Amazon Flex Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

Amazon Flex Job

Do you guys know what is Amazon Flex is? If not, then today we are going to see what is Amazon Flex is? So basically, Amazon flex means you have to use your vehicle for delivering packages for Amazon. Here, let’s know about Amazon Flex Job.

If you have seen any person who is plain clothes and delivering packages, you must know that they are an Amazon Flex driver. An Amazon Flex driver can earn around $18 or $35 per hour. There might be some situation because Amazon opens new positions less often, so you have to check for a new place for applying for the job.

By doing this, you can earn some money, achieve some of the goals, or maybe get close to your goals. There are straightforward steps that you have to follow for being an Amazon flex driver. So let’s see what is amazon flex is?

What is Amazon Flex?

Amazon flex is a company that provides delivery services. You can easily apply for this job by doing simple steps. But there are some conditions which you have to follow. Sometimes you have to deliver stores, restaurants, or any customer who is in your way of the route in the block for deliveries. Usually, a shift is about 1-4 hours blocks. 

  • You must be 21 years old or older for doing this job.
  • You must have a driving license.
  • Also, you should have a social security number with you.
  • Your background or work which you have done should be transparent without any violation.
  • It would be best if you had your four-wheeler for delivery packages.
  • They should also have a smartphone for making calls or receiving calls from customers.
  • Two-door cars aren’t accepted as there can be large packages that can fit into the vehicle.
  • Prime now allows you to use any number of doors in a vehicle by Amazon flex doesn’t allow.

The steps for a job are:

  • First, you have to reserve a block. 
  • Then make deliveries in that block.
  • After delivering the packages into the blocks, you will get paid. You can repeat the process if you want to make more money.

What do Amazon Flex drivers have to do?

Amazon Flex is a service that provides couriers everywhere. It is incorporated with Amazon. This service enables private individuals to make money by delivering packages. They have to use their vehicles to deliver the containers around the block.

By doing this, people can make extra money for themselves by just delivering the packages. This is a type of environment where Amazon flex driver has to take the responsibility of transporting or moving the boxes to various locations or the customers with different Amazon products.

The driver ensures the product condition that the product delivered to the customer is good and best. They have to provide the product/ goods safely and in time.

For making deliveries, the Amazon flex driver has to download an app called Amazon Flex. After downloading the app, you have to login into the app with the login credentials. If the slots are availed then you can just enter your name and your device. If there are no jobs at the time, then you have to wait on the waitlist till the new job positions are available. By using this app, the driver will know the location and the pick-up and drop-up point of the items/ package. And the assigned route of the box to be delivered within the time scheduled.

To deliver the goods or items to the customers, they have to follow some wide range of essential duties in their day-to-day activity. They have to follow the process of distributing the products promptly to the amazon customers.

The core task of the delivery person is that they have to load the items or packages from the Amazon warehouse, and they have to ensure that the boxes which are going to be delivered to the customers are in proper condition.

Sometimes the Amazon flex driver has to accept the payment for the boxes. They have to make sure that their customers are satisfied with the delivery and the condition of the package. After arriving at the pick-up or drop-off location, they have to check-in, and they have to scan the QR code for all the items they have delivered to the customers.

They must own their vehicle as sometimes they have to deliver packages which can weigh up to 50 pounds or more. So they must have proper pieces of equipment for providing the boxes to the customer. 

The Amazon flex driver has to follow the route provided by the application for delivering the packages. They can also choose to navigate themselves by knowing the familiar roads for the location.

Required for being Amazon Flex driver

For becoming the candidate for the Amazon flexes, there must be some qualities in the person as well as they must also have good communication skills. They should know verbal as well as written communication skills, they have to pay attention to the details, and they must also attain customer service orientation. 

They also must have physical strength and stamina for lifting the packages or goods. Must have adequate driving experience. Regarding education or academic qualification, the Amazon flex driver should have been educated at least in High School Diploma or equivalent.

They should also have several years of professional experience in driving-related jobs. According to the source, the average salary of an Amazon Flex driver is about $40k annually. 

Job Description Example:

An Amazon flex driver has some responsibilities such as:

  • They have to load items into their vehicles from the Amazon warehouse or production environment.
  • They have to ensure that the package or item must be safe till they deliver to the customer at the given location.
  • They have to review the packages before and after they deliver them to the customer, whether the charges are correct and whether the customer is satisfied.
  • They have to scan QR codes before loading the packages into the vehicle.
  • Sometimes they have to accept payment after delivering the package to the customer.
  • They have to follow the route strictly as per the schedule.
  • After delivering the packages, they have to make the document of the delivery.
  • They have to make sure that they are following the guidelines properly for driving safely.

Hours of work

A driver has to work around a block up to 1-4 hours, depending on the vehicle they have. If they have a sedan, it might get longer as many heavy packages are to be delivered.

You know exactly how much you can make in a day working in Flex. You can work weekly around 40 hours weekly and 8 hours a day. But other companies don’t provide that much money, or the income isn’t fixed for the day.

Resume for Amazon Flex Driver

If you are making a resume for applying at Amazon Flex, then you have to some guidelines. If you are a person who has worked before in the Amazon flex as a driver or working currently as an Amazon flex driver, then you can add that information while making your CV in the work experience section.

By adding the work experience, you can ensure that the recruiter or the employer has enough knowledge for this job. This will ensure that you can handle the responsibilities and duties carefully and with precaution. 

By using this information, you can please the employer, and you may select for the interview for the job of Amazon flex driver. You can give an interview for this job and get possibly hire as this job requires some experience.

You can make your resume quickly by applying these guidelines, and you can get possibly hire for this job. You can easily create a professional CV or Resume with impressive work experience in just minutes by using this guideline.

Requirement- Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

If you are looking for this job or role in Amazon flex, you must have these skills and abilities.

  • You must have excellent verbal as well as written communication skills for interacting with the customers.
  • You have to pay attention to the details and take note of it. You must review the messages to ensure that they are complete and the customer is satisfied.
  • You must know how to manage time, as there must be many deliveries in a day to complete and without time management you can’t finish it.
  • For lifting heavy packages or goods, you must have physical strength and stamina to work throughout the day and move the goods from one place to another.
  • You must have a valid driving license.
  • Customers can ask questions, so you must have good customer service to answer those questions.

As we have seen, how to apply for the job of Amazon flex driver. How to make money out of this job. By using this information, you will know the responsibilities and the qualification required for this job.

Bounces on Flex as compared to other companies. Sometimes they also provide promotions to the driver. For more information, you can always check the Amazon flex website.

Amazon Flex Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

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