How long is an orientation at Sanderson Farms?

How long is an orientation at Sanderson Farms?

Sanderson Farms is a poultry-producing farm that was founded in 1947 by D.R. “Bob” Sanderson, Sr. The company is considered to be the third-largest poultry farm in the United States. With its headquarters set up in Laurel, Mississippi the company produces 13.65 million chickens in a week.  If you are selected in the interview process, then you are just a step away to get selected at Sanderson Farms. The final step in starting work at the company is orientation. In this article, we will learn about the orientation process at Sanderson Farms. 

How long is there orientation at Sanderson Farms?

The company does not hold a long orientation, usually, the orientation at the company goes for around a day. You can expect the whole orientation will take 4-5 hours. In the short orientation, the new employees get to learn a lot about the company. According to your job role, you will be given training at Sanderson Farms. The training sessions at Sanderson Farm are for different periods, sometimes it is for a few hours and in some cases, it lasts for as long as four weeks. So, in total, you can expect the time ranging from a day to 4 weeks. 

Why does a company hold orientation programs?

Orientation at every company is important for each new employee as it will allow them to learn about the functioning and rules of the company. There are various things that an employee must know about the company, so to make them familiar the company holds an orientation program. You should be knowing about the job role and your work, so a training session is also organized by the company.

Through the orientation, an employee learns about the ethics, code of conduct, culture, workplace, and a lot more about the company. The orientation program is necessary to bring a new level of excitement to the employee and encourage them to work hard as an employee.

What happens at Sanderson Farm’s Orientation?

Sanderson Farms orientation is short and simple, you will get information about the company’s functioning and sessions. Also, you will get acquainted with your colleagues to enhance communication at the company. In the four-hour orientation program, you can expect to get familiar with the policies and strategy of the company. You are taken to the office premises tour to make you comfortable with the location. 

What to wear at Sanderson Farm’s orientation program?

Every company has a certain dress code for the orientation program. In case they don’t have any such dress code then, also you should wear something professional. At Sanderson Farms you can wear anything according to your job role at the orientation. 

You can wear something casual on the orientation day of Sanderson Farms. In case you still have confusion regarding the dress code for orientation, then you can ask the respective supervisors to give you an idea in this case. Though, always try to look professional and wear something related to your job role. You can also wear the same attire you wore for your interview day, the company won’t be having a problem with that. But, keep in mind whatever you wear should be neat and clean. 

Tips for orientation at Sanderson Farms 

If you are appearing for orientation at Sanderson Farms then remember the following points: 

  • You should carry your ID card or any other document mentioned by the company. 
  • Your dress should be neat and clean and properly ironed. 
  • As a new employee at the company, you should always try to learn new things in the orientation. 
  • Show an outgoing personality and reach before the time at the location where the orientation program is going to take place. 
  • Carry all the necessary items with you as mentioned by the company. 
  • Try to communicate effectively with other co-workers to create a friendly bond with them. 


Sanderson Farms is a famous and recognized Poultry Farm because of the large number of chickens produced every week by them. The company was founded in 1947, with around 17,000 employees employed and the company has expanded its business to various places. The company keeps on hiring young talent. 

Before starting working at Sanderson Farms, an employee has to appear for orientation to make themselves familiar with the company. Usually, the orientation is for a few hours, but you can expect to learn a lot about the functioning and ethics of the company. So, do not miss out on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1: How much do employees make at Sanderson Farms?

Ans. 1: The salary at Sanderson Farms ranges from $20000 to $100116 per year. If we look at the average hourly pay, then the salary ranges from $19.95 to $27.45 per hour. The employee considers that they are paid fairly and they can manage their living standards easily. 

Ques. 2: Is the working environment at Sanderson Farms fun?

Ans. 2: The employees who work at Sanderson Farms enjoy working because of the environment. All the employees find the environment amazing and friendly that allowing them to work effectively. 

Ques. 3: Are tattoos and multiple piercings allowed at Sanderson Farms?

Ans. 3: The company is fine with your tattoos, but your piercing can be the cause of the issue. As you need to remove the piercings in the processing areas. So, you need to dress according to the company’s policy.

How long is an orientation at Sanderson Farms?

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