My Journey From Interior Designer to my own Company

My name is Cláudia de Sousa. I’m a Portuguese interior designer based in  Barcelona with my own company for 4 years now. I didn’t know I was going to be an interior designer until I was already in university. At that time, I had applied for graphic design at the University of  Oporto, and luckily for […]

My Journey of becoming Creative Director of WDK STUDIOS

Amaju Adomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Benin and has worked in advertising, merchandising, and entertainment. Being a man of many talents. He is a graphic artist, web designer, singer, photographer, and a trained voice-over artist. He is presently the CEO and creative director of WDK STUDIOS, a design […]

Manolo Turri | Co-Founder – Aria The AR Platform

Manolo Turri is a quarter Mexican and Italian for the rest. He studied as an engineer, then as a video editor, then as a video director. After many years of freelance, he founded, with Yuh Kuo Tai and Raffaella Roccella, Alkanoids, a motion design studio based in Milan. In 2018 he started Aria, an augmented reality startup. He loves […]

How did I end up as a Creative graphic designer?

My name is Cajvanean Alexandru. I’m a creative person just like you. Creative graphic design makes business effective and profitable. Owner at since 2016 Website: How did I become a Creative graphic designer? My dear readers,  You asked me once if I told you all it is to know about the design world. […]

Story of Los Angeles-based artist Yeva Babayan

Whether designing logos and packaging or painting intricate and dreamy art pieces, Los Angeles-based artist Yeva Babayan is truly incomparable. Armed with a degree in Graphic Design, Yeva has worked with numerous prestigious design firms in the Los Angeles area. Her body of work utilizes different modalities and exemplifies her versatility and impeccable taste. Yeva […]

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