How I Become a Commercial Fashion Designer?

How I Become a Commercial Fashion Designer?

Emma is originally from Leeds, moved to Manchester to study Fashion at Manchester Metropolitan University, and fell in love with the city. She now considers herself a fiercely proud Mancunian, drawing inspiration from the city and pouring it into her work. She has been a creative for 17 years, formerly as a commercial fashion designer for high street brands, and now as a self-taught artist after resigning from her full-time job three years ago and pursuing her main passion: art.

How I Become a Commercial Fashion Designer?

Emma has gained a wealth of experience. She has managed sample rooms in China, sourced new factories in Morocco, and collaborated with established producers in Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Allowing her to create across several mediums in many different cultural environments. The pivotal point in Emma’s career as an artist was taking part in Manchester’s Art Battle, where she was challenged to create a piece of art in 30 minutes with the pressures of a crowd, allowing Emma to face her fears and gain an understanding of the tools and materials she enjoys working with. Emma won the second competition with a strong woman’s colorful portrait, giving her a huge amount of confidence to continue her art journey.

Emma values the power of her artwork. Her aim is not just to visually appeal to people; Emma’s work inspires and uplifts the public. Centered around positivity and empowerment, her work reflects her love of people, culture, travel, and community. Emma’s travels are a big influence on her work. She is never without her sketchbook, always looking at the positivity and joy in everything, even things that some people might find ugly or obtrusive. It could be craned towering over high rises, rainy days, or poking fun at awkward social norms. Emma is constantly doodling and soaking up the inspiration around her.

Why did you choose a career in this field?

I have always been creative. From as far as back as I can remember, I was always creating and making. I had to make a decision when choosing my degree between textiles or fashion. I chose fashion and was a fashion designer for 18 years recently. I have committed to my art full time. 

What was your first job or nuggets from jobs you had that helped you get to where you are today?

My first job out of Uni was with working for a childrenswear importer in Leeds. I was designing for high street accounts John Lewis, John Rocca, Dunnes. After six months in my Uk role, I was promoted to manage a sample room in Nanjing in China. Throughout my fashion Career I have seen the world from going on trend research trips, New York, LA, Amsterdam, Berlin, To traveling and working with  factories in China, sourcing new factories in Morocco and collaborating with established producers in Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. My Traveling experience of different cultures and working with different companies did help me to get me where i am today giving me an understanding of what I want to create.

How did you prepare for the interview?

My portfolio was always up to date, and I researched the company and market around its application. 

Can you provide some book recommendations?

  • The 7 Habits of highly effective people. 

Any advice about CVs?

Keep your linked-in Profile up to date. Make sure you have visuals of your work on linked-in. 

Why do you think you were selected among other candidates?

I am motivated, high energy, productive and friendly. 

Emma Evans

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How I Become a Commercial Fashion Designer?

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