Side Jobs for Stay at Home Moms- The Best Jobs

Side Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

The joy of motherhood is unsurpassed. Being able to stay home and provide the essential nurturing to our little ones is a privilege. Unfortunately, for many, being a stay-at-home mom means a tradeoff between time with the children and earning an income. Fortunately, we live in an age of innovation and creativity, which is no longer an issue. There are various options for moms to earn an income while staying home. Here are some of the Side Jobs for Stay at Home Moms.

Stay-at-home moms no longer need to forego an income and earn while at home with the kids. Our evolved world provides an array of avenues for moms to embark on side jobs. This could be the opportunity to start a side business or offer that much-needed assistance to other companies. Options for side jobs are prevalent in all sectors. These include arts and crafts, daycare facilities, consultancies, and sales. Putting those talents to use can help rake up the dollars and have you in business in no time.  

Earning an income does not have to be done the conventional way. More people are opting for creative and innovative ways to get their bank balance growing while spending time on the things that matter. Each of us has a talent. Assessing these talents can mean an avenue for creating wealth. Many of us believe that talent is inherent. Many skills, however, are learned over time. Anyone can learn any skill. Taking time to assess your natural talents and passions and learn new skills will prove highly beneficial in creating a business. It is possible to create jobs and companies out of anything. Exploring a few of the options below will have you on your way to earning an income or, at the very least, direct you toward exploring your talents. This may lead to an ideal side job.

Best Jobs

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a fun and exciting way to make your hobbies work for you. There is a whole world of arts and crafts to explore. You can make money while doing what you love. Getting those creative juices flowing is also a great motivator. It will keep the momentum going even on those difficult days.


  1. Cakes – The rain of flour, the dunk of butter, licking the batter off the whisks…baking is an ancient art form and quite therapeutic too. Cakes form the centerpieces and table décor at most functions. They are also a much-desired tea-time treat. All in all, cakes are in demand and make for a thriving side business. With baking, there are many options for business. 
    1. Full Cakes – Whole cakes make for attractive centerpieces. Fancily decorated cakes are pretty popular and provide numerous avenues for business. 
    2. Cupcakes and Novelty Cakes – These make lovely table décor as well as great snacks for guests to nibble on during formalities. In addition, novelty cakes have fast become a sought-after feature for functions as they add extra oomph to the table settings.
    3. Themed Cakes – Themed occasions have become a trend, and the cake forms the focal point of these occasions. With the variety of ready-made cake décor, this becomes a simple and niche business to embark on.
  2. Tea Time Treats – Everyone loves delicious cake at tea time. Providing tea cakes to your neighborhood will prove a profitable business. For those with more time and resources, this can be expanded beyond the community.
  3. Bread – Nothing says home sweet home like the smell of freshly baked bread. Bread is a must-have in most households. If you have the bread-making knack, this could be the perfect opportunity to put your talent to work. With the variety of bread options, you could tailor your offerings to suit your fancy. This makes for an exciting side business from flavored bread to seeded varieties, cocktail bread to sweetbreads. 


Your culinary skills could make for a thriving side business. There are various options for side jobs in the food industry. 

  1. Catering for Events and Occasions – Three-course meals offered for events are a sought-after service. These include a variety of starters, mains, and salads. In addition, desserts and refreshments could be included in this package. Various value-added services could also be included, such as serving dishes, crockery, and cutlery.
  2. Ready Meals – This is a much-desired service. With their busy lifestyles, people welcome the idea of not having to cook a few times a week. If you can provide this service, you will have the orders pouring in for sure.
  3. Packed Lunches – This is a nifty idea. Neatly packaged lunch options are an excellent service, which people will favor for themselves and their kids.

Various food options can be provided as a paid service. These services can be tweaked to suit your lifestyle. Value-added services such as catering staff or convenience packaging can be offered with this service.


If you are inclined toward the right hemisphere of your brain, your creativity could be your road to riches. Crafts are a great way to earn a side income while you have fun with your hobbies. With the endless options in this field, you can produce anything from candles and soaps to clothing and jewelry. If you can make it or learn how to make it, you can sell it. Get creative with this one by making stuff out of household items or nifty odds and ends. People love innovative things that are made from simple household items.

  1. Candles and Soaps – The beautiful aromas, candles, and soaps are a lovely idea for a side business. These are simple to make and have a variety of alternatives, such as mini, scented, unscented, and embellished variations.
  2. Potpourri – This is another wonderfully aromatic side business to have. With the wide variety of scents, there are a variety of options with potpourri, such as aromatherapy and air freshener variations.
  3. Painting and Sketching – If art is your forte, this could be your key to a side business. Your art could be in the form of large canvases or more minor variations for enhancing side tables. Framed art is another sought-after product.
  4. Beaded Jewelry – Beautiful beads and embellishments are available at local craft stores, giving you a variety of ways to make jewelry.
  5. Refurbishing Furniture – Take a stab at revamping old furniture. This is a beautiful pass time, and people love antique furniture. You can have a ball with the different designs and paint techniques.

Child Care Services

Child care services are an excellent opportunity for a side business. Being at home with the kids and performing these duties daily gives you the perfect opportunity to extend these services to others in your community or across a wider radius without upsetting your routine. 

  1. Daycare – Parents who don’t have the privilege of staying home with their kids would find this service very useful. Offering to mind their kids for the day or a few hours during the day could be an ideal side business. This service can be tweaked to suit your schedule. Variations such as play dates and baby-sitting services could be offered. 
  2. School Transport Services – Adding a few more kids to your school route could be a great way to earn an income. Many parents would welcome relief from the morning and afternoon school routes. This presents an ideal opportunity for a stay-at-home mom.
  3. Educational Services – Sharing knowledge is, by far, one of the most rewarding activities. If you hold a passion for teaching, this is an opportunity not to be missed. The world needs education in every form. The fields for instruction are endless. You can teach anything because one can never have too much knowledge. Educational services can be offered to kids and adults.
  4. Extra Tuition – Extra tuition services can be offered a few days a week to the students in your neighborhood. This can be tweaked to helping kids with their homework. Many parents would be glad for this service, given their busy schedules.
  5. Skills – There is a dire need for skills. Equipping someone with talent is giving them a shot in life. This is a beautiful opportunity. If you have the skill to share, then you can turn that into your side job and give your class the gift of knowledge.
  6. Crafts – We can never have too many skills. Many people are keen on learning crafts. This is a fun way to share skills and have a side business. You can have fun with weekly art classes or pottery lessons, or wine and cooking. The choices are vast with this one.
  • Financial Services – Finances have many of us in knots over what should balance or where to put our expenses. If you are one with a flair for the numbers game, this is an excellent opportunity for a side job. Offering assistance with the financial books, taxes, and all things financial is a viable business opportunity. Depending on your capacity, you could offer this as personal service or as a service to businesses. With this service, you have the flexibility of choosing how many clients you work with, the industries you want to operate in, and the type of financial services you offer.

  • Administration Services – People rarely have time for admin. As a result, many look to outsource their administration tasks. This is a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms. You could offer services that take these admin tasks off the hands of those who have little time for them. Administration services such as data capturing, filing, organizing, scheduling, and the like are welcomed by most businesses and individuals.

  • Concierge Services – Services covering bookings and schedules are in demand. Everyone needs a personal assistant, and if you can offer these services, you will have clients streaming through your door. Often, people have no time to research the best locations or activities and welcome someone who could take the guesswork out of bookings. Scheduling is another task that most would be happy to have you take care of for them. This is an exciting opportunity, which will also open up a whole new world for you. You will have loads of fun exploring the various avenues in this field.

  • Sales – Purchasing merchandise at cost and selling them for a profit opens up a world of possibilities for stay-at-home moms. Your garage could be turned into a boutique or thrift store. This could pose the opportunity of acquiring a small space from where you can sell your goods. If you’re not keen on being in that space, a store manager could be hired. In sales, the possibilities are endless. Your sales could include delivery within a specified radius. If you’ve been drawn to a specific product, now is the time to explore its potential for earning you money. 

  • Marketing – Growing a client base forms the foundation of any business. Direct and affiliate marketing have become a significant part of the business. If you have the gift of persuasion or the creative flair to attract consumers to a product or service, you have a highly sought-after skill. Marketing offers various avenues for jobs and businesses. 
    1. Telesales – Spending a few hours a day on the telephone to chat with consumers, convincing them of their need for a product or service, provides the opportunity for a side job
    2. Promotional Merchandise – The production of promotional merchandise can either be done by you entirely, partly or outsourced. This provides the opportunity for producing branded ware, flyers, posters, and banners.
    3. Online Marketing – The online space provides global reach without having to leave your home. With the various online social platforms, marketing has become widely accessible and relatively simple to execute. It may take a little learning but gaining a new marketable skill is worth the effort.

  • Tech and IT – If you are a tech enthusiast, there is a world of possibilities out there for you. You could be the next Gates or Zuckerberg. The world of technology is rich with earning potential. This field offers an abundance of opportunities for a side job, from programming to hardware and software management. In addition, many organizations outsource information technology tasks, which could be the perfect fit for you. 

  • Online – The online space has expanded exponentially. All the categories discussed above can be pivoted to online offerings. This provides a gold mine of opportunities to take advantage of from the comfort of home. This can be used for a side business, or you can capitalize on the various online vacancies. Online English teaching, for example, has become a niche skill that is in demand across the globe. With flexible hours, this could prove an ideal opportunity for a side income. There are numerous other online offerings that you could capture. There are also countless online platforms that you could use to start your own business, such as online stores, drop shipping, email marketing, and online education.

Work From Home

We live in an age where working from home has become a norm. Various organizations that employ work from home teams. Browsing career websites or recruitment agencies could land you a convenient work-from-home position that suits your fancy. 

  1. Writing – If your words can move nations, then a career in writing could be ideal for you. This area offers an array of opportunities, from writing your books to providing writing services. Many organizations outsource the writing of their documents and correspondence. There is something that needs to be written in all facets of life. Suppose you have a way with pen and paper or keyboard. In that case, writing offers a fun, exciting, and therapeutic avenue for earning a side income.

  2. Blogging and YouTubing – This area has become a trendy avenue for side incomes. Bloggers and YouTubers are the celebrities of this generation. If you’re not interested in fame, these platforms still offer great opportunities for side jobs. Of course, you would need to build up a large audience to start earning with this avenue. Still, you can produce a wide variety of content for your blog or YouTube channel. Anything from travel to kids’ videos can have you gaining views through your blog or YouTube channel. Society turns to YouTube for help with everything, so this avenue provides a world of possibility for you if you’re keen.
  • Support Services – Support services such as counseling and assistance with daily tasks are much desired in society. Fulfilling this role could provide you with an excellent opportunity for a side job and give help to those in need of it. This could be a fruitful avenue to explore if you are keen on paying it forward. These services could include guidance services for schools as well as assistance to individuals with their tasks.

Being a stay-at-home mom does not signal the end to your potential for earning an income. On the contrary, it could mean the perfect opportunity to start something new and exciting. Moms, they say, are superwomen. This is no exaggeration and gives stay-at-home moms the capability of doing anything their heart desires. With the array of possibilities out there, the world is your oyster, ladies; grab those pearls. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I have to compromise a significant amount of time with my kids if I start a side job?
    It is often a concern amongst moms who consider earning an income from home to be swopping time with their kids for their side jobs. This does not have to be the case. There are various efficient ways to balance your time. There is no reason that you cannot do both efficiently. You will even be able to sneak in a bit of me-time. You can get yourself a pretty diary and have fun scheduling your days, even giving yourself the day off when you feel like it. The beginning might be a bit of a squeeze but hang in there through the initial phases. Once you’ve set up, it will be smooth sailing and smiles all around.

  2. Is the startup of a side job stressful?
    Having a side job does not have to be stressful if you plan it well. You are free to choose something that you enjoy doing. This will be like earning money from your hobbies. There are simple ways of getting a side job off the ground. If you don’t feel like doing the groundwork, you can delegate. Most functions associated with the startup of your side job can be outsourced. 

  3. How do I get my product/service out to the public?
    Marketing has become so simple nowadays that anyone can take a stab at it. It could be as simple as leaving status or messages on a social media platform. Word of mouth has always been a great way to spread knowledge about a product or service. If you are not keen on marketing, numerous marketers can assist you with this function.

  4. Thinking of starting a side job makes me nervous.  How will I know if it is for me?
    Starting something new, irrespective of the concept is always daunting. The only way to know is to take that first step. Creating small takes a lot of the pressure off, and you can feel your way through it. It is outstanding to go at your own pace, backing off a little when you feel pressured and starting up again when you are ready. Baby steps eventually lead to a glorious whole. Take that initial step, and it will lead you to the next, and that next will lead you to the next. Soon you will be flourishing in your new venture. Don’t be afraid to try your hand at different things until you find one that suits your needs as well as your lifestyle. Most of all, settle on the one that allows you the most fun.
Side Jobs for Stay at Home Moms- The Best Jobs

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