How did I end up as UI/UX designer?

UI/UX designer

Hello! I’m Park Jung-Eun, working as a UI/UX and graphic designer for Im Cre team of the IT company BallantineDream. Currently, I am in charge of various design works for Im Cre, like Web/app UI/UX design work and marketing design work support in the YouTube video education application “Im Cre Team.”

There may be various details within the big boundary of design. Still, I tend to enjoy everything that I create visually, so I decided to pursue a visual design career where I can learn various fields in design. I work with feeling meaning and value in communicating with people as a designer and interacting positively.

What led to me becoming a UI/UX designer?

After graduation, I worked as a product designer designing stationery and goods with character design. Product designing was a gratifying and attractive job for consumers to consume and like the products I’ve made. Still, at some point, I feel the consumption trend that changes from consumption value to use value, and I’ve installed dozens of apps on my phone and naturally moved from product design to Web/app and UI/UX design.

I felt the vision of Im Cre, a video editing education application. Users could receive a high-quality education, feel the value of use from it, and have a positive impact and development on users. When I was interested in video editing, I wanted to use it when I was in the consumer’s shoes.

One of the reasons I wanted to be with BallantineDream’s Im Cre team is the organizational atmosphere where it is easy to communicate. Actually, I’ve just started working at BallantineDream about a month ago. In this bright and positive atmosphere, I fit in well and enjoy working.

As a UI/UX graphic designer, I would like to tell you the attitude you need to have, as organizers, developers, and designers work together as a team to achieve their goals. It is important to be proactive in communicating. It’s something I have to keep working on.

As much as collaboration is important, I am trying to become a designer who can communicate well with my team members. Also, we need to look at many references and materials to get inspiration from various kinds of things and try to develop our eyes to grasp trends. In this regard, I recommend an application called “Careerly.”

It is an insight-sharing platform for those working in IT, where you can exchange comments with people in various industries and share your thoughts with them, and if you look at it during rush hour, it is good to get inspiration and understand trends.

I’m rooting for everyone who decides their career path as a UI/UX graphic designer. I hope my interview will be even a little help. This was Im Cre UI/UX graphic designer Park Jeong-Eun of BallantineDream, a video IT company. Thank you.

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How did I end up as UI/UX designer?

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