I Just Got Off Work Meaning, Usage, Alternatives

I Just Got Off Work - Meaning, Usage, Alternatives

I Just Got Off Work Meaning

I just got off work means you are no longer working after the specific duration of your work, implicating that you have finished your work and you are heading off to your home to take time off until the next working day. If your work hour is 8 hours per day, -8:00 am to 5:00 pm, meaning you just got off work at 5 pm. When you are having weekends, which means longer work off days. When someone has fixed working hours, they say, “I am off work at 6 pm.”

It is a casual way of saying that you are not at work. Some say it when they are on weekends and some when they are on a long holiday. The sentence, “I just got off work,” does not mean that you are not employed. Rather it means that you have stopped working for a specific duration and you want some time off and spend time with your family and friends. Some categories like producers and lawyers would not use this expression because they do not have set hours they must work. They can begin and end their workday when they want. In that sense, it is a working-class expression.

I just got off work is sometimes applicable to healthcare workers/frontline workers as they have long work hours compared to other professions. When you have left the job forever, then you can say “I have left work” instead of “I just got off work.” When we use an idiom containing “off,” the sentence mainly talks about being “off work” or “off rhythm,” but we need to be careful in using these words in the sentences. Sometimes people might say: “I’m off work at 6,” or “I get off work at 6.” This is usually for people who work for fixed hours, like working a shift in a shop, bakery, factory, or restaurant. If their off time is 6 pm. they are “off work” after 6. Off work means you are off the hourly wage, and you are off the job.

It also means that you do not have a job temporarily. When someone works for long hours, they can use this phase. People who have their own business usually work according to their convenience and do not have fixed working hours. This also includes doctors, lawyers, police officers, etc. When they take off from work for their off time, then they say, “I just got off work.” Some people are off work because they are on vacation, and sometimes, they are seasonal workers on farms. It does not mean that they are not employed. It is just that they are employed when they are needed. 

For example, a delivery person when he is done with his last delivery, he can say, “I just got off work”.


When someone is off work, they get a call, or when they come home, they say, “I just got off work.” When you are not employed, we say out of work instead of off work. “I just got off work” is used in an informal conversation with friends, colleges and family and will not consider it to said informal conversations.

Some examples indicating the usage of the sentence, “I have just got off work” are:

  • My parents just got off work, and they are coming home in five minutes.
  •  Sara worked at the school, and she got off work before Sheen.
  • When our father just got off work, we must go to the mall for shopping.
  • My mother just got off work, and she is heading to the salon.
  • Zack’s dad just got off work, and he wanted to go to the zoo to see animals.
  • Drive-thru workers just got off work. We will not be able to buy anything.
  • School teachers just got off work.
  •  My dad’s friend Sam just got off from work today.
  • They had ice cream when they got off work.
  • We must get off work by nine o’clock, but sometimes we have to work till midnight.

Some examples of sentences where we can use other than work:

  • I just got off watching the movie.
  • I just got off from reading a novel.
  • My parents just got off from my cousin’s house. 
  • I just got off from school.
  • I just got off from liking your videos.

This sentence is applicable anywhere, indicating that someone is off work. When your family is making plans for you and they ask you when you will be available, you can mention that “I will get off work at XX: XX am or pm.”


We can replace the sentence from saying “I just got off work” by saying “I am leaving work now” or “I am done with work today.” We can also say, “I have just gotten off work.”, meaning the same thing as the “I’ve just got off work” used in informal languages.

There are not many alternatives for usage, we can also say the below sentences as an alternative:

  • “I’ll be finishing up my work and will be heading home soon.”
  • “I’m done with work.”
  • “I’m done working.”
  • “I have left work.”
  • “Sarah gets off work.”
  • “Sarah is leaving work.”
  • “He got out of business.”

There are some more alternatives to use in reference to work for the day which is “I’ve finished for the day.”

When we are requesting the day’s leave, we mention “Can I have a day off.” Longer period of leave, we say “I’m on holiday.”


To summarize, I just got off means you are not working for a specific duration, and it does not mean that you have quit the job. We can use it to casually deliver our expression, like “I have just got off work.” It is also an informal way of delivering our thoughts and expressions. There are several alternatives like – “I’m done with work.” Or “I’m done working.”

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I Just Got Off Work Meaning, Usage, Alternatives

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