Design And Drafting Jobs & Careers

Search on google drafting and design jobs and, you will find multiple portals and jobs related to drafting and designing. This profession has an ever-rising demand because drafting and design is the first step before the actual implementation. Let us know about that the Design And Drafting Jobs & Careers

Design And Drafting Jobs & Careers

Although there is no buzz about drafting and designing jobs, they come under conventional careers since these are contract-based jobs. And hiring is done directly by the clients.

Drafters are those people who prepare a digital structure or model of an actual thing by using tech. They do work with engineers or architects. The educational qualification to become a drafter is by having an associate degree of applied science in drafting or any other similar course.

A designer is related to creative work. They make illustrations, photographs, or layouts. They create a design that can be both digital and physical. They have to work with software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc. 

Steps to become a designer or drafter

  • Complete higher education along with Secondary Education
  • Learn related software and skills there are some courses available online
  • You can also take some related courses or degrees to master in it.
  • Apply for internships or jobs to gain experience and create a Portfolio


The role of the drafter is to prepare the outline of the actual project. So they are needed in almost all sectors related to construction, manufacturing, architecture, etc. 

They should be competent enough to prepare some 2D drawings, sketches, charts, and schedules. They have a high accuracy level to tell the actual figure. They must have both theoretical and practical design-related knowledge.

In some cases, they need to work in a very quick way as the layout may be required urgently. They have to work in office spaces but may Sometimes have to visit the site.

Some of the pre-requirements from a drafter are Proficiency in software called AutoCAD.

They should have the ability to work in multiple fields including civil, mechanical, engineering structural, electrical, and pipe. 

Must have excellent communication skills to collaborate with the team of workers and discuss with them things related to project management and budgeting.

They must also pose some additional skills such as organizational skills, Technical skills, etc. Knowledge about some software Like Smartplant, Auto plant, and CADworx. 


Designers are required to work in a specialized field they have to prepare some unique and complicated designs. They mainly worked upon brands of business, For example, brand color, brand logo, banners, ads, etc.

Their job can be updating pre-existing designs, detailing, etc. They have to keep the knowledge about latest trends, fashions, and upcoming Technology, innovations, and people’s demand or Desire. 

A career in design Includes graphic design Interior design multimedia Artist animator art director Advertising and promotion. They must be proficient in one software on multiple software And highly creative.

A Career in Drafting & Designing


According to the upgraded designer having a minimum of 1 to 4 years of experience can earn between 4 lacs to 6 lacs depending upon the skill set and the knowledge about software and Technology.

As per Glassdoor, the minimum amount which is drafter can earn in India is about 1 crore.


The scope for designers is vast as they are in demand In traditional Industries such as textile design jewelry design interior design. New age jobs include web design, robotic design, sound design.

Their role lies in architecture Hence they will be in need till the time there will be demand for architecture. They are the ones who give a direction to a project and sometimes they are needed till the time project is completed on the field.


There are multiple opportunities for a designer. The most common and demanding is Graphic design Graphic designer is needed to design all the graphics such as logo, post, banner, headers, covers, etc. Then comes a UI/UX designer which is the most recent and trending job opportunity.

A UI or user interface designer designs the interface or the frontend of a website or app which is used by the user. A UX designer, on the other hand, designs video games, color, font, and all the professional layouts for any app or website.

The traditional ones include fashion design, interior design, etc. Fashion designers create cloth pieces that are in demand or trendy. Interior designers mostly worked upon the lookout of a house, building, or structure. 

There are many types of drafters like civil drafters, mechanical drafters, architectural drafters, etc. And all of them are needed day in and day out. The civil drafter is mostly is related to buildings, Artforms, structures, and pipes. Mechanical drafters create Automobile parts, toolkits, and machines. 

Where to find the jobs?

On-the-job portals, marketplaces, contractors, architect small businesses or startups, etc.

The designers can find several online jobs On websites, job portals, marketplaces, etc. other than this search for new businesses, startups who are registering themselves or grabbed seed funding. 

The drafters can contact the Architects, independent contractors, real estate agents, big giant companies which are working in construction areas, government departments or authorities, etc. 

Some online websites can also provide you the details related to jobs. as the people may have placed a query for drafters. 

What jobs one can get with a drafting and design degree?

According to Zippa, some of the most promising jobs with a design degree in hand are computer-aided designer, which requires both draftings as well as design, then, Mechanical designer is from the engineering domain, product designer, user experience designer, architectural drafter, etc.

What type of work do drafting and design engineers do?

They prepare digital designs, models, plans, or blueprints for the actual structure. They are needed before the actual manufacturing or construction. Their work is to prepare a guide that gives a direction to the actual project.

Is the demand for drafters rising?

According to the BLS Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand is increasing with a figure of 7 % every year. As the construction projects are rising, demand for buildings is increasing, the drafters will be in high demand.


According to statistics both designers and drafters are required in their respective fields. the demand is going to rise in the upcoming years. there is a need for skilled people who are equally efficient, talented, and can handle multiple things. 

One needs to be ready with the skill set, portfolio, working experience, necessary certification, course knowledge, and upcoming trends. One good work Can bring many projects through referrals or word-of-mouth.

Both are Carriers have the option to work independently or as an agency or create a business. On the other hand, one can also collaborate with an organization or work there full-time or part-time or on a contract basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Does drafting or designing a good career choice?

Answer Yes, but for the person who is passionate about two things. Designing and Computers, Since both of them, require good knowledge about software and technologies. along with this a creative mind. The person who inherits or acquired certain traits can choose drafting and designing and it will not be a bad career choice for them.

Q.2) What does a drafting and design engineer do?

Answer Such engineers are involved in creative fields. They have to prepare a draft of the layout on paper before the actual construction is done or the actual thing is created. 

Q.3) What is drafting and design?

Answer Drafting is when the actual project is created in a 2D format or on paper. it is the basic layout or a blueprint of the actual product. sometimes it also includes the budget the resources required and other specific details. Drafters mostly prepare tech-related drawings and plans. they use software to do that. due to their work engineers and Architects can further convert these drawings into physical structures.

On the other hand, designing Is related to the creation of a new thing it is unique and interesting. It needs creativity and can be done both physically and digitally. Nowadays we can create a design as a soft copy and print it out on hardware, but the core skills remain the same. Design is a kind of discipline or a profession that is academically advanced. It need not get converted into a physical structure. It is appropriate in itself, even if it is a soft copy or hard copy. 

Q.4) How to decide whether drafting or designing is the right career choice for you?

Answer If you love working with machines and Software and loves to work upon new technology and keep updated with trends. Then designing is the best career choice for you. It pays well it has the scope and has various opportunities in itself. 

Some domains are more profitable than others because they are well and are in demand most of the time. For example, electronics is highly profitable. Architect-related jobs least demand than other domains. Mechanical and civil are some of the common areas where work can be found easily.  

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Design And Drafting Jobs & Careers

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