My Journey of becoming Creative Director of WDK STUDIOS

Creative Director of WDK STUDIOS

Amaju Adomi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Benin and has worked in advertising, merchandising, and entertainment. Being a man of many talents. He is a graphic artist, web designer, singer, photographer, and a trained voice-over artist. He is presently the CEO and creative director of WDK STUDIOS, a design agency that meets the needs of organizations through design and creative thinking. He is an avid lover of God and is happily married with two children.

How to be successful in your career? How do we define success?

It is tricky because it means many things, money, acclaim, fulfillment, name it. To be practical, I like to come from the money angle, that point where your career can comfortably take care of you. At this point, you can provide for all basic needs and dreams. It starts by realizing that this is figurative, so go easy on yourself, live within your means, cut out unnecessary stuff, so you are not pressured by debts and all that. Always work on improving your skill, so you are ready for new opportunities, consistently give above and beyond what you are asked to do at work, be the guy to always volunteer for work, the guy to always to do good work. after a while, you build trust with people, when people come to WDK STUDIOS they come because our reputation precedes us, our good work stands surety for us. It will take a while but keep at it, once you are known for good work, that’s when it starts, the reward for good work will always be good work, even better you earn more because people trust you.

I studied computer engineering at the University of Benin; when I graduated as the average Nigerian, I couldn’t get a job, so I started working at a cybercafe to make ends meet; while I was there, I realized I had access to the internet, so I started to work on my skills in graphics design, while also putting it out there in volunteer groups that I was in at the time that I was interested in joining their design team before I knew it I was getting interviews based on referrals from the said group and finally clinched a job as a graphic designer in advertising, move down a few years I had moved from advertising to merchandising then entertainment were I still am till today. The moral of the story is, get the skill, put yourself out there, be ready for new opportunities, and don’t give up.

How to get the Job? – Creative Director of WDK STUDIOS

As a current owner, even more important than skill, I look for character. You can train skills but not character or ethics. I look for people with initiative, people with the “ownership mentality,” people who are willing to learn. Most importantly, I look for hungry people, go-getters, and I realize, based on every conversation I have with other business owners, that we are all looking for the same things. Do the work, do it well, when I call your last company I want to hear good things about you. Don’t be so focused on the money that you miss hidden opportunities. 

When you go for an interview, research the company, find out their “why,” what they love and what makes them tick, ask questions because an interview works both ways, it shows you are confident and know what you want, make such an impression that even if you don’t get the job, they keep you in their database. I repeat research! Know how your contemporaries earn and be ready to defend it. 

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My Journey of becoming Creative Director of WDK STUDIOS

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