What is Amazon Flex?- Salary of Amazon Flex Drivers

What is Amazon Flex?

In recent times, people have been associating decent pay with long and tedious work hours, thinking they will be exploited and overworked at the same time. This is proven to be false by most companies as they are offering flexible timings to their employees so they can focus on their academic endeavors while they make some money on the side. One of such companies leading the charge is Amazon. Here, let’s know What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex allows you to step in and take control of your timings by providing a great opportunity to convert free time into part-time income. Being aware of how important time is, Amazon makes sure to empower its workers to be their bosses. You may be wondering, “What is Amazon Flex?” or you may be interested in working there, regardless of it, we have covered everything you need to know about Amazon Flex in this article.

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex is a delivery job offered by Amazon. As the name suggests, it is highly flexible since you can choose when to work and when not to. You may work on a Tuesday and if Wednesday requires your attention somewhere else then you may attend to it without getting concerned about your job. You may book your time slots and work accordingly, which is a great opportunity for students who desire to earn money on the side while pursuing their academic interests or a freelancer who may have other part-time jobs.

This isn’t your typical 8-5 with a scheduled timing, you get to work as long as you want, whenever you feel like it.

Salary of Amazon Flex Drivers

The average pay of Amazon Flex drivers can range anywhere from $17 to $24 per hour. This excludes tips. Working 8 hours may result in $180 daily. The hourly pay has increased from $15 per hour in 2018. 

Duties of Amazon Flex Driver

The Amazon Flex drivers are handed a multitude of responsibilities and duties which they have to fulfill daily. The duties are mentioned below.

Loading packages from the Amazon Warehouse

You may have to reach the warehouse early to load certain deliveries in your car(ex. Same-day delivery). Although there are no physical requirements for the job, you must be able to lift packages which at times can be heavy.

Ensuring safe delivery 

This by far is the most important part of the job. You must keep the packages safe, as a few of them can be fragile. You must supervise the packages before both loadings and deliver them to the customer. 

Scanning QR code

Along with ensuring safety before you load the packages, you must scan the QR code on them to also ensure that they are the correct items. Sometimes there may be a blunder in the packaging, hence you must scan the QR code.

Time Management

You have to adhere to the laws and maintain a safe driving ethic, along with adhering to the given route on your smartphone (which is usually ideal and the fastest). You have to ensure the delivery of the packages on time. 

Reviewing the Orders

Before and after the delivery, you must review the orders to make sure they have the correct charges, you must also mark the delivery complete and look for customer satisfaction.

Preparing Reports

After a long day of work ensuring all the deliveries, you are left with one small task of preparing reports relating to the deliveries, this may include the date and time of the delivery along with the total time required to deliver.

Accepting Payments

Although the majority of payments are made online, some customers prefer the cash-on-delivery method which requires you to collect the mentioned payment in cash. Having great counting skills is a must. 

Customer Interaction

Most of the time there will be little to no interaction with the customers. But sometimes customers may have certain doubts or queries regarding the products which you should try your best to answer. You must provide excellent customer service, this also increases your chances of getting tips!

Requirements to join Amazon Flex

There are a few basic requirements that you may have to meet to join Amazon Flex as a delivery partner, some requirements may vary according to the state that you are based in. You may also have to pass a vehicle check since it is the key part of your job. The Key requirements are mentioned below.

  • You should be a minimum of 21 years old as of application.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Bank Statement
  • Must have a social security number.
  • Must be able to carry deliveries to the customer’s front door.
  • History in delivery or car-sharing experience.
  • Smartphone with a stable cellular connection.
  • Valid proof of registration and insurance of your vehicle.
  • Great customer service skills.
  • Vehicle suitable enough to carry large and heavy packages (preferably a sedan or SUV).

Types of Amazon Flex Jobs and Routes

Amazon Flex is not just flexible when it comes to timings, you are also allowed to choose your type of job. Below are some of the Flex routes that you can choose from.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is the grocery sector of Amazon. The groceries include a vast list of vegetables and other food items. As a Flex driver, you may have to communicate more with the customers as it is a more customer-focused job. 

You will have to unload the packages which may include one single item or various items which can get heavy sometimes. The delivery can be attended to or unattended, depending on what the customer had opted for. You may have to communicate through either call or text with the customers to deliver their groceries in a timely and safe manner.

Amazon Logistics

Under Amazon Logistics, you will have to deliver packages ordered from the Amazon website. Larger vehicles are advised for this job as the delivery packages may vary in size. According to your block, you may sometimes have to carry over 50 packages at a given time, hence the requirement of a larger vehicle. Fulfilling these deliveries may take up anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the traffic situations in your location.

Such a type of delivery does not require much customer interaction. If the customers aren’t home or if there is no safe place to drop the package at, you will have to bring it back to the center, where the process of delivery will begin again in the next few days. 

Amazon Restaurants

Amazon Restaurants is a direct competitor to other food delivery brands which bring fresh food to the customer’s doorsteps. Food items are delivered in insulated bags to ensure they are ready to consume once picked up. The delivery blocks are shorter for this service. It also qualifies for tips. This is very useful for students or people working part-time who are available only for a short period. 

Amazon Prime Now

The Prime Now service is exclusively for Amazon Prime members. This service allows the customers to opt for one or two-day delivery. This job is highly competitive and sought for by the Flex drivers due to the number of tips received. You are allowed to keep 100% of the tips that you receive. 


Amazon Flex is a great opportunity for people who are looking to earn side income to supplement their main income. With Flex support available for the workers, you can be assured you are getting the right treatment. With payment starting from $18 per hour and all the tips going towards you, you can be assured of your job.

If you’re a driver looking for flexible work timings and do not want passengers in your car then Amazon Flex is the way to go. Whether it is a grocery delivery or Prime Now delivery, you are assured of payments and bonuses. You will have the flexible schedule that you have always desired. Flexibility is a perk that time can’t buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) about Amazon Flex

Q. How long is the hiring and interview process for Amazon Flex?

A. It may take anywhere from a few days to roughly a week. The hiring duration will entirely depend on the demand and your location.

Q. Will I be paid twice a week?

A. No, you will be paid every Wednesday, for all the deliveries made in the past week. The salary will reflect within 2-4 hours in your account. Flex partners were used to be paid twice a week earlier.

Q. How long will the background check take? Can I start working while it is underway?

A.  Since the background check process is very essential, the background check can be extensive, it may take up anywhere from 3-5 business days. And no, you can not commence work while the background check is underway since it is very essential.

Q. Do I have to deliver every day?

A. No! Your work can be very flexible, you can choose when to and when not to work, hence the name Amazon Flex. Just book your slot a few hours before you decide to work.

Q. How long can you work in a day?

A. You may work up to 8 hours a day, though 4 hours is advised due to tiredness and fatigue that follows with long working hours.

Q. Will I have a certain dress code?

A. No, as an independent contractor for Amazon, you have the choice of your attire.

What is Amazon Flex?- Salary of Amazon Flex Drivers

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