Does Fred Mayer drug test? All about it


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Fred Meyer is a chain of supermarkets, based in America. The expectations of this employer vary according to the role assigned. An entry-level job doesn’t require experience. Once you answer a few basic questions confidently, you are good to go. Fred Meyer values honesty, passion, and strong leadership skills.  Fred Meyer aims to create an environment for all its employees to give their best and have fun while doing it.

According to the new policy of Fred Meyer, it has stopped requiring a drug test, pre-employment. However, it must be noted that the company does reserve the right to take a drug test later on. You might be required to go through a drug test if you cause injury to yourself or others on site. A drug test might also be taken if you take up an act that makes the employer think that you are incapacitated. 

Hence, when such an incident takes place; the employee has to pass the drug test. The details of this drug test and other details about the hiring process are discussed in this article. 

Kind of Drug Test in Fred Meyer

While a pre-employment drug test is no longer mandatory if you cause an accident at your workplace a drug test is a must. In such a situation, you must be aware that Fred Meyer goes for a mouth swab test and not a urine test. The test includes a cotton-covered tongue depressor, it will collect the saliva, and then the same is sent to an independent laboratory. 

Drug Test for Marijuana

Drugs like Marijuana have already been legalized in your state. Thus, the question arises does Fred Meyer test for legalized drugs too? The answer is yes. If you show up to the work and cause any disturbance, that raises some suspicion then you will also be tested for Marijuana. An employee may be asked to handle cash or operate power run machines, which might put others at risk. No employer wants its employee to be high on drugs, while at work. 

Application Process at Fred Meyer

An interested candidate can visit the career page of the company’s website. The available vacancies are listed and can be filtered by title and location. You can use your LinkedIn profile or fill out the online application form to apply for the job.

Hiring Process at Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer hires employees from the age of 16 and above. As an applicant, you will be scheduled for a telephonic interview and then a live interview. A background check is then run. The whole process might take two weeks. Some of the applicants have also expressed that it might take more than a month for the whole process to be completed at Fred Meyer. 

After the confirmation, you have to undergo an orientation (1-2 days) and a training (around 3 days). The employee gets paid for this training and orientation.

  • Telephonic Interview: Expect questions about availability.
  • Live Interview: Expect questions regarding transportation availability, your self motivation. Questions about the post applied for and customer service. 
  • Orientation: Go through videos relating to your post, answer some computer assessment quizzes., go through the policies, learn about company mission
  • Training: Mostly, web based training modules. 

Fred Meyer Interview

You might select a casual business outfit for your interview at Fred Meyer when interviewing for an entry-level job. If you have applied for a management-level job, business attire is bound to leave an impression. Try to avoid jeans and shorts. The interview is usually smooth. It might be a one-on-one interview or you might be interviewed along with other candidates. The questions mostly focus on your availability. The interviewers can ask about your hobbies. It is essential to be thorough about your previous job experiences. One might also be tested on their knowledge about the company, their own strengths, and weaknesses. Further, the questions can be related to customer services 

How often does Fred Meyer pay?

Fred Meyer makes a weekly payment. If you have a direct deposit method, expect the payment on Thursdays otherwise you will get your paycheck on Friday. The raises usually occur once a year, after the completion of annual performance reviews. The highest-paid post at Fred Meyer is that of a staff pharmacist.

Does Fred Meyer Run Background Checks? 

Fred Meyer runs background checks on all the newly hired employees. Once the interview process is completed, a background check is run and it might take a week or two to hear back from them. In case, major inconsistencies are found between the information provided in the application form and the background check facts, the employment might be terminated. Also, any undisclosed information that comes up in a background check will disqualify you and might attract the offense of fraud. You can choose to call the HR department regarding your background check after a month has passed to your interview.

The hiring policies of Fred Meyer keep changing from time to time, with regard to the present-day needs. Therefore, it would be a wise move to appear in an interview, well prepared for a drug test. The company gives a fair chance to every person, even a person with a criminal background. Make sure you mention material facts about yourself; with Fred Meyer, honesty is the best policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kroger do a pre-employment drug test?

Yes, Kroger takes a drug test on the day of the interview. A mouth swab test is taken and you might have to wait for a week for the results.

Does Fred Meyer hire felons? 

Fred Meyer does not disqualify applicants on the basis of their criminal records if they meet the basic requirements and required skill set. Factors like the nature of the felony, time passed since a conviction can play a role.  A 

Do you have to pass a drug test to work at Meijer? 

Meijer doesn’t require a pre-employment drug test. However, in case any accident occurs; the employee might be tested.

What drugs make you fail a DOT drug test?

Five classes of drugs are included in the DOT drug test: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines and Methamphetamines, Phencyclidine. 

Does Fred Mayer drug test? All about it

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