Forever 21 Careers: A Complete Guide

Forever 21 Careers: A Complete Guide

Welcome, all to this article. In today’s article, we will discuss Forever 21 careers, its Background, the competitor of the company, and other requirements. Like Career Opportunity, Salary, Requirements, Age Criteria, the Application process, Benefits and can be used as a career guide for your personal upliftment of your career. Through this entire article, you will also come to know some of the overall customer’s perspectives and insights matched due to the company’s job role.

In this Gen-Z dominating world, many people want to spend their entire life learning about fashion, designing, and upgrading their lifestyle. So, people want a chance to always stay in their lives and share the change to the world who learns from them, and people who follow them start changing along with them. It ain’t surprised me as it is similar to the human chain, and the new normal is what people instantly get adapted to. If people want to wear party wear and other days, they don’t wish to wear the same dress.

People like to have different tastes and preferences in dressing, and this dressing pattern keeps changing from people to people. The other major outlook is how society views them when one person dresses and the other group of people, called the “Society,” shares their view on their way of dressing, style, mannerism, etc. This is again one reason for people to keep updated with their new outfits, showcase them to society, and bag their name to remain highlighted forever and stay prestigious. 

This is how Forever 21 tried to remain their outfits to stay forever in people’s minds and create a new normal change where the millennials and Gen-Z would go crazy for their outfits and entice them with different designs and new collections to collect the impression from them. Forever 21 signifies a great place for shopping western outfits that you can wear for party wear, functions, anniversary, and much more. With their enormous collection of dresses, people would always have a fresh mindset to purchase new outfits from them.

I felt that it would be worth the time to get the work done for today and gather some information. So, I started to collect the details about the background and the other similar shops that offer good outfits for various parties and occasions. And simultaneously, I started to know the procedure for applying for a new job and career role. Further, I researched collecting the information regarding the job’s details like Salary, Requirements, Age criteria, the application process, and, Benefits.

Company Background | Forever 21 Careers

Forever 21 is a fashion retail outlet selling clothing, apparel, accessories, and home products. The company started in 1984, and nearly 37 years of its existence, had collected millions of love over its different collections of women’s wear or men’s wear, various apparels and accessories available as per the customer’s favorite pieces of items. It was headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and the very first store was started there with small square feet. Later it peaked at revenue of about $2.7 million and captured a good place in the overall fashion market. Due to the problem with the bankruptcy and other labor issue cases, the company’s sales went down, and the employee churn rate somewhat went high. But later, they started doing well in the market, and nearly 33,000 employees are working in the company. The employees also get lots of benefits like medical benefits, insurance, incentives, and other perks.

Apart from that, the exclusive collections of women’s wear include form Knit tops, Sweaters, Lingerie, Party wear, Skirt, Sleepwear to Socks, and Stockings are great treats for all women. Men’s wear includes jeans, pants, basics, formals, sweaters, and cardigans, etc., adding with the classic collections of all the accessories like Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry, Belts, Hats, Sunglasses, Pouch, Phone case, Scarves, etc. Many customers come to the shop to purchase a handful of clothes getting at a cheap range of priced quality products.

Competitors of Forever 21

Many industries remain a stalwart in nailing the outfits for women, men, children, and other accessories when it comes to fashion retail outlets. So on that basis, H&M is the important competitor for this company as it tends to have more versatile collections of outfits and other necessities for women, men, and children. 

H&M took over Forever 21 by its tremendous increase in the customers’ footfall traffic in its online platform, and the number of conversions is pretty much high in this company compared to Forever 21. Due to its bankruptcy problem, the various Forever 21 have been closed in major places due to the refurbishing process of those outlets. And the company is also claiming the private equity from various resources to consolidate the losses made.

Other competitors like PVH, American Eagle Outfitters, Inditex, Abercrombie & Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Jollychic, and Ralph Lauren are similar groups that function in the clothing, Apparel, and Lifestyle market. 

Job Opportunity at Forever 21

As far as the Job Opportunity is concerned, in Forever 21, there are many job openings for entry-level positions, part-time well as full-time jobs. The company is slowly relieving the bankruptcy problems, labor issues, and other consolidation problems. Also, it will reconstruct and recover the closed shops in the Asian and European countries.

The company will soon develop new openings in Korea’s native places and Asian and European countries with all new job openings in all the outlets’ new spots. Keeping that in mind, there are familiar jobs like Sales Associate, Retail Sales Associate, Visual Merchandiser, Cashier, Store Manager, Co-manager, Assistant Store Manager, Stock Associate, Service Operation Engineer, and Salesfloor Associate. The requirements of the roles are briefly elaborated in the requirements section.

Salary in Forever 21

The salary details for the jobs are given below:

  • Sales Associate, Retail Sales Associate, Stock Associate, Sales Floor Associate, and Cashier are given $10/hour.
  • Visual Merchandiser is paid around $14/hour.
  • Store Managers are paid around $26/hour.
  • Co-Manager is paid around $19/hour.
  • Assistant Store Manager is paid around $16/hour.
  • Service Operation Engineer is paid around $21/hour

Requirements of Forever 21

The requirements section of Forever 21 elaborates in explaining the roles and responsibilities of the candidates to match their skills and check for the jobs in this company. There are various entry-level jobs available in this company, but in this article, this section explains the company’s demanding position alone. 

  1. Sales Associate 

This job profile deals with the candidates who are much interested in fashion and the sales process of selling the garments and other accessories sold along with them, which explains that the candidates must have a graduation background having done some degree in knowing about the fashion industry that uplift the sales of the company. Under this job profile, the candidates must arrange those garments on shelves and hangings so that the customers could get attracted to purchasing new clothes in the company.

  1. Retail Sales Associate 

This is a much more similar role compared to the sales associate. Still, they expect the candidates to be more experienced in selling the products in the outlet by engaging and being in a good relationship with the customers that helps to drive a lot of conversion rate to happen in the physical store. Not only that, they can inform the loyal customers about the new collection of clothes, apparel, and cool accessories when they arrive in the store and suggest them a cool option of purchasing those products.

  1. Visual Merchandiser 

Apart from the grocery retail, these fashion retail outlets stood out in the markets by visually enticing ambiance to give a good experience in the physical store for the customers. In such cases, Forever needs the candidate who is creative in doing the visual designs and decorating lighting for the whole store to write from the design of shelves to the lighting presence to showcase the product more attractively. Whether it may be a placement of a mannequin or cue boards showing the trial room directions, the candidate must have good creative skills in developing the shop’s visual ailments. 

  1. Cashier 

This job is related to the billing section of the customers who purchased goods from the shop. Forever 21 expects candidates to look through the product’s scanning process, proceed with the billing process seamlessly, and ensure that the transaction process is happening in quick time without any issues in returning the bill and re-purchasing alternative products without any interruption. It doesn’t need any 4 or 5 years qualification but has to be agile in quick billing and simple numbers to calculate and check the bills.

  1. Store Manager 

In this job, the candidate must have a handful of experience in treating the employees and maintaining a firm relationship to tracking their performance indicators, which helps to gain profits for the company by engaging with them. Report the daily sales analysis to the district managers and departmental managers and update the current state of the company’s sales revenue.

  1. Co-manager 

This job is partially working from done similar to the Store Manager and Identifies the candidates who keep monitoring as an overlooking process of the daily sales, engaging with employees, recruitment and selection process of hiring the suitable candidates for right roles of the company. They must strongly assist the Store manager leaving without a pin details involved during the sales of the product, employees motivation and behavior while working, etc

  1. Assistant Store Manager 

As an assistant store manager, the candidate has to work with the store manager to measure the customer’s engagement with the product and count the new loyal customers generated over time. And some of the functions similarly involve the job profile of the Co-manager, where is much more experienced than the assistant manager to overlook the functions of the sales department. Here the candidate must be more customer-centric.

  1. Stock Associate 

This is the most important job when dealing with stocking old, new, and replacement products in the store. Especially in fashion retail-like Forever 21, the candidates must be skilled in stocking the products by noting down the age of the products(Product’s stocking duration) that helps in shifting the products on the shelves and stock the needed products (garments, accessories, apparels, etc.) which is suitable for the customers. SKU processes are handled in this job profile by properly billing the clothes and working with the barcodes. The candidate must also hold experience in understanding the software functioning of the shop.

  1. Service Operation Engineer 

Deals with the software functions of how the company is seamlessly selling the products offline and online. Must hold a 4 or 5 years graduation degree in knowing about SKUs’ operation, Billing, Ambiance properties like lighting, and electrical equipment functioning in the shops. This is a more technical related job of working under the supply chain and management. The operation process of the products’ distribution process in the warehouses is stored properly and reaching the store on time with correct counts of the products stocked in the distribution center or Hubs & Spoke.

  1. Sales Floor Associate 

The job description describes that the candidates must be welcoming the customers warmly by showcasing the shelf products or hanging products in the shop. They must reflect the products with the proper angle of vision, reaching the customer’s eyesight so that they wouldn’t miss any of the products in the shop as the stocks are nearly sold. The candidates must resolve the customers’ quick needs by guiding them to the products available in the store, telling them an instant solution that they might be expecting while shopping for the garments and other assistive products. 

Let’s look into the age criteria of the company needed…

Age Criteria of Forever 21

Based on the requirements of the job role, let us know about the age criteria and working age of the candidates in Forever 21.

  • According to, the retail working candidate’s average sales are starting from the age of 16. But it depends upon the different retail stores sharing the openings of the job in their company.
  • For the Sales Associate job in Forever 21, the required age is 18 and above, who must hold a diploma or near equivalent degree in knowing and interested in pursuing the fashion industry.
  • The age group of Visual Merchandiser would be above 22. The candidates must have completed at least some designing course in fashion and technology to know how to design for an outlet. The most aged person could also be a visual merchandiser as it mainly checks out for the creativity and aesthetic designs filled with colors.
  • As per, the legal requirement of this cashier job is 16 and above the age. The actual age opening for the job in Forever 21 the requirement for working as a cashier in this company would be 18 and above, which is an entry-level job and must know the basic billing and calculations when adding the products in the software tools used at the company.
  • As most of the companies require candidates who are above 16 for this role. So, depending upon the company company’s required age group, these jobs’ age differs across the industry. The main target of this position’s age criteria would be well-versed in looking at the sales analysis and daily engagement with the employees. So, initially, the company Forever 21 chooses the age 18 and above, and based on the skill level, they choose the candidates.
  • Similarly, Stock Associate and Sales Floor Associate, the starting age requirement for most of the company would be 16 and above. Based on this, Forever 21 goes with the opening age requirement of 18 and above to fill this company’s position. Rest of which depends upon the skills of the candidate to get placed in these positions.

Application Process of Forever 21

The Application process of the Forever 21 is usually similar to that of the other company hiring. Anyways, the company collects a lot of details and backgrounds about the candidate’s details.

  • Initially, the personal description and details like Name, Address, Phone number, Email ID, Legal Authorization as a U.S citizen, Minimum consideration of the company age requirement, and the Emergency Person detail of candidates are asked the first section of the application form.
  • The second section includes the candidates’ desired position of applying in the job like interesting position, availability of timings and date, and the interested pay range.
  • The third section includes the candidates’ qualification and education check, including the previous work experience. These include Name of the Company employed, Place of the company, contact address of the company, base rate of pay range in the current employment, Job title, Job Description, Reason for leaving the Job, and the referred details from anyone to the company.
  • Finally, you sign the Application and mail it to the job portal or even the company portal. Other than that, the ex-employees’ general recommendation for giving the application form would be handy in the physical store of Forever 21 to the Store Manager or relevant hiring people of the company.

It would take a week and above time to approve your application and conduct the interview process. Post this week if you’re eligible for the job or particular role of the company then you will be welcomed on board.

Benefits Offered by Forever 21

The Forever 21 Benefits covers all the health and wellness health insurance policies, including vision, dental, and life insurance policies. They have 401k Retirement plans, holidays offered for vacations, and permits for the paid kind of holiday. Apart from that, they offer some incentives for the performance-based rewards and perks.


We all would go through the detailed guide of the Forever 21 company background, its company survival at the market, job offerings, job requirements, and description, the age criteria we must know properly to fill out the application form and appear for the joining process. Finally, we also came to know the benefits offered by the company to the customers and as well as to the employees. I hope you all found it useful for those intrigued to apply in the Forever 21 and grow your career. See you all in the next article!

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Forever 21 Careers: A Complete Guide

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