How I Become a Business Manager?

How I Become a Business Manager?

My name is Monica Posso. I am a very proud mom of an eight-year-old. Everything in my life is defined before my daughter and after her existence. I had her when I was 38. I never thought I would have kids. I could not imagine that responsibility, and frankly, I didn’t want any. Travel was my thing, still is, but I’ve had to adapt as we now live in a different world. We now enjoy traveling as a family and are always looking for fun destinations. We do a lot of things as a family, going for walks, bike rides, etc.

How I Become a Business Manager?

I am happily employed at EG+ New York, where I currently work as a Business Manager. Before that, I worked for BBDO New York for 18 years. For a short time, I was a realtor. Working as a realtor was very lucrative for me, and I could buy a few properties, which in my 20’s was my biggest achievement. It’s fun showing my daughter the brands we work on, building brand loyalty, etc.

How was your University time? Anything significant about it that you think would be helpful to note?

I moved from Colombia when I was 15, not by choice. My parents were both 18 when they had me. My grandmother became like my mom. She was adorable, loving, and wealthy. She enrolled me in one of the best schools. I was in horseback riding, ballet, music classes, etc. I lived a very happy life.  My parents wanted to try out their luck in NYC. My grandmother would not let them take me, and I stayed with my grandparents in Colombia. When I was 15, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and the school expelled me for one year. I had to come to America to live with my parents, and it was traumatic. I started high school and felt very out of place. I started college, and I got loans thinking they were financial aid. I don’t know what I was thinking. I certainly wish my parents were more knowledgeable on the subject. Although today, there is a sense of pride in knowing I did everything on my own.

Why did you choose a career in this field?

While going to University, I took a part-time job as a receptionist, which I loved! I moved on to Accounts Payables, billing, etc., within the same company, a confectionary candy distributor in New Jersey.

What was your first job? Share some nuggets from your jobs you had that helped you get to where you are today.

My first real job in Corporate America was at BBDO, an Ad Agency where I stayed for 18 years and learned immensely. My first week was full of mixed emotions. I had my own office. We shared a team assistant who answered my phone, Woop Woop! It was very exciting to work at such a well-known agency, combined with the fact that I loved the vibes of being alone in NYC. It was also hard. I felt very lost because I never met the girl who I was replacing. I was going by her notes. I cried every day; I felt clueless.

How did you prepare for the interview?

I didn’t. I just went, talked about y previous job experience. I was applying to be a budget coordinator, and how hard could it be to plug in some numbers in excel? Very, but little did I know. The person interviewing me asked me if I was good at math. I said no, he said, “you’re hired. I appreciate your honesty.” I worked with him many, many years after that.

Can you provide some book recommendations?

No, sorry. I did read a LOT, but nothing on self-help only novels and books about travel.

Things are changing very fast in the industry; how do you keep yourself updated? Please list techniques or newsletters, podcasts, events, etc.

I try to attend all seminars, if you research, there are tons of resources to keep up and ask people from your team, always ask.

Any advice about resumes?

I haven’t done one in 20 years.

Advice for someone looking for a job in general, and/or pertaining to your career?

My best advice would be to inform yourself on your industry, who are the leaders, why, how they got there. Only if you are informed can you feel confident, and confidence is your best asset.

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

I did not have enough experience but I was honest and willing to learn.

Lessons from jobs that you couldn’t get.

This is a lesson from my only job, but it is meaningful. I was afraid of my CFO. I always worried that he would ask me something I didn’t know about a client’s profitability. Every time I went into his office, I froze. Needless to say, he didn’t have a very good impression of me. However, the guy working right under him, whom I directly reported to, knew me well. We had to spend hours and hours working on audits, etc. He knew my work ethic, skills, etc., and he had a totally different perception of me than the CFO. It’s all about how you carry yourself, your honesty, and most importantly, be organized, keep notes. I organize my closet for fun, everything is color-coordinated, being organized was easy, and it has helped throughout my career.

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How I Become a Business Manager?

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