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Postmates Business Model-Know More

 Today’s busy schedule has made life monotonous and even family members do not have time to sit and cook for each other.  Postmates is an online commodity service that delivers whatever the customer demands on their doorstep. It delivers grocery and food items from local grocery stores and restaurants to the doors of customers.  Post […]

Buzzfeed Business Model – Know More

Buzz Feed is an American social media company that showcases the latest happening around the world. The company gives current affairs regarding news, music, and many more. The key role of the social media company is to lure its readers to read daily from its website by showcasing information regarding what they are currently obsessed […]

Soundcloud Business Model – Know More

SoundCloud is a popular online audio platform that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their original sounds. It is used by millions of people around the world to discover and share music, podcasts, and other audio content. As of 2020, SoundCloud boasts over 175 million monthly users, making it one of the […]

Assisted Living – Job Description, Duties, Salary

With regards to really focusing on our maturing friends and family, helped living directors assume a fundamental part. Helped living offices have practical experience in considering senior residents and helped living executives direct the entirety of the office’s activities. These spaces are more local area-centered than other clinical foundations, and their organization requires both sharp […]

Microsoft Core Competencies – Know More Interesting Facts

Microsoft is the second biggest company in the world with a market valuation of $2.587 T. It competes with Apple for the top spot. For a brief period, it took down Apple was the most valued company in the World. Let us discuss Microsoft Core Competencies Microsoft has a wide range of businesses in different […]

Advantages And Disadvantages Of PESTLE Analysis

As we all know, today’s world is social-media-dominated and after the pandemic, we get to know even better how crucial the internet and social media networks are for us to help us out in a situation when we could not even go out of our home. Small start-ups, shops, and small businesses suffered a lot […]

How does an insurance company make money?

Introduction to the sources Are you scratching your hair because you aren’t aware of how an insurance company earns money? Does your answer just revolve around the premium they charge from the policyholders? Well, you are partially informed then. There are other ways too by which an insurance company earns money. But what are they? […]

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