Is Xilinx a Good Company to work for?

Is Xilinx a Good Company to work for?

Looking for a good company to work for? Every individual in their lifetime looks for a job opportunity that gives them the path to growing professionally as well as personally. We have one such platform that will allow you to fulfill all your demands – Xilinx. See Is Xilinx a Good Company to work for?

Xilinx is a technological giant that contributed to the electronics market with its best-in-class programmable devices.  The company does not only provide excellent products they also provide all its employees with an excellent working environment with high end and competitive salaries. 

Let us understand more about the company in the subsequent sections. 

History about Xilinx

Xilinx is an American company that deals with technological products. The company deals with Programmable logic devices and also produces a wide range of Field Programmable Gate Arrays. Xilinx was first founded by Ross Freeman, Bernard Vonderschmitt, and James V Barnett II in San Jose, California in 1984.

The initial idea started with a small idea and it soon sparked to be one of the greatest investments in technology with over 4.5 million dollar investment. The company saw a huge profit from the year 1988 to 1990 and made profits of over $70 million. Soon, the company was bought by AMD. 

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The company has been unstoppable ever since and the success has risen to another scale. Currently, the company has its base in Longmont, USA; Dublin, Ireland; Singapore; Hyderabad, India; Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Brisbane, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan.

What are the Products Xilinx deals with?

Xilinx provides highly flexible and adaptive electronic devices. The platform deals with programmable devices that help developers accelerate the performance of the hardware and develop a high-end system of the same. 

The products that the company develops are:

  • FPGAs
  • SoCs, MPSoCs, and RFSoCs
  • Programmable 3ICSCs
  • CPLDs
  • Accelerated Computing
  • Configuration Solutions
  • Design Security
  • Dynamic Function eXchange
  • Ethernet
  • Functional Safety
  • Higher speed Serial
  • Machine learning
  • MIPI Connectivity for Imaging
  • PCI express
  • Processing Solution
  • RF sampling
  • And so much more. 

Average employees salaries

Being a huge platform Xilinx provides more than 1000 job positions all across the globe. The positions at the company are variegated and the pay scale differs according to the seniority of the position.  

The average pay scale reported for the company is between $97,303 to $228,235 per year. The salary is reported for entry-level positions as well as senior software engineers.  

Some of the positions that a candidate can apply for at the company are listed below:

  • Senior Software Engineer

Average payscale: $1,54,745 per year.

  • System Design Engineer

Average payscale: $1,49,663 per year

  • Manager

Average payscale: $68,567 per year

  • Business System Analyst

Average payscale: $270,000 per year

  • Intern 

Average payscale: $60,000 per year

The above list includes only a few position listings. To know more about different positions you can look for the desired position on the official career page of Xilinx. 

Employee benefits at Xilinx

Xilinx offers high remuneration for all its employees. Apart from competitive salary the platform also provides all the employees with employee benefits that help them in employee retention and allow them to grow in the industry. It allows them to hire high-quality professionals and also keeps the working environment flexible.

Some of the benefits mentioned by the company are:

  • Competitive Retirement plans. 
  • Stock investment and legal advice that allows the employees to secure their future.  
  • Stock awards
  • Bonuses based on performance and fixed yearly bonuses. 
  • High recognition and recreational activities with colleagues. 

Reviews of the company

Now that you know about the different aspects of the company let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of working at the company. 


  • Xilinx provides a great work-life balance to all its employees. It allows all the employees to maintain a flexible working environment which allows improved performance by all the employees. 
  • It allows the workers to carry Work From Home for several years from different job locations. 
  • The entire structure of the management is extremely streamlined. The board farms are maintained on several levels; it allows employees to log in to boards from anywhere. 
  • The workplace is ambient and allows a great environment to work. 
  • The company provides long vacations to all the employees. They also receive Christmas and New Year.
  • The work provided to all the employees is based on individual talents. It allows for the professional growth of an individual and pushes them to work independently.
  • Employee bonus and retention packages are high.


  • The employee benefits are comparatively lowered as compared to several high stake organizations.
  • Sometimes the projects start from very basic modules, this leads to a lot of time wastage and proper management.
  • The division of groups within the organization is poorly led by team leaders.

The application process at Xilinx

The application process at Xilinx for any job position starts with an online application. When the company is open to hiring, they post the availability of the job on their career portal as well as on different job-seeking platforms. A candidate who wants to work for the position can easily apply through the opening and can add the necessary details asked in the application process.

Once the application process is completed the company conducts several rounds of interviews to ensure that they receive dedicated candidates. The interview round that you would most probably see on are:

  • Initial phone screening, consisting of basic technical questions regarding the position.
  • Onsite interviews with different managers that deal with both technical and behavioral aspects of the position.

Depending upon the position and necessity, further rounds can be carried out by the company. The entire process takes about 3-4 weeks. 


Xilinx, in today’s world, is one of the leading names in the technological industry. The working environment of the company helps all the employees to strengthen themselves in both professional and personal aspects of their career. 

Apart from that, the company also provides a competitive salary, high employee benefits, learning opportunities, and so much more. All in all, it is a great place to work and start your career. 

Is Xilinx a Good Company to work for?

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