How to Write Request Letter for Bank Statement?

How to Write Request Letter for Bank Statement?

Nowadays, people crossing 18 years of age in America have a bank account, and there are various operations associated with it. We will discuss the Request Letter for Bank Statement. Like issuing or re-issuing an ATM card, issuing a bank statement, issuing a checkbook, mortgage installments payment, Utilities Bills, Tax Deduction Amount, Tuitions Fees, Smartphone Logged Suspicious Transaction.

A letter to a Bank must be addressed to the Bank Manager, mentioning other details, like, date, the Name of the Bank, the Name of the Branch, if any, the address of the Bank. Usually, all the bank(s) mail the  Bank Statement to the Account Holder(s) monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly. But in emergency cases, anyone gets a Bank statement on demand. Naturally, to obtain an emergency Bank Statement, a letter must be forwarded to Bank Manager in writing. Below is given a letter sample seeking a Bank statement by an account holder by mentioning specific reasons.

How to Write Request Letter for Bank Statement?

April 21, 2021

Senior Manager

National Capital bank, 

Main Branch

New York NY 35094

Subject: Request for a Bank statement from January 2021 to March 2021 to counter check – my mortgage loan repayment, Gross Salary after-tax deduction, Tax amount, repayment of utility bills, amount of Bank Charge deducted, payment deposited by 3rd parties. 

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I am Godfrey Purification and have been maintaining Bank Account for a long. I am a regular customer of your bank, and I have an account in your bank in the name of Godfrey Purification. This account is used to credit my monthly salary and repayment of my liabilities, utilities, and others.

Repayment of Mortgage Installment: It is needed to mention here that I have availed a mortgage loan facility for the US $150,000 only from American Express Bank, State Branch, New York, for the period of 20 years, the installment each for the US $ 989.93 only, is to be paid monthly in 240 months from my account. As you know that I have only one Bank account with you, I have endorsed my Bank account to repay my mortgage installments monthly. 

Recently, I have received an email from my lender Bank stating that three installments are overdue. I need to counter-check the real facts from my Bank Statement for the last 3 months whether my installments are due or not.      

Besides that, I pay my monthly utility bill from my bank account. I am in doubt that, like my mortgage repayment, my utility bills for the last three months may remain unpaid or overdue. I want to check the repayment status of my monthly utility bills, whether is overdue or not.

I also needed to mention here that I have been maintaining a Health Insurance Policy for my family as I did for repayment of mortgage installments; I had endorsed my bank account to pay my health insurance policy. I also need to counter-check my health insurance policy repayment status. 

In addition, I need to mention that I have used my ATM Card to pay the US $350.00 only to purchase two sets of T-shirts and a pair of shoes from Amazon for my son and daughter. On the other hand, I pay my Uber bill by using mobile with the help of an ATM Card. I don’t have any concrete records of such payments. I won’t figure out the number of such repayments.   

My Bank account is tagged with my personal mobile device, and my son and daughter frequently use my mobile to play games with his/her friends. I need to check whether my son or daughter has used my bank account to play games with his/her friends.

During my post-Christmas holiday, I have visited Europe with my family, and all the expenses are being paid with my ATM Card while visiting Europe, including purchases. However, I frequently receive a text from your Bank’s server for suspicious transactions several times. I have received various texts for bank charge deductions, I should say, which is alarming and pretty irritating for me. I also need to check those amounts being texts to my mobile.  

I have also sold my car, and I have provided my account details to the buyer to deposit the money. But, I have not got any confirmation from the Bank about the deposit of money. Next month I plan to buy a new car, and I want to pay for the car from this Bank Account. So, I need to figure out the shortfall of money deposited for the car.

In addition to that, I want to counter check few deposits which are supposed to be made last month by 3rd parties. The deposits are not handsome, but you need to check the total deposited amount. On the other hand, I want to check my amount of salary being credited into my account for the last three months and eager to know the amount of tax being deducted from my salary for the same periods.

I am calculative, and I am not highly paid, and I have limited income. With my limited income, I have to bear all of my family expenditures. If it would really the facts, I need to know how much money needs to be deposited into my account to regular of my dues. I don’t know what to do in the upcoming days.

To avoid further hassle, I  want to upgrade my Bank security as I doubt that either my son or daughter may use my Bank Account to purchase coins to play games in my absence. If it would happen, I need your suggestion to strengthen my account security.    

Considering the above facts, I request you to provide a Bank statement for the last 3 months, starting from January 2021 to March 2021, for my satisfaction and to ensure myself the real facts of the above issues. I need to find out all of my questions from my Bank statement for the last three months.

You are kindly requested to please do the needful from your end and provide me my Bank account details to the mention email address: [email protected] on urgent basis difficulties, you can reach/dial the number 11720908616 in case of urgency. 

I think you understand how important it is to have a Bank statement for the last three months. I need to check what other payment is overdue to me for the last three months.

With Regards,

Godfrey Purification

Account number: 98-23597-028470-112-1

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How to Write Request Letter for Bank Statement?

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