IS YOUTUBE GAMING A GOOD CAREER? YouTuber: “The Growing Trend”

IS YOUTUBE GAMING A GOOD CAREER? YouTuber: “The Growing Trend”

None of us can deny You tube’s remarkable place in our leisure time. We all find it easier as entertainment is confined within our hands. Without any effort, we can sit in any part of the planet and enjoy videos from around the world. I feel it to be more entertaining, informative, and conservative when compared to television. It also allows you to learn and understand people and cultures other than your community. Like any other field, YouTube has a lot of genres to explore. Cooking videos, reaction videos, daily vlogs, informative videos, and so on…But, gaming videos hold a special place in the playlists of youngsters. So, IS YOUTUBE GAMING A GOOD CAREER? Read further to know more.

Building Up a Career in Gaming

Hypothetically, It is neither yes nor no. It depends and varies upon every individual. Some people might be gifted with good skills, content, and technology, but it is not the same with everyone. It isn’t a wrong idea to be a gamer without these qualities, but make sure you show some improvement in your videos as you progress. Success depends on how you prove yourself to be unique from others. Most of us can play games, but only a few would be able to present it in a commendable way. Think of creative ways that can make your videos more interesting.

Many famous YouTubers such as Mr. Beast, Snipperwolf, Pewdiepie, and so on have taken up YouTube to be their profession. But they do own other regular channels too. And also, they didn’t reach this position overnight. It took a lot of time, money, and hard work to reach this position.

Many young and new creators often misguide themselves and start gaming as their only profession right from day one. Until you earn enough viewers and subscribers to lead a stable life, gaming can never be your only profession. It is a wise decision to have some other work as your backup until you begin to earn enough money as a Youtuber. Once you are stable enough to satisfy your needs, you may quit your job and take up gaming as your career.

After creating your identity as a gamer, experimenting in other genres such as daily vlogs, reaction videos, and so on would help you to connect with an audience other than your community. People who aren’t interested in gaming would begin to watch your videos too. This would improve the traffic to your videos and will be recommended to people from around the world. Here are some tips to evolve as a successful YouTuber. These tips may give you a better understanding of the YouTube algorithm.

What is YouTube Gaming?

In 2015, The ‘YouTube gaming’ platform was launched by Google to challenge and compete against the leading streaming company called Twitch. YouTube gaming is an online streaming platform for esports and video games. You can live stream your gameplay and interact with the audience at the same time. You will also get paid by the company based on the number of views of your videos. But it isn’t as simple and great as it sounds.

In 2018, Google decided to shut down YouTube gaming as it was thought to be a flop. This announcement unfazed a lot of gaming content creators. However, later, it was found that most of the YouTubers were using their regular YouTube account instead of the ‘gaming. Youtube platform. So, YouTube decided to add a feature called gaming in the regular YouTube itself. This helped many users reach a greater audience, and eventually, it became a huge success.

What does it mean for a gamer?

Back in 2015, It was not easy for everyone to show up their talents in gaming. Companies like Twitch were meant for huge creators, and it was difficult for the newbies to prove themselves. It also required some initial amount of capital to set up a channel. But YouTube sorted out all these odds and provided a better platform for anyone and everyone. This timing and strategy have now made it to be the second-biggest live streaming platform in a few years.

Does every gamer succeed? Definitely no. Hard work alone can never make a gamer succeed. Doing plenty of videos in a single day would never gain you more popularity. But working out on a single content with some creativity and smartness would surely place you at the top. As many people think, it is not a bed of roses to become a star overnight. It doesn’t come accidentally too.

Analyze yourself before you begin with: What makes you different? What is your strength? What is your weakness? Then, figure out the ways to turn your weakness into your strength. It is also important to think and examine the audience whom you are going to reach. Sometimes, You might not have enough market in your local language. Then think of ways to reach out to the audience it is popular with. Finally, plan accordingly to upgrade the quality of your video, Hardware, and software periodically. Videos with a good framerate will attract a lot of people for sure.

  1. Getting along with the community: Unlike other opportunities, you shouldn’t see your co-creators and YouTubers as your competitors. It is fine to work to be better than others but that shouldn’t be your only aim. ‘Growing together’ will help you a lot to succeed and reach a greater audience. Growing together is nothing but making friendly collaborations and promotions with fellow gamers. Instead of treating them as your competitors try to look them as a friend from the same community you belong to. This healthy competition would be admired by the audience too.

  2. Interaction With the Audience: Some YouTubers consider chatting in between with the audience to be very irritating. But, by answering and talking with the people, you are creating a secret bond with them. We humans get excited when we get a response from a person whom we admire. Naturally, people would begin to watch your videos to see you respond to their comments. You can even involve your audience directly in your gameplay. A small quiz or a lucky draw would help you interact with them better.

    Once you are stable enough you can announce giveaways occasionally. People would begin to watch your streaming just to participate in the giveaways. Though you may be a gamer, occasional Q/A sessions, Game reviews, and reaction videos would help you connect with your audience more personally. Sometimes, live sessions on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook would help you reach out to more people. In these sessions, instead of talking only about YouTube gaming, try to talk about your other personal interests and lifestyle to connect better.

  3. Multi-Streaming Platforms: A lot of websites like ‘Restream’ allow users to do multi-streaming on more than one platform at the same time. Sometimes a group of people would be confined to their favorite media only. By multi-streaming, you can reach out to people with different tastes at the same time. Though YouTube may be your source of income, these other platforms would help you to gather more people.


I hope this article would have provided you a better knowledge of becoming a gamer and setting up your career. Continue to work on your passion until you succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is monetization possible as a budding YouTuber?
    Based on your content and number of views you would be able to earn money after reaching 1K subscribers.

  2. Is it necessary to have a computer to be a gamer?
    Having a mobile would help you start your gaming channel. But to provide good quality content you would need a PC.

  3. When does a video get recommended by YouTube?
    When the number of views and the number of likes is proportionally strong your video would get recommended automatically.
IS YOUTUBE GAMING A GOOD CAREER? YouTuber: “The Growing Trend”

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