Best-Buy Mission Statement & Vision Analysis 2021

Best-Buy Mission Statement & Vision Analysis

Best-buy is one of the best electronics companies, and it has earned a profit of millions of dollars in recent years. It was established in 1966 as an audio store but later expanded in selling electronics. Its headquarters are situated in Minnesota, in the United States of America. It specializes in selling video games, cameras, mobile phones, and software. This article will give you an overview of the Best-Buy Mission Statement And Vision Statement with value analysis.

The Best-buy operation was started to have a comprehensive audio and music store from which people can purchase sounds at an economical price. It later expanded and started selling everything related to electronic gadgets. This was one of the best decisions for them as the gadgets’ market grew a lot more than they initially predicted. There has not been an official mission statement from Best-Buy, but we can use its descriptions to establish a mission statement. We will take a look at the statement while also comprehending and understanding why they haven’t released a mission statement.

The vision statement talks about how technology can change people’s lives and inspire them to be better versions of themselves. This vision has led them to make maximum sales while also satisfying their employees since they are interested in working with technology. Their technological prowess and knowledge have helped countless people visiting their place. Their enthusiasm for dealing with electrical devices has expanded its sales and made them a successful company in the world of business and the stock market.

There isn’t an official value statement, but their core values have been established at different outlets. We will be looking at several of them to identify what drives them and keeps them going throughout the day to influence customer’s lives. The values are an important part of their functioning. It helps them stick to their roots and follow the instructions from their higher-up easily. This allows coordination between both parties and helps the customer choose the best items related to their requirement. They also give discounts to different age groups, which makes them popular among gamers and electronic enthusiasts.

We will be further diving into this company and talking about its strategies and vision statements. There is no mission statement, but we’ll analyze a couple of sentences given by their management. We will also be looking for a couple of useful questions that would help readers grasp their technical and economic side.

Best-Buy Mission Statement:

As we discussed earlier, there is not an official mission statement, but we will look at a couple of sentences that will give us an exact indication of what a mission statement would be if they released one. We will be looking at the statement while also analyzing the elements inside of it.

The statement is, “Our formula is simple: we’re a growth company focused on better solving the unmet needs of our customers—and we rely on our employees to solve those puzzles.” There are three elements we need to analyze in this statement, and those are:

  1. Our formula is simple. We’re a growth company
  2. Focused on solving the unmet needs of customers
  3. We rely on our employees to solve those puzzles
  • The first element talks about their formula of service to customers being simple. They focus on the growth of the employees and the customers, and the company by providing all-around brilliant service and never compromising quality. They have never reduced their passion for electronics. Their passion has driven them to be one of the most preferred places to purchase mobile phones, smartphones, gaming consoles and accessories, cameras, and other electronics solutions that other supermarkets and retail stores will not value. Electronics are a growing industry, and this company realizes its importance.

  • The second element talks about the company being the best at solving problems that the customers might encounter while shopping and solving them to the best of their abilities. Problem-solving and helping customers get the desired product is the most important part of any business establishment, and Best Buy thrives at it. They have been stable during many outbreaks and hauls that might break other supermarkets but their calm and problem-solving demeanor has always helped their shoppers get what they want at a low price. Many customers factor the buying price to be the dealbreaker and due to their discounts, they have made lots of profits in their business. Their motto is always to complete customers’ needs and provide them with good, affordable, and wouldn’t find anywhere else. As only some of the stores sell electronics at discounted rates, best-buy is the best bet for customers looking for people who know better about electronics than they do.

  • The unmet requirements are a barrier to them earning profits. As long as they do not understand what the customers want, they will never earn their trust and profit. Those hurdles can be solved by employees who know about electronics. Solving the customers’ problems is just as important as making them feel at home at the store.

This company has always prided itself on making sure its customers are happy and get what they deserve. They are careful to maintain the reputation of the company while also taking risks that would elevate the company’s reputation to higher places. This dedication has ensured profits of millions of dollars.

Best-Buy Vision Statement:

Best-Buy’s vision statement delivers the message of cooperation and revolutionizes the electronic industry by bringing new products into the limelight. This has allowed them to bring room for more innovation in their organization while also making sure they follow their roots.

Their vision statement is described as, “To positively impact the world, enrich people’s lives through technology and contribute to the common good.” There are another three elects we need to analyze in this statement. Those elements are mentioned down below:-

  1. To positively impact the world.
  2. Enrich people’s lives through technology
  3. Contribute to the common good.
  • The first element talks about the company having a positive impact on anyone who comes in contact with them. They carry out this mission by being customer-friendly and providing helpful tips for first-time shoppers. This ensures the flow of regular as well as builds room for returning customers. This helps their business and reputation to grow exponentially. Treating customers coincides with having a positive effect since it ensures happiness and enthusiasm for electronics staying alive in the community. And since the use of technology has changed how the world works, their vision is to improve those effects. This has helped them secure a top position in the business world.

  • The second element compliments the first element of the statement and talks about making people’s lives fun and enjoyable. They also plan on bringing about a change of technology that will impact people positively while keeping them satisfied with the daily happenings through its use. Technology has changed how human lives function, we can talk to people thousands of miles away, without any interruptions or any waste of time for transporting letters. Best-Buy plans to harness this life-changing technology to make people’s lives easier through its business model.

  • The third element talks about the company contributing to the common good by providing their best to society by selling quality products and spreading smiles through their interactions with the customers. The technology was made to connect people and bring them together. As a result, Best-Buy wants to aim its vision to use technology to bring about people’s goodness. This goodness can be harnessed by only being nice to people all around their retail store and making sure they get their investment worth on the purchase of a product.

Best-Buy Values:

A company’s values make them the best and earn them the most customers due to their treatment of every person who comes to their doorstep. The values of the employees become the driving force behind returning customers. We will be looking at some values that are taught to the employees of Best-Buy.

These values are:

  1. Having fun while being the best
  2. Unleashing the power of our people
  3. Showing respect, humility, and integrity
  4. Learning from challenge and change
  • The first value talks about having fun with customers and making sure they have a fun time. It also says the employees should enjoy their time working and make sure they learn as much as they can about the products to show the customers their benefits. They also need to be the best at providing assistance and answering questions that customers might have.

  • The employees are highly trained and know most about the products that are being sold in the stores; Best-buy’s vision is to bring out the best in their people and make sure they give it their all every day to ensure the customers get the product they desire and have a good experience while shopping. The employees have worked day and night to ensure the customers get the best products, and best-buy aims at unleashing this hidden potential to make sure the people benefit from their work and go home happy.

  • Showing respect towards the customers and towards their fellow employees is an important part of workplace values. This company believes that none of the work done without integrity, respect, and humility is worth it because not the employees, not the customer, would like to visit a place where there are no basic values. That is why this company has risen to the top of the electronics market due to its values and sticking to its roots of having fun and being the best. They have also ensured that all their employees are paid equally and fairly due to their work.

  • Learning from change is an important aspect of the business. You have to understand the trend and progress accordingly. This is one of the reasons this company has prospered. They have learned from their mistakes and developed a pattern to follow the trend to stay on top. This has allowed them to stay in the top businesses while also ensuring their stock price increases at a steady rate without a sudden downfall. They have used the virtue of patience as their motto to attain success.

The Takeaway:

This article’s takeaway is that this company is one of the best when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. They provide electronics at an affordable price while also making sure the customers are treated well and respected. They always are honest about how the products function and always try to help each shopper to get the best buying experience. They have always put their customers first and ensure they find something suited to their budget and requirement. Their business model is always to help customers to the best of their abilities and keep them returning, which has made them be at the top of the chain of retail stores in the United States.


  1. What is Best-Buy’s strategy? Best-Buy has heavily invested in dipping their e-commerce game, leading to an increase in sales of online and offline sales. Their reputation has always committed them to give prompt service and improve customer experience through their service speed.

  2. What is Best-Buy’s business model? This company encourages all of its customers to buy the products online to choose whichever product they want without the need to go to their nearest retail store and learn the product isn’t available. It promotes e-commerce and prides itself on getting customers through both online and offline means.

  3. Should I buy a Best-Buy stock? Yes, the company’s stock is a buy fur to the company’s immense growth in recent years and their expansion of its shops throughout the United States. They have made a lot of profit through online sales, and since technology is on the rise, their stock prices are bound to go up.

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Best-Buy Mission Statement & Vision Analysis 2021

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