UVM Interview Questions 2021 (10+ Short Sample Answers)

UVM Interview Questions (At Least 10 Short Sample Answers)

SystemVerilog is a language just like Verilog and appears to have distinct structures, meanings, and features. However, SystemVerilog’s UVM component architecture from which fully operational test labs might develop. UVM, therefore this Verilog, because it is the building block that is already UVM, seems to be simply one requirement to be learned. We will discuss UVM Interview Questions here in this article.

The UVM is a standard technique for checking complex system design Universal methodology for verification. UVM is usually used by the Objective Verification Methodology (OVM), based mostly on Verisity Designs eRM 2002. (Reusable Methodology). Concerning the current problems are independently given by, Accellera was a far standard with worldwide suppliers: Aldec, Cadence, Protege Visuals, Synopsys, Xilinx Simulation Game. This software provides a large degree of automation in SystemVerilog (carrying, copy, compare), and so forth (XSIM).

What is UVM?

The universal test method is a typical test process for embedded circuses, ASICs, and SoCs (UVM). Most of this is attributable to of open method of verification (OVM). Programming on the SystemVerilog interface, loops, and risk assessment plan methods are offered for collecting UVM classes.

Even the methodology explains and puts forth a set of guidelines to set up testbeds is the major advantage of UVM. This ensures uniformity of the test benches amongst specially built teams, IP bridge and automatic integration of the environment, flexibility, and convenient implementation of the test bases.

In the image, numerous ways may be used to build panels with different placements, such as caution, error, and debug verbs. To focus researchers on a more crucial feature of the organization, UVM has unified the basic strategic alliance and verifies extra model inspection.

Job Description and Responsibilities 

Job Description

Manage the investigation team’s role as a researcher. For validating FPGA and implementing universal verification methodology (UVM) and avionics socs, users are also accountable in this postal application. In addition, it is the duties of mechanized for computing information, advancing the test procedures, etc.


Electronic parts and interface or electrical engineering: B.Tech or age 6-13 years leadership skills. Requests should be made for further postgraduate and Ph.D. qualifications—years of expertise in the manufacture.

Job Responsibilities

  • Proficiency in computerized checks through the design and strategy of a research plan and creating an SV UVM control platform.
  • System Verilog UVM test benches, interaction programming approaches, and accurate validation scoring of application creating the application 
  • Knowledge in UVM development supervision & leaderboards.
  • Expertise in test analysis and the creation of the test results with the results.
  • FPGA’s expertise in the design, manufacturing, verification, assembly, and implementation of FPGA sequence analysis by specialty aerospace devices.
Job Description
  • Excellent scholars  Having a minimum of 75 percent B.Tech/M.Tech
  • DV knowledge for 1-2 years.
  • Effective relationship and talents in writing.
  • High SV, UVM, technical skills.
  • High digital awareness.


Uvm, SystemVerilog assertions 

Job Responsibilities

  • Chip expertise, logical analyzers, and communication module in Python/Perl testing Any text editor have automated talents.
  • Provision of the products manufactured according to the installation of GIT, SVN, Transparent Cases).
  • Provide project duration estimates and risk evaluation, progress reporting.

UVM Interview Questions

  • Actually, what is UVM? How much is UVM’s benefit?

Answer: UVM is a controlled process that is proven for both complicated and essential design aesthetics.

Functions of UVM:

  1. People in the class select a file utilizing the initial technological automation.
  2. Test testing bench.
  3. Authentication IP for Plug & Play
  4. Construction of Universal Test Bench
  5. Independent Seller & Simulations
  6. Review Group incentives Smart Test Bench to produce a compensation package
  7. CDV Support – Area controlled 
  8. Regularly required support for CRV testing
  9. Rapid Technologies Uniformed UVM Program
  10. Register Modeling
  • What programming is UVM Distinguished?

Answer: SV, UVM, OVM in addition to different strategies.

  • How are the UVM-UVM components truly related? Or, what would we need UVM components that are made in the UVM class?

Answer: UVMC component

  1. Almost static organism
  2. The device or TLM port is automatically connected
  3. A simulated behavioral timing technique.
  4. Installation of Part Topology.

Uvm Object:

  1. Dynamic entity.
  2. Unconnected with the TLM port or a particular device.
  3. No phase of the procedure.
  • What is the ideal UVM phase, subside and competitor?

Answer: Even just producing is up, and the remaining phases are bottom to the same stage. Given that the spec sheet’s structure can be defined, we must split far before the leaves. The building phase is running downwards.

  • Why does Down & Connect top of the mounting stage – down below?

Answer: The attachment is intended to create TLM connections between pieces, and so the connection phase takes place after building. It works from big to little so that the whole straight back to the diagnosis manner may be corrected if it works from beginning to end.

  • How does database setup UVM look? How is UVM configure DB & UVM resource dB distinction?


  • Uvm Configure Databases is a customizable object that can be used at the basic hierarchy levels to adapt a given set of settings.
  • The DB efficiency of the UVM setup is based on uvm resource DB. The most recent update in the UVM data repository the newest updating mechanism is used in the UVM resource database.
  • In the branches, ‘parents gain’ in local production, on the other hand of the UVM configuration database, observe the finishing line. When the simulation begins, the database management configuration “Earlier write wins.”
  • In the UVM setup, each db#(T) activity is static and thus: must be used during an activity. The db#(T) UVM source based on the local UVM variable source
  • What is the difference here btw utils() and the utils() element of UVM?

Answer: The helpful macros outline the architecture needed to determine the firm appropriately. Just macros are offered, given the restriction of the amount of data available within the planting sequence diagram. There is a single parameter for the UVM entities type, a text ID. UVM has two parameters, the UVM parents and an ID. The two ‘UVM*useful modules include code that provides a generated procedure for users which sends an object or UVM produces to the UVM object. The macro must be utilized to supply the inputs of the individual builders. This means that you could add more item parameters if you extend such methods to the UVM factory.

  • Disparities between UVM and UVM in sequencing components?

Answer: UVM sequencing item Supersedes In performing sequencer and encoder functions of the uvm transactions, the UVM sequence classification tasks just extra capabilities. Cataloged and handled in the UVM sequence item, operations in sequences and series are therefore conceivable, while the UVM event provides fundamental ideas like print, storage, etc.

  • What are the advantages of UVM?

Answer: Some of UVM’s benefits are:

  • Separation and Reusability — The methodology was developed as operating systems for repeatability across unit levels for testing across or between chip levels and across programs (controller, sequencing, env agents).
  • Separating Tests and Test Banks – The external stimuli tests are maintained separately from the real structure of a test bench. So stimulation may be reused throughout many units or projects.
  • Autonomous Simulator – All simulations describe the basic class library and technique, so no dependency is made on a particular simulation.
  • Improved command over stimuli generation – The approach of sequence offers superior control over signal creation. Patterns that incorporate randomized layers, virtual patterns, etc., are generated in many ways and have a strict influence and capacity to provide stimuli.
  • Easy setup — Deep hierarchical design procedures ease object setup. The setup method facilitates the setting of the various test bench elements according to which control surroundings but without caring about the depth of any element in the test bench structure. 
  • Manufacturing Technique – Manufacturing techniques make it easy to modify components.
  • How can I indicate Users in UVM?

Answer: The user can use typical UVM phases to incorporate their prior discoveries into an item. The UVM period item, which the user calls super, will usually be modified.

  1. Name of action or production stage 
  2. Up or down
  3. Name of action or system that is composed 

To finish the development of a new phase, the connect method and call method and kind name must be carried out.

  • Why is the link between active and inactive countries?

Answer: The sequence, programmer, and monitoring collection is certainly the operating device. Inputs and models that convey a sequential drive from the consecutive drive to the drive are created. Monitoring at circuit levels takes time in analytical procedures simultaneously. It is just monitored and the role of an active participant stays the same under passive conditions. Therefore the sleeping entity requires no sequence. To build a monitor, use a settings file


An industrial specification that ensures adequate technique, produced by important EDA suppliers and industry analysts, is the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). It employs an OOP-centric SystemVerilog methodology to increase compatibility & program maintainability. Throughout this program, participants will leverage the skills learned previously from OOP Testbench to build a complete, adaptable process analysis to solve the even more complicated ensures adequate issues of today. Users would also obtain practical expertise in commercial UVM testing and design a compact, compatible, restricted, and cover-driven layer-based UVM testbench.

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UVM Interview Questions 2021 (10+ Short Sample Answers)

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