer with $50,318/year
  • Print Technician with $14.60/hour
  • Production Manager with $112,067/year
  • Production Supervisor with $48,868
  • Shop Supervisor with $28.20/hour


  • Carpenter Apprentice with $28.10/hour
  • Equipment Operator with $44,535/year
  • Laborer with $39,342/year

Human Resources

  • Benefits Analyst with $66,544/year
  • Benefits Coordinator with $58,209/year
  • Human Resources Assistant with $44,484/year
  • Human Resources Coordinator with $18.18/hour
  • Human Resources Specialist with $70,841/year
  • Safety Manager with $75,794/year
  • Workday HCM Analyst with $128,849/year

Banking & Finance

  • Closing Coordinator with $50,901/year
  • Financial Consultant with $76,062/year
  • Financial Professional with $58,031/year
  • Fraud Analyst with $63,824/year
  • Vault Cashier with 27.83/hour


  • Management Analyst with 68,237/year
  • Senior Analyst with $83,066/year

Cleaning & Sanitation

  • Cart Attendant with $16.24/hour
  • Cleaner with $17.41/hour
  • Floor Technician with $15.81/hour

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Cruise Agent with $14.84/hour
  • Floor Staff with $12.95/hour
  • Travel Agent with $15.56/hour


  • Compliance Officer with $91,738/year
  • Senior Compliance Officer with $174,000/year

Logistic Support

  • A dispatcher with $15.53/hour
  • Logistic Coordinator with $58,745/year
  • Supply Chain Specialist with $54,109/year

Industrial Engineering

  • Industrial Specialist with $60,996/year
  • System Engineer with $73,762/year


  • Insurance Broker with $105,544/year
  • Underwriter with $67,256/year

Community & Social Service

  • Cash Assistant with $17.73/hour


  • Architect with $144,345/year

Education & Instruction

  • Religious Education Teacher with $16.84/hour


  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician with 14.71/hour


  • Nursing Assistant with $32,904/year

Agriculture & Forestry

  • Farmer with $13.27/hour


  • Childcare Provider with $10.82/hour

Electrical Engineering

  • Telecommunication Engineer with $128,420/year

Benefits of Working at COSTCO WHOLESALE

  • Insurance (with 100% positive reviews)
  • Flexibility at work (with 98% positive reviews)
  • Leave (with 93% positive reviews)
  • Health & wellness (with 100% positive reviews)
  • Financial Perks (with 98% positive reviews)
  • Retirement (with 98% positive reviews)
  • Meals (with 100% positive reviews)
  • Employee Mentoring Program (with 100% positive reviews)


People who work at COSTCO WHOLESALE are very happy. They say, “Fun coworkers make the day seem way better, even though it is a fast-paced job with demands. Managers seem to be helpful, but it all depends”. One of the things that people discuss COSTCO WHOLESALE is their benefits to their employees, whether it is insurance, health, meals, mentoring, etc. They take very good care of their employees. Applying for any job at COSTCO WHOLESALE is also very easy & convenient to do. Just go on the official website, and search “JOBS.” A list of vacancies will come up, and all you need is to “APPLY,” that’s it.

COSTCO WHOLESALE: A Complete Salary Guide for the Year 2021 in the United States

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