Amazon IT Supports Engineer Salary

Amazon IT Supports Engineer Salary

The technological environment requires an in-depth knowledge of various high-tech academic courses. Therefore, the sooner you realize your passion and interest in the technological world, the easier and faster you can apply for various positions in this fast-paced society. One such job includes an IT support engineer position, which can guarantee you a good income and steady stature.

IT support engineers are an important part of any technology firm, which helps keep a check on the computer systems and any organization’s network. One of the prestigious firms in which an individual can opt for this job position is the infamous Amazon facility. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of this job position like job description qualifications, interview questions, and, most importantly, the salary, which is higher than the national average.

Who is an IT Support Engineer?

An IT support engineer is an individual who helps to support and track computer systems and their networks. The individual must possess the extensive technical knowledge to identify and verify any faults in the application or network. They are accountable for taking care of customers on technical grievances and offer applications. They have to provide solutions to all the cliental problems proposed to them as fast as possible.  It is the job of an IT support engineer to recognize and either replace or modify any problems related to the software, services, hardware, and applications. They should also provide immediate help to the business organizations on urgent matters. The IT engineer also provides consultancy and assistance to business projects. They also handle security and IT management systems, which require the utmost attention in any technology firm. They also help formulate the troubleshooting layout and policies regarding customer issues, storage, networking technology, and servers. It supports engineers who are responsible for setting up emails, improving and modifying the system diagnostics and IT provision.

What are the Duties of An IT Support Engineer?

An IT support engineer has to overlook several tasks in their day-to-day life. Some of the main tasks include:

  • Monitoring of Systems: One of the primal responsibilities of any IT support engineer includes monitoring various computer systems, hard wares, and soft wares. They are required to keep a check on all the developing projects to resolve any issues or errors that might come up.
  • Facilitating Troubleshooting Service: IT support engineers have the accountability to provide immediate relief to people facing technical problems as per their urgency without breaking the ordinary workflow of the workspace. They are requested to follow the step-by-step procedure laid down for all the troubleshooting issues. They are supposed to offer strong support for any problem raised for any customer.
  • Interacting with customers:  Whether it is with customers or with employees, IT support engineers are required to have excellent communicating skills which is necessary to rectify any problem that arises at different levels.
  • Obtaining the management license: An IT support engineer must procure the license for each computer and server to take care of its installation and other details. It is the liability of the IT engineer to ensure that all soft wares have a credible license. They are also responsible for auditing the license status for future use.
  • Taking care of material accounting: IT support engineers have the duty of managing the finances used for the procurement of materials. They have to prepare a monthly invoice of all the stock purchases and provide it to the finance department. They are also required to maintain periodic audits and keep a track of all the lost and found items.
  • Pursue professional development: Along with the above tasks, an IT support engineer is required to pursue further education to gain knowledge about the present market trends to develop a work attitude accordingly. One can obtain certification of different courses for example CompTIA A+ 2019 certification, HDI Technical Support Professional, and so on which hold an immense value that can be used to boost professional value.

What are the Qualifications Required?


To pursue a career in the field of a technical support engineer, one must have achieved the following to secure this job position in the firm:

  1. Secure a bachelor’s degree: Statistically, people with bachelor’s degrees and above get a preference over those with an associate degree however some firms might hire someone with an associate degree.
  2. Secure a degree in technical field: Candidates are required to attain a degree in the respective fields namely electrical engineering, computer science, information systems, and/or any of the other related fields.
  3. Gain Experience: Candidates are required to gain experience of about 3-5 years before applying for the position in the firm.
  4. Obtain certification: Candidates are required to gain credentials to obtain certification in the field of technology to show their proficiency with digital devices.
  5. Take up internships: Candidates should engage in internships to gain credits as well as experience to make a well-structured and appealing resume.

Skills Required

To be a successful IT support engineer and academic excellence, the development of personal skills is equally important. Few of the skills an IT engineer must have include:

  • The candidate should have the profound analytical skills required to manage the day-to-day activities of the position.
  • The candidate should have exquisite customer assistance competency.
  • The individual should have adequate knowledge to create, augment and modify the application system.
  • The candidate must have the appropriate understanding of all the technical methodologies.
  • The applicant must have a good hold on their communication skills to impart the information to the team members as well build good connections with customers.
  • The job seeker should have a sound mind to facilitate proper critical thinking to produce successful results for the firm
  • The individual must have a service-oriented mindset.
  • Candidates must inculcate disciplinary behaviors along with being adaptive to their environment.
  • The candidate must know how to remain patient and calm under pressure and should also be able to withstand the immense level of pressure exerted on people in this job field.


The technical field requires analytical and arithmetic knowledge. Thereby, an individual opting for this field can expect a good amount of average income. According to, the total average income of an amazon IT support engineer is about 85,397 dollars. This total salary is further divided into three categories: base salary, bonuses, and equity shares. The average base salary amounts to 60,897 dollars annually, while the average bonuses are about 24,500 dollars and equity shares range from anywhere between 10,000-80,000. Therefore, an amazon IT support engineer is expected to earn anywhere between 53,190 dollars to 118,500 dollars annually, depending on an individual’s skills, qualifications, and experience. According to sources, it is believed that the majority of It support employees in Amazon are satisfied with their compensations and benefits. Therefore, the income distributed by Amazon to its IT Support engineers is said to have an above-average of 26% in contrast to the national average of this field.

Frequently Asked Questions In Interviews

Here is a list of certain questions which the interviewers commonly ask of amazon organizations during the interview round:

  • What is the meaning of STP?
  • What is the function code for checking if a number is a prime number or not?
  • What do you mean by a Spanning tree?
  • What is the command to check the space a disk file is taking in a laptop?
  • What is meant by a host file?
  • What is the expression that is used to validate a phone number in the format: XXX-XXX-XXX?
  • Explain the meaning and the working of DNS?
  • What is meant by virtual hosting?
  • Briefly explain the boot process of your computer.
  • What is the code for finding files that were augmented 2 days prior?
  • What is the difference between the UDP and TCP?
  • State the distinction between a queue and stack?
  • Elaborate Big N notation.
  • Explain the relative path and write a code to convert the relative path into an absolute one?
  • Make a code to rename all txt files into the main directory?

All these questions are a standard part of any IT aspirant academic syllabus, an important part of the practical working space.


Being an IT support engineer requires immense hard work in all fields, whether academic or non-academic. Moreover, to get a chance to work in an esteemed organization like Amazon is a possibility that not everybody is fortunate enough to have. But you have the right to make your destiny, so if you decide to focus on your academics and build a well-structured resume, no employer in their right mind will reject your approach. It is onto you. If you prepare well enough and gather enough credit scores and relevant experience, you can achieve wonders in this respective field.

Amazon IT Supports Engineer Salary

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