How did I Become a Unity3d developer?

How did I Become a Unity3d developer?

Hello, I’m Kim Hyung-Chul. I work for BallantineDream, a video IT company, as a Unity3d developer of an application that makes content. The app I’m in charge of implementing is Im Cre app and Im Cre Smart Learning app. This application helps you learn how to edit videos using multiple video production programs in a mini-game format.

Why did you choose this company and this job?

I am a developer, but I am also interested in the graphic field. I happened to know Unity3d engine while I was interested because my coding works in conjunction with various graphic elements (modeling, UI, etc.). Unity3d game engine rendered the form I wanted. That’s why I became a Unity3d developer. I think that the program I made would be helpful to this society.

As the number of solo video creators increased, I was interested in the video education application “Im Cre.” I applied for “BallantineDream” because I thought I could create an app that can help them create high-quality content.

How do you organize the portfolio?

It is beneficial to get a job if you have personal development or experience developing and releasing it. Because the process of actually developing and releasing the app is not easy, the fact that you even released the app means that you have a lot of experience and capabilities. It’s okay even if you don’t have experience in launching apps. You can show what you’ve developed, studied, and prepared. You can organize it as a picture or text in ppt, or show your project organized on the configuration management website such as Github.

Nowadays, things like YouTube are the trend, so there is a way to create apps and game-driven videos and upload them to YouTube and add them as portfolios. The point is that you can express what you are responsible for in the development project and what efforts you’ve made to implement that area.

The situation in the industry is changing rapidly. Can you give me the latest information?

In Korea, there is an official Internet cafe called UnityHub, the official Internet cafe of Unity3d on a website called Naver. This is a space where you can find questions and answers, developer knowledge, and Unity3d news. It will be of great help to Unity3d developers.

With this job, what advice would you give for those looking for a job?

I’m sure it’s the same in any field, but when you start working in your favorite field, you start hating what you liked. I think it’s because you are stuck in a frame or something. If you turn your perspective a little bit differently and think about why you are doing this and think that you should go in a fun and better direction, you’ll like it again. I give my support to everyone who dreams of becoming a developer all over the world.

Thank you.

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How did I Become a Unity3d developer?

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