How I Became a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer

Zeineb is a Tuniso-Swiss illustrator born in Lausanne in 1982. Once her Graphic Designer Diploma was obtained, she entered the world of communication agencies in 2007, where she worked as a graphic designer. After experiencing the role of an artistic director in an international group, she co-founded, in 2017, an illustration studio, “Glibett,” based in Tunis and now devotes herself to her passion. Zeineb likes to explore styles and illustrates, in full color, the Tunisian cultural identity.

Are you curious about the graphic design world and illustrations?

Well, this is your lucky day. I’m Zeineb Ben Haouala, founder of Atelier Glibett, a studio specialized in everything graphic and illustrative. I’m here to tell you a little story about my path filled with colors, shapes, and creativity.

How I Become a Graphic Designer?

I was a shy girl living in my world, and I was already attracted to aesthetics, colors, and things related to creation. I remember I wasn’t really interested in most subjects when I was in Highschool, I was wandering there and going with the flow like any other student… After my baccalaureate, I decided to go to the design school of Tunisia, where I spent 5 years discovering different design fields and navigating through the rules of composition. After a little while, I felt that the graphic side was more appealing to my taste than architecture or interior design, so my choice was naturally made, and I found myself enjoying the diversity that graphic design offers.

Baby steps into the world of visual sharks…

Freshly out of design school, I got a job at my teacher’s agency. I experienced my first strides in the world of illustrations, and I was immediately hooked since then. I also went through other agencies, accumulating knowledge and improving proficiencies until I got a job at a big advertising company that pushed my limits…let me tell you, it wasn’t easy when you had to stay late while you’re a pregnant woman… Ladies, that was a challenge! After a few years, a change had to come, so I left my job and worked as a freelancer. Meanwhile, I was thinking about creating my own agency with Noha Habaieb, an illustrator that I met at my old job. We had such good chemistry that “Atelier Glibett” came to life swiftly without second thoughts…

Illustration…a love that never ceases to surprise…

Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Owning your business is very satisfactory, especially when it grows and opens new doors… Integrating illustrations inspired by our Tunisian roots into projects had an awesome impact on everyone in the atelier. Everybody evolved and found their style when it comes to illustration (Yes, the team welcomed new members!).

Work, work and work more…

If you seek perfection, don’t be afraid to do it again and again… Take a step back, have some tea and come back to your project with a new look… It’s also essential to ask for others’ opinions when you get stuck and don’t take it personally. Sometimes you don’t see the flaws in your work since you’re 100% invested in it.

My advice for young designers, illustrator or any other job seekers …

  • Be open to critiques, sometimes they don’t actually coincide with what you want to do, but they show you a point of view different from yours… It opens up more perspectives.
  • Trust yourself and be yourself. There’s no need to invent another persona to impress your future boss.
  • Interviewers look for someone genuine who shows motivation and enthusiasm.
  • Your resume should be precise, neat, and minimalist. Outline your best accomplishments subtly.
  • A good portfolio is well organized, understandable, and easy to go through without highlighting your aesthetic. That’s what is going to catch the eye of the interviewer.

When you have both passion and openness, nothing can stop you from doing what you want. Take risks, be brave and most importantly have fun!

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How I Became a Graphic Designer?

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