Does Chipotle Drug Test

Does Chipotle Drug Test

Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant founded by an American, Steve Ellis, in the year 1993. The first branch was first opened in Denver, Colorado, and it now has 12oo restaurants all across the world. Steve Ellis worked at the Jeremiah Tower first before opening up his own restaurant. He was successful there, a well-known line cook, in a five-star restaurant. He then went on further to use what he had learned in Jeremiah Tower to his benefit.

Steve Ellis was a businessman, and so that is why, after learning all he could at the Jeremiah Tower, he went on ahead to use his experience and knowledge, to put it to good use, and make some profit off of it. He put it all into Chipotle and founded it. He loaned the sum of 85,000 dollars from his father for the startup of Chipotle. Having a father who could loan him that kind of money was a plus on Steve’s side, it helped him avoid all the interest that would have built up, and it helped him get straight into the business. It removed a lot of stress he would have gone through had he not had where he could have borrowed such an amount. After lending the money from his father, Steve took the time to sit down and calculate the time that it would take him to open up the restaurant. He put a lot of planning into it because he knew it was a business and should not be taken lightly. Opening the restaurant, he named it after the jalapeno chili pepper. So you can rest assured you will get to have the Mexican food you went there for when you go to Chipotle. Although Steve is the founder of Chipotle, he is not the only one who works there, so the menu is compiled so that you get exactly what you paid for. For people who want to work there, the best part about Chipotle is probably the fact that they do not do drug tests like ever.

Does Chipotle Drug Test?

It has been confirmed by more than a few people who have worked at Chipotle, at one time or the other, that Chipotle does not do drug tests. When applying for a job at Chipotle, you can rest assured that you would not be tested for drugs, and whether you are a drug user or not would not in any way affect you getting a job at Chipotle. Drug use and criminal pasts have always been a hindrance when it comes to getting a job. For an ex-convict or an addict who has been clean for a while and is trying to get back on their feet, Chipotle is the place that allows people like that to do that. They allow people like that to have a chance at working in a fun and exciting place while getting paid and having responsibilities. They allow second chances at life. And so, while interviewing new people for posts at their company, they do not do drug tests. However, if you happen to get hired and get into an accident while working, they would have to do some tests. At Chipotle, another great thing they do is take care of their employee’s medical bills when they get hurt while on duty, so if you nick your hand, or worse while working, they would tend to it. It could involve some tests, so it is advisable that even if you get in because they do not take drug tests during interviews, it is still wise to stay sober. Try to stay as sober as possible, because even if they give second chances during interviews, and they overlook your drug use past, if they later find out you still use drugs, even while working there, it is possible you do not get a third chance. And also, for people who might be looking towards promotion in Chipotle, you might want to get sober before applying for that promotion. Because, when considering applicants for a promotion, Chipotle makes the exception and tests promising applicants for the use of drugs. In addition, although many people have attested to the fact that Chipotle does not do drug tests, that may very well only apply to the branch in which they interviewed, the branch where you might go for an interview might decide to go out of the normal thing, and take drug tests, so, it would be advisable to be clean when applying for a job at Chipotle.  Although it is their policy at Chipotle to not take drug tests when interviewing new hires because they believe in second chances, some branches may decide against that policy and conduct drug tests, so, in a word, it is best to be drug-free when applying for a job at any Chipotle branch.

Does Chipotle Do Background Checks?

Usually, they do not. Just like drug tests, they believe people change. So these things should not be held over them when they are trying to get their life back and be a responsible human beings, so, no, they do not usually conduct background checks, and so that minor or petty ‘crime’ that causes one to have a criminal record can be overlooked if you are looking for a job at Chipotle. But, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that anything could happen, Chipotle could do whatever they like when it comes down to it, so there is surety to anything. So, all in all, be prepared. Be clean, be ready, and be determined to start a new life.


  • Can I still use drugs while working at Chipotle? No, you cannot. While they don’t do drug tests initially during interviews, if something happens during work, and you need to get tested, if you are found not clean, you could lose your job.
  • Does Chipotle hire people with criminal records? They do because they believe in second chances and they are interested in helping people get back on their feet. 
Does Chipotle Drug Test

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