How Long is Orientation at Chipotle?

How Long is Orientation at Chipotle?

A fan of Mexican food can never get bored of chipotle. Be it burritos or tacos the food chain has served millions of customers to date and is constantly leveraging its game to reach new places every year. Let’s know How Long is Orientation at Chipotle?

Chipotle started as a small organization on 13 July 1993, in Denver, Colorado, United States. It has improved its services since then to spread its taste to over 3000 branches in today’s current time. 

Is it difficult to learn to work at such a big food chain? No! 

The orientation at chipotle is for 3 days where experienced employers teach you about the different job prospects of the job. Depending on the job the orientation time can vary to a significant extent.

Apart from being one of the best food chains spread across America, Chipotle is also a food giant that has provided job opportunities to many people. If you are looking for an opportunity to work for the food giant and want to know about the different aspects of the job, stay tuned and learn more through the article. 

What is included in the orientation of Chipotle?

The Chipotle orientation is 3 days long and is often carried out by a crew member or the manager himself. The platform gives the employer 4 hours of videos that include all the basic training that is required for the employees. After completion of the videos, you would need to undergo three days of consecutive training.

On the first day of the training, you will work as the crew members assist you, you would be needed to follow the person for the entire day. On the second day, you will work along with the person and complete the tasks assigned to you. The crew member will be present to assist you at every stage. On the third day, you would be expected to work alone without the help of any member. The manager checks your work. Basic assistance is provided to you on the third day as well.

What are the working hours of Chipotle?

Chipotle manages its work culture well, they have divided the working hours into three shifts. As an employee, you can choose a shift that best suits your requirements. 

The shifts are as follows:

Opening (abt 7:30 to 4)

Mid-Shift (abt 11 to 7:30)

Closing (abt 4 to 11:30) 

The shift timings can vary according to location and rush hour of the place. 

How much does Chipotle pay?

Chipotle has a biweekly pay structure and often pays $11 to $ 18 per hour as the average pay scale. The food chain also has many referrals and discounts for the employees working. Chipotle offers a $200 employee referral benefit, and a $750 bonus for managers and apprentices. 

Apart from this Chipotle gives 3 days of sick leave to all its employees. The sick leave is paid and employees can enjoy easy benefits. 

The Chipotle employees are also given one free meal per shift.

What do you wear to a chipotle interview?

There aren’t any specific or crisp clothing that you need to wear for the interview. Remember that you need to look presentable. Wear your casual Shirt and pants and wear your best smile to the interview. Be presentable and present them with your work. 

You do not need to be dressed in suits for the interview.

What does Chipotle look for in an employee?

The minimum age criteria to work for Chipotle is 16 years. The recruitment team often looks for different skills inside their crew members to improve the quality of service and bring good changes to the working environment. 

The basic skills that the food chain looks for is:

  • Amicable personality: A person needs to be kind and easily communicate with people and customers. 
  • Team member: Working in Chipotle is usually a game of teamwork, this demands a candidate who is comfortable in working in groups and who can also contribute to the team.
  • Self-motivated: The person needs to be self-motivated and must be good at boosting the team on a bad day.
  • Problem solver: To work at Chipotle problem-solving skills can be of great importance. A person must know how to handle situations in rush hours and also handle multiple orders efficiently.

In totality, they require a person to be versatile and customer-oriented. The candidate should be polite, well behaved, and have qualities that can help team building.


Chipotle is a very good place to work with. The orientation is easier, and the pay scale is at par with the work you would carry for the entire day. As an employee, you would also receive several benefits. The work is extremely easy and the environment is also fun to work for, as who does not like to work for people’s favorite food chain.

So, if you are thinking about applying for the job go ahead and grab the opportunity.

How Long is Orientation at Chipotle?

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