American Express Mission Statement & Vision Analysis

American Express Mission Statement

American Express is one of America’s best financial companies and plans to expand its reach worldwide. They were first established in 1850, 170 years ago, and have since then different services to customers who need financial aid. This company is the epitome of complete reliance and financial knowledge when it comes to its services. This article will give you a depth concept of American Express Mission Statement, Vision Analysis.

American Express’s mission statement revolves around itself with the best employees and using their services to provide the best aid to people and overcome their financial barriers. People’s financial literacy is still a little less compared to business people and entrepreneurs. That is what the core of the American Express belief is.

They have always been comfortable providing services to people in trouble financially and overcoming that crisis with the right tools and thinking methods. They provide all kinds of financial services that aid your money-making ventures, prevent losses and ensure a safe and secure life.

Their vision revolves around being the best in the world when it comes to their services and expanding their horizons to more places to provide people with the tools they need to access greater things through their finances. This business approach has allowed them to continuously attain success in many finance areas and boosted its profitability.

They have to be the best to serve the best. Their work primarily revolves around providing customers and businesses with the best insight into an area they can’t comprehend in finance. This means providing various things that will help people deal with their problems without imposing more pressure on them.

The values they have integrated among themselves are a staple to how far they have come as a company in these 10 decades. Their values have been deep-rooted and grounded in reality. They vastly believe in the process of teamwork and helping others achieve the best results byways of honesty and integrity.

Ever since they have been established, they have followed these rules and have stuck to their original routine, which has helped them get the best out of themselves these days and get to where they are today.

We will be looking at their mission, vision, and value statements and analyzing them to figure out what drives them and help them archive success in the vast financial field.

American Express Mission Statement Analysis:

Their mission statement revolves around providing the best services to customers to make their financial journey better and less harmful. They impart knowledge about corporate finances and other branches of money to their customers to make mistakes regarding their money expenditure.

Their mission statement announces itself as,” Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations.” We need to analyze three elements in this statement to figure out what drives them and their formula for success. The elements are:

  1. Become essential to our customers
  1. Providing them with differentiated products and services
  1. Help them achieve their aspirations
  • This element talks about the company being so integrated into their customer’s lives that it wants to be an important part of their journey by providing them with the best-required aid through their financial journey. This can only be done through their friendly behavior with customers and their residency to help them as much as they can. By being the best at their services, they become an important part of any financial crisis their customers go through because they will always think of a finance company they know to provide with loans and other services when money is the case. They can help their customers by being a friend they can count on financially, in the most basic sense. This mindset has allowed them to get more and more customers every day due to their attitude towards the customer and their commitment to helping them. They have also made a lot of progress in their attitude and commitment towards serving the community better and focus on services that will improve their relationship with customers.
  • The second element talks about providing the customers who come to their doorstep with differentiated financial services that are useful and aim to solve their problems differently. Because offering the same service of loans can get tedious, the current return and interest rates only increase the weightage of having financial problems. That is why American Express has differentiated plans like insurances, credit cards, savings accounts, corporate programs, and prepaid cards. They are not a bank, but they provide services that hold fewer bonds on the customers and payback to the company at their own pace. They also offer gift cards if you want to present your friends with an aid without being too obvious. They also provide damage and insurance protection against your cars getting in trouble or harmed in any way. These services have allowed them to deal with a wide variety of customers in their tenure while also expanding themselves to the outside of the United States of America.
  • The third element talks about making their services so much better and affordable to the customers that it can help them achieve their aspirations through the money they provide without putting pressure on them for repayment. For many people in America, an aspiration is to buy something of use to satisfy their inner soul. It can be a car, a house, or a particular watch that shows them how far they have come on their money-making venture. Therefore, by helping their aspirations come to fruition, the company is building itself to be one of the best companies while also exceeding their expectations. They are also getting a reputation increase by word of mouth of the customers who have experienced their prompt services and want their friends and family to invest in their company to achieve their dream of getting that new car.

American Express Vision Statement:

American express’s vision is short and sweet, which gives them a simple goal to follow. All the employees can always strive to base their actions according to the vision and help their attitude be based on the mission. The vision statement revolves around being the best not for their sake but in the people’s eyes for whom they work so hard to provide the world’s best services.

Their vision statement reads, “Provide the world’s best customer experience every day.” There are 2 elements we need to analyze in this talent to get what their vision is and what they plan on achieving in the long run. The two elements are:

  1. Provide the world’s best customer experience 
  2. Everyday
  • The first element talks about the company wanting to be the best for customer service and always supporting its customers by providing essential financial services. They pride themselves on their unique financial solutions and have always come up with better schemes for their customers to achieve their dreams. They have helped businesses get to the top of the industry by providing them with the best plans to succeed through their hard work and planning. This has been the major difference-maker between them and other financial agencies because they see through customers’ problems and offer them the best possible way among the services they provide.
  • The second element contains just a single word but holds a deeper meaning. Every day, the word can refer to providing services that help customers every day or them being present in the lives of individuals who seem their help without any delays in their services. They help thousands of customers every day, and new customers always like up among those. They pride themselves on helping old and new customers with the same enthusiasm every day to be comfortable in the financial world. This has allowed them to set a goal in determining their daily output of work while also planning to increase it for future reference.

American Express Values:

American Express Values its customers as well as their morals equally. They have prided themselves in achieving their goals by dedicating their code towards bettering people’s lives. They have various ways to make sure the employees stay up to date with their customers while providing them with the necessary means to stay connected and provide better services.

Their values include:

  1. We deliver to our customers.
  2. We respect people
  3. We care about communities.
  4. We make it great
  5. We need different views.
  6. We do what’s right
  7. We win as a team
  • The first element talks about always delivering what they have strived for, for themselves and their customers. They realize their customers’ reliance on them and aim to deliver the best quality of financial services to be happy with the service received.
  • Another motto they have is always to respect people no matter what relation they have. Even if they are not customers, they need to be treated as they are one of their own because, as the old age saying goes, you give respect, so you receive respect. And they are avid followers of that analogy.
  • They care about communities and impact them to make a difference in treating the lesser and demanding equal respect for all. Their corporate social responsibility strengthens itself by connecting with every aspect and type of community to help their outreach and learn more.
  • American Express prides itself in providing great services to its customers at an economical price and delivers world-class treatment to ensure they come back and profit from the company. The company expects the best from their respective employees and is always proud to give their customers the best delivery of financial solutions.
  • They value different perspectives in different situations, so creative thinking is encouraged in this company. This is why the company has come to where it is due to its different set of rules and regulations and an innovative thinking staff that suggests different routes.
  • Doing what’s right is a difficult thing because often, the right thing is tough. Even though it is difficult, this company makes the decisions that will profit its customers so that they do not regret getting their trust in the company. They want to b reliable and consistent in their approach towards customers.
  • Their teamwork and persistence in serving the customers are commendable. They work hard and try to achieve the best results for their customers. They win together, and they lose together. They value individual performances but never if it sacrifices the coordination of the team.

The Takeaway

This article concludes that American Express is one of the best financial services companies looking to expand its horizons to every country in the world. It has the potential to be the best and best the best. Their customer service, friendly approach, prompt services, great financial plans and choices, and a good reputation.

They have exceeded their expectations due to their values, and their mission and vision have helped them achieve new heights. They have changed the world of finance and taken it to a newer and better place. This has led to an increase in its reputation and profit ratio.


  1. What is American Express’s slogan?

The new slogan that AmEx introduced a while back was, “Don’t Live life without it.” This is a throwback to its advertising history, and it’s looking to take over the financial sector in America.

  1. Is it worth investing in American Express’s stock?

Yes, AmEx is one of the most profitable companies globally, and it is bound to make more money due to its expansion and success in the financial sector. It is wise to invest in them since their stock price can increase in the new future.

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American Express Mission Statement & Vision Analysis

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