Top Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Sample Answers

Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Sample Answers: Which social media platform are you most experienced with?

If you have applied for the role of a social media manager and have either secured an interview or are currently waiting for an interview invitation, here is what you need to know about the interview questions. These interview questions are focused on Social Media Managing and will help you prepare for your interview, increasing your chance to secure your job. Sample answers have been provided, which you can use to guide when thinking of your own answers to these interview questions. 

As a social media manager, you will be expected to be proficient in brand management on various social media platforms. The role of a social media manager branches out in journalism, public relations, and marketing. Therefore you must be aware of the various skills in these fields, such as; copywriting, editing, target audience engagement, social media advertising, social media analytics, and SEO knowledge. As a social media manager, you will need to have a degree in journalism, public relations, or marketing, which will help your chances of securing the position. The interview process can cause many to be nervous, which can hinder their chances of getting their dream job, one way to ensure that you secure the position is to prepare yourself for the interview phase of the recruiting process. Please familiarise yourself with the following questions, as it is likely that you will be asked these questions in your interview.

Top Social Media Manager Interview Questions

  1. Which social media platform are you most experienced with? 

The answer to this question will inform the interviewer about your experience as a social media professional as well as whether you are a critical thinker.

Sample Answer: The social media platform that I have the most experience using currently is Facebook. This is because statistics show it is currently the most popular social media platform. As a social media professional, I spend most of my time on this platform to analyze the various uses of Facebook by and well as everyday users. 

  1. List the social media tools that you have made use of?

Social media tools assist social media managers with ensuring their content reaches their target audience and saves time. This will inform the interviewer whether you have experience with the social media tools that they utilize in their company. 

Sample Answer: I have different levels of experience with various social media tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible and Social Pilot. However, I am able to familiarize myself with various other social media tools as I am a fast learner. 

  1. How do you ensure that you are up to date with all social media trends? 

This question will tell the interviewer how much time and effort you put into growing as a social media manager as social media is always changing. Thus you need to stay updated on what is relevant.  

Sample Answer: The way I stay updated on various social media trends is by personally utilizing various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat. This allows me to view the latest trends as well as the popular topics being spoken about.  I also ensure to start my day by reading various blogs specifically; Facebook Newsroom, Instagram Business Blog, Twitter Blog and Snap News which keeps me updated on the business side of the social media platforms. 

  1. Which social media platforms do you think best aligns with our company’s brand? 

This question will inform the interviewer of how familiar you are with their company and whether you have done your research, and whether your judgment as a social media manager fits their social media team. It is important to justify the social media platform you choose. 

Sample Answer: Instagram is the social media platform that I believe best aligns with your company’s brand. Your target audience is predominantly young adults, and statistics show that this age group mainly uses Instagram. 

  1. How can you contribute to our social media team? 

This question does not only focus on your skillset but also your ability to fit into their social media’s team and their company’s culture. 

Sample Answer: At my previous company, I began as a junior social media manager, and after only four months, I was then promoted to a social media manager, which shows that I am a fast learner and have experience in this field. I will be able to use my critical thinking and communication skills to help your social media grow and reach a new level. 

  1. What do you think is the most important function as a social media manager?

Answering this question will give your interviewer an insight into your understanding of what a social media manager is.

Sample Answer: The most important function of a social media manager is to pay attention and listen to the audience.

  1. Describe the content that you have created previously as a social media manager?

This will give the interviewer insight into your level of experience as a social media and whether you have created content similar to what they will need, which could determine your company’s suitability. When answering this question, keep in mind to mention the content you have created that is most similar to their brands.

Sample Answer: Previously I worked alongside editors and writers in which we collaborated on posts targeted to directing our audience to our website meeting the necessary deadlines. 

  1. Have you had experience with handling a social media crisis if so how?

It is important to keep in mind that when answering this question, the interviewer wants to learn how you will effectively manage their company’s crisis in the future and whether you are equipped to do so.

Sample Answer: Personally, I have not experienced a social media crisis. However, in the event of negative comments online about your companies products, I would advise that we communicate with the customer and consider their feedback and truly listen to what they are saying so that they feel heard. This will improve the company’s reputation as they will be viewed as a company that cares about their customers’ feedback.

  1. What social media strategies would you use to create brand awareness for our company?

This will inform your interviewer of your knowledge of social media strategies and how you will make use of these for their company. 

Sample Answer: I will ensure that the company’s mission, values, and vision are communicated consistently within all content to create your company’s brand awareness.

  1. Are you aware of what competing companies are doing on their social media platforms?

Ensure that you research the company you are interviewing with, which means researching their competitors and their social media accounts, so you are prepared if this question is asked during the interview

Sample Answer: Yes, I have noticed Company A and Company B have been more focused on their Facebook posts. Your company can take advantage of this by targeting Instagram users as these companies are not focused on their target audience on this social media platform.

Basic Interview Tips 

  • Conduct research on the company that you have the interview with.
  • Go over the job description and duties.
  • Look over basic interview questions ensuring that you are prepared. 
  • Make sure to get enough sleep the night before your interview, so you are ready and feeling energetic.
  • Remain calm before and during your interview by practicing stress-relieving techniques.
  • Ensure to dress professionally and wear appropriate clothing is aligned with the culture of the company.
  • Have a copy of your updated resume that your interviewer may request to have during your interview.
  • Ensure to arrive at least thirty minutes before your interview.
  • Greet your interviewer in a friendly, professional, and confident manner.

Must Haves as a Social Media Manager 

Skills Every Social Media Managers Need

  • Media Buying
  • Social Listening
  • Creative Writing 
  • Copywriting 
  • Editing
  • Adobe Analytics 
  • Communication Skills

Tips for Social Media Manager in 2021

  • Customer-centric, ensuring that the customer is satisfied.
  • Influencer awareness, consider collaborating with influencers.
  • Identify the best time to post on various social media platforms.
  • Make use of paid advertisements.
  • Creating quality content is key.

Social Media Manager Job Seeking Platforms 

  • LinkedIn
  • IndeedJobs
  • Zippia
  • Upwork
  • Glassdoor

Social Media Manager Salary Information

According to Indeed Jobs, the basic salary of a social media manager in the United States of America is currently $16.80 per hour. The States with the highest paid social media manager salaries per hour include:

  1. San Francisco, CA ($27.05)
  2. New York, NY ($21.87)
  3. Costa Mesa, CA ($19.69)
  4. Seattle, WA ($19.38)
  5. Houston, TX ($17.65)
  6. Charlotte, NC ($16.68)
  7. Oakdale, MN (15.85)
  8. Miami, FL ($15.54)

Click the link below for more information on how to stay updated with social media trends as a social media manager:

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Top Social Media Manager Interview Questions and Answers

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