What should I Wear to a Forever 21 Interview?

What should I wear to a Forever 21 interview?

So you decided to work at your favorite clothing store, and you may have submitted your resume online. Luckily, you got a call for an interview with them tomorrow. Now what?  Interviews can be intimidating because of the competition. One important question is,  What should I wear to a Forever 21 interview?  Look no further! Because, in this article, you will find answers to most of your questions. 

From various sources, it has been found that Forever 21 interviews are usually conducted in groups, which makes it quite competitive. This makes it even more crucial to choose your outfit carefully to stand out and make a great first impression. How you show up at the interview will surely influence your chances of being selected.  Now, coming to the Question, 

  • How do I select my interview outfit?  Job opportunities at forever 21 are diverse. This means that there are a lot of different roles for employees. Some will deal directly with the customers and some will not. From all the sources that talk about various dress codes at Forever 21, it can be concluded that the scenario is pretty casual. You do not have to bother about looking like a corporate employee at all. 
    • Here are some points you need to know :
      1. As long as you dress decently, you are good to go. 
      2. You don’t need to wear formals to the interview if you are not applying to managerial posts. 
      3. The brand image of Forever 21 is such that the employees also need to be interested in current fashion. If you are selected for the post of a sales associate, you will occasionally help the customers put outfits together for them to buy. Hence you need to show up in a way that you look fit for that kind of role. For example, Nobody would bother asking for chic and quirky outfit ideas from a person who is dressed in formals.
      4. The environment of Forever 21 is pretty fun. It is the favorite store for many college students, teens, and young adults. Hence, you need to fit into that youthful and quirky environment if you are selected. In the interview, you can choose to wear clothes similar to the ones available on their racks. Wearing forever 21 clothes will definitely catch the attention of the hiring manager. 
      5. It will be great if you also take care of your cleanliness on the day of your interview. You must take time to get ready. Your nails must be done well. Or at least trimmed properly. Girls can choose to wear quirky colors on their nails or get fun nail art. It will show that you are trendy and approachable. Even a teen customer would not mind asking you for help while picking outfits for her date or brunch.
      6. Hairstyle should be proper as well. You don’t need to tie a neat chignon bun! But whatever you choose to do, should be matching with your outfit. They allow their employees to have colored hair. So that is not the issue at all. But you definitely don’t want to look shabby. You can leave your hair open but be careful to set your hair properly. You should look put together, even though you like to be chill and carefree about your hair in general. Let’s say your hair is wavy. But anyone can tell the difference between good-looking beachy waves and badly shaped hair. So, watch out for that. 
      7. You can ask a trusted friend for their opinion while choosing outfits. Try several combinations and then decide what is best for you. You need to be careful about this one because not all your friends are your real friends!! Also, try getting advice from someone who has had this interview before. If you do not know such a person, go to someone who has a great fashion sense. This article is full of great pointers but only someone who can see you will be able to tell you what’s best. 
      8. Don’t wear too many accessories to the interview. Keep that minimum. 
  • Examples of getups you can try, if you are a girl :
    1. A halter-neck knee-length dress, paired with heels and a sling bag.
    2. A crop top paired with a jeans jacket, ankle boots, and mom jeans.
    3. Jumpsuit with minimum accessories.
    4. Palazzo pants can be paired with fitted crop tops as well
    5. A floral skirt with a plain top and a simple necklace. 
    6. Your LBD (Little black dress) is probably one of the best things you could wear to this interview. 

For Boys: It’s pretty simple when it comes to a guy’s interview outfit at forever 21. You can avoid extra distressed jeans, pants that are too tight or low waist, disheveled hair, etc., and you’re good to go. Just show up looking neat, and you are fine. 

  • What about footwear? Wear anything that goes best with your entire look. However, the best bet would be to not go too funky with it. For example, Too chunky heels might look weird. Those are meant for a fun change in your outfit. That type of experimentation is not fit for the interview. don’t let anything else distract the hiring manager from your personality. Dressing up appropriately is important. And then it’s important to stand out with your behavior and people skills. There is no use in appearing perfect but sounding dumb while communicating. 
  • What not to wear : Although the brand itself sells a lot of quirky clothing, It is advisable to not go too bold during the interview. It simply gives a bad first impression.  For example, It is perfectly fine to wear a fitted crop top with fitted high-waisted pants.  Working employees have said that employees’ work outfits are continuously monitored. So once you get accustomed to the working environment, you will have more idea about how to go bold and yet be appropriate. Hence, for the interview, play it safe. 
    • Some more things to avoid are:
      1. sweatpants
      2. leggings
      3. spaghetti tops
      4. too short or too exposing outfits
      5. overly distressed jeans
      6. mesh shirts/clothing
      7. see-through tops
      8. Bad hairstyle
      9. dirty nails or bad manicure
      10. unnecessary accessories, etc


Choose an outfit where you would feel comfortable and confident at the same time. If you are being called for a group interview, the chances of seeing someone better dressed are more. You need to feel good at that moment. Interviews can be stressful, So your outfit must not be the thing you want to worry about at that moment. Wear something that shows your personality and is familiar with the current trends and the brand’s style. You must give an impression that you are passionate about working for the brand and that you embrace it well. You need to show that you are essential for the company’s image and sales. The recruitment procedure is more about them than about you. Perhaps, you’ll have the best experience working for Forever 21 only if your services are a  valuable asset to them. 

What should I Wear to a Forever 21 Interview?

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