The Target Market of Axe Deodorant- And Marketing Strategy

The Target Market of Axe Deodorant

Axe is also known as Lynx is a famous male grooming brand that was founded in 1983. The company has expanded its business in various countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Malta where they are known as Lynx. In countries like France, India, and many more the company is known as Axe. Axe is owned by Unilever and is serving around the world. Here, let’s know about the Target Market of Axe Deodorant.

Looking attractive is not only important for women but, men also wish to look attractive. Axe came up with the solution for males, as the products produced by Axe are concerned with male grooming. Ultimately the company used the trick of making women feel attracted to men. The marketing strategy used by Axe motivates men to buy Axe Deodorants. 

Who is the customer of Axe Deodorant?

Axe is a company that produces products for men and is marketed towards the younger male age group. Usually, the male in the age group of 15 to 40 is targeted by Axe Deodorant. The company targets young male who wishes to find their inner-self and is motivated to maintain hygiene. Axe Deodorant is for every man, also middle-class people can afford the product. The various fragrances by Axe attract people who have migrated from villages to cities. 

Many school and college-going boys are the customers of the brand because it appeals to the opposite sex. The fragrance of Axe Deodorant makes the customers more confident and smell good. This male-centric brand tends to engage more male customers towards its products like Axe Deodorant. 

What is a marketing strategy used to sell Axe Deodorant?

The marketing strategy of Axe is concerned with 4P’s that are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The 4P’s are basic on which any marketing strategy is made. All of them are explained below and how the company is abiding by them. 

The product should be best: Axe has created multiple fragrances keeping in mind the diversity of choice. The primary focus of any company should be its product, so it should be great. The quality of the product should be well-maintained, and Axe has completely followed this principle well. Axe Deodorants are high in quality and are available in different fragrances. The company has focused on packaging and servicing also, to make Axe Deodorant unique among other competitors. The company has considered everything before launching their product in the market from packaging to quality to the type of metallic bottle that should be used to store deodorant. 

Price of Axe Deodorant is affordable: The company has targeted middle-class males, so the range of products is not kept high. The pricing of products should be ideal, one can afford it. There is no point in setting the price higher for the product, as the product will remain restricted to rich people in that case. Axe offers a variety of fragrances at low prices that are easily affordable by people. Also, the company keeps on giving certain discounts on Deodorants which ultimately attracts the general public. On various occasions, there are offers like “Buy one, get one free”, to attract customers to buy Axe Deodorants more. 

Availability of product is a must: Axe has expanded its reach all around the world so that the customers need not struggle much about getting the product. In most countries, the product is sold under the name of Lynx and is available in both rural and urban areas. Axe has partnerships with certain big platforms with their help, the company makes the product available worldwide. Also, instead of limiting the Axe or Lynx Deodorants to certain areas the company has made them widely available. You can find Axe Deodorant everywhere, as it is available offline and on various e-sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and other platforms. 

Promotion and Advertising of any product are important: The company needs to promote the products to make people aware of the product. To give the perfect competition to its competitors, Axe has advertised the different types of products. Axe comes up with unique and thoughtful ideas of promoting their deodorants they don’t limit to an online advertisement or offline ads but go beyond it. The male-targeted brand promotes the product by using the tagline “Find Your Magic”. The advertisement created by the company focuses on the target market and motivates them to buy the product. 

All the 4P’s that are ( Place, Promotion, Price, Product ) are effectively followed by Axe to sell its deodorant to the targeted market. The company has kept in mind each technique to use effectively at the time of selling products. 


Axe Deodorant is a product from the wide range of products sold by Axe. Axe is an international company that is concerned with selling male grooming products around the world. Founded in 1983, the company is owned by Unilever. Axe has been a famous brand because of the marketing strategy used by the company. 

All the techniques and strategies used to promote Axe Deodorant are effective and unique. The strategy employed by the company to win the heart of its target audience is amazing and convincing. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Ques. 1: What is unique about the marketing strategy of Axe Deodorant?

Ans. 1: The company uses general 4P’s but the way it uses them is unique. All the employees working at Axe find out different ideas for selling the products. The company uniquely promotes the Deodorant and makes the product widely available. 

Ques. 2: Are Axe Deodorant good?

Ans. 2: As per the data, the customers of Axe Deodorant consider the Deodorant good. Many customers put Axe Deodorant above other competitors. The company has kept in mind the quality of the product that makes it stand above other brands. 

Ques. 3: Why is marketing strategy required by the company?

Ans. 3: Every company requires a marketing strategy to make people aware of the product. This makes the product widely famous. Also, if the company is promoting the product widely they need to ensure that it is available in those areas. 

The Target Market of Axe Deodorant- And Marketing Strategy

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