13 Ingredients Needed for that Chipotle Jobs

13 Ingredients Needed for that Chipotle Jobs

Everybody loves a good burrito or even a nice salad with a salsa dip- but are you sure this is what your body loves? Unfortunately, most of these food chains that supposedly retail the tastiest ever burritos, tacos, or even salads do not have their raw material game up. Most of their foundation ingredients include processed white wheat, rice, and ages-old tomatoes. 

Why not any other food joint?

We already know what and who to blame for the bloated stomach in the morning after your night out with your friends. So what stands to be the solution? Obviously, giving up on the mouthwatering street food adored by all of America is not an option. But is risking the sanctity of your health really worth the taste of it? Of course not, so what now? Many are of the opinion that one can always cook these delicacies at home and wing that hashtag home chef vibe. This way, we get to be in charge of the food quality and the methods of cooking. But whom are we kidding? No one can beat the burritos that Ben has in store at the 7th Avenue. 

Why chipotle?

We have a solution for this problem- please hold a drumroll-we have our chipotle! Well, of course not your everyday smoked and dried ripe jalapeño. Instead, we are talking about our very favorite- Chipotle chain of restaurants.

A Brief History of Chipotle

This quirky eatery was started by Steve Ells, who stands at a net worth of 200 billion dollars but has given a solution to our fast-food cravings worth a million dollars. Chipotle was established in 1993 with the belief that food can change the world. And this Mexican grill house is taking the food industry by storm.  While their motto gives food for thought to other mega food chains, Chipotle believes in food. This Mexican grill wave has its unique way of going about its ingredient sourcing because it believes in keeping things “real.” Of course, sourcing from a bulk farmer makes it much easier to get various options and maybe a surplus of goods. If looked at from a business perspective, this is a very tempting option, given that it puts more food on the table and maybe even offers a wider range of options to the customer. But chipotle does not really have that in mind. What they are really trying to do is make this a better deal. They want to make it better for you. They claim to keep their food real by using only 53 ingredients, and that’s about it. To add to the simplicity, they are foods you already consume daily, and hence they won’t miss your gut the next day. To quote them, their food is as simple as saying chipotle is! Pun very much intended. 

What ingredients does Chipotle use?


What efforts does Chipotle make to make Earth a better place to live?

While they look out for you, they are still looking out for the planet. This is not just in saying, but they actually make an effort to help out the planet. In 202, they diverted 50% of their waste away from the landfills. They recycle the gloves that they use during service hours and recycle them into garbage bags, 43% of which they use in their own outlets. 

Work at Chipotle

The question is, why should one be bothered with all of this? Can’t one grab a burrito for the day and be good to go? Well, if you are someone looking for employment or even looking for some experience, chipotle might be just the place for you! When a firm is giving its all to its customers, one can always expect to be treated the way Jacqueline treats Jane in the Bold Type. After all, the bold steps are all that matter. So, chipotle might be the perfect place for you for those with culinary interests or even those exploring corporate jobs in the culinary sector!

Traits That Make You a Perfect Fit for Chipotle

Now, let us try to look at some of the characteristics that one must absolutely have to stand a chance with this green firm.

  1. Motivated – This is an important trait that everybody must keep in mind. This is something that a lot of people struggle to do and keep up with. But why is having motivation important? Well, essentially, it makes you keep up with your goals and dreams. They make strong old habits stronger and helps you find new ones that keep your game top class. This is a crucial step to solve multiple problems that are to come your way through your career. This also comes in handy when you have to step up to new opportunities, of which you will have plenty. But a really important part of staying motivated is setting a reasonable goal. Setting unrealistic goals will obviously drain out your motivation, and we seem to be needing a lot of that.
  2. Infectiously Enthusiastic – Well, this one is connected to being motivated. If you are motivated, enthusiasm is on its way. Being enthusiastic about something- truly enthusiastic, not faking the enthusiasm as you do on somebody’s birthday- is only possible if you are truly drawn to your work. If you have a real passion for what you do, it is inspiring to others. This is exactly what chipotle means by infectiously enthusiastic. Thinking of the things you want to attain and following bliss, not only makes those around you want to do that, but it also shows in the quality of your work. This is exactly what the firm is expecting from you.
  3. Respectful – For most civilized people, being respectful to those around them is second nature, and is an important part of their life. However, there is still scope for improvement and it is always a good idea to delve into that, especially being respectful in a workplace.  The first rule is pretty straightforward- listen. Though this is a very simple act, this is something that establishes trust and bond. If one is simply going to on and on about their opinion or their perspective, and dismiss the peer’s point of view, not only would that person be promptly labeled a snob, this also affects the quality of the work you turn in as a team. The next rule is the opposite of the first which is acknowledging those around you. This can be as elaborate as sending an email acknowledging somebodies pitch, or something as simple as saying a thank you or good morning. 
  4. Curious – The catch here is everybody is born with it. Being curious is the innate nature of human beings. All you have to do is channel this curiosity in a way that is beneficial for you and your work. One thing that we keep coming back to, time and again, for a very good reason, is listening. Listening intently is one thing that helps you realize what you are truly curious about. Another thing you must keep in mind is that when you are being curious, mistakes are bound to happen. So, in such situations you must keep the power and the calm to handle possible sticky encounters. After all, sometimes, curiosity kills the cat. The solution, however, lies in how you rescue your cat. 
  5. Be Presentable – You may be very good at work. You might be on top of the world with your dream life, doing your job, living your jam. But at the end of the day, you have a social life, and to maintain the one you need to be presentable. But often what happens is you get sucked up in work, you forget that people actually notice how you look when you show up at work. The key to nail your work look is actually quite simple. Firstly, your hygiene is the most important thing. Brush your teeth, wash your wash take a shower every day this is basic. When it comes to your clothing make sure you feel like yourself in them. Because if you are going to feel like a foreign body in your clothes just because something is “trending”, then you are just putting your work- something which you are passionate about at stake. So, you do you.
  6. Happy is the Way to Go – This is a trait that affects not only your work but also your life as a whole. When you are happy, you deliver your best- be it professionally or just the small chores you have to do throughout your day. Being happy does not mean not being cray-cray or ecstatically knocked out every moment of your life. It simply means having a state of calm in your life, with which you are able to give your best shot every day at work. Now how does one achieve this state of being? For starters you can try smiling. And not one of those plastic smiles the mean girls out on. When you genuinely smile, your body releases happy hormones (endorphins) which are the same ones that give you a joy rush when you work out. This largely influences the quality of the work you turn in, and the time you take. So, this is a huge factor in escalating your career. 
  7. Honesty is Your Safety Net – Integrity is a huge part of your career, be it in your words or action, being true to your words is always essential. But this is something that everybody tells you. But how do you inspire yourself to be honest? Well, you start by reflecting on the facts. Not only this eliminates the scope of any misconception but also lays weight on your conscience. The next, and most important step is to not overthink it. It is necessary to understand that when you choose to take the high road, there are a million ways in which you can handle one situation. But we don’t have a million chances to do so. So do what you think is best and let it rest.   
  8. Polite – Again, this is one of the most basic things to do out there. When there is no workplace tension, the whole place runs smoothly, it makes everybody want to be an active part of any given task. It can be compared to what the premium oil does- we can make do without it, but having it in the machine makes it smoother and easier to use. Now being polite is something we have been taught since childhood, we only have to re-enforce it. Little things like saying good morning at the start of the day, and saying a friendly goodbye to everybody with whom you cross your paths at the end of the day can really turn someone’s day around. This may seem like a trivial thing to you who’s been having a perfect day, but being polite is simply being there for the next person- even if it is a small thing.
  9. Smart – This is a very subjective matter and the definition of smart is volatile. But here we are leaning towards being attentive during the day at work. Of course, you need your subject matter and skill set on point to be at the job in the first place, but to be able to maintain the job you need to be aware of what is going on in the office. You need to have a knack for the way things are done around the place, and you should know what is where, and what needs to be done to keep the place from burning down. Now how does one develop this? Firstly, the solution lies in the zeal to learn. If you are willing to question everything around you and reaching a sane yet crazy conclusion, it shows you are willing to take risks that are worth taking- a smart person trait. Another thing that smart people know is that every expert was once a beginner- and mistakes are going to happen. The deal lies in how you decide to handle your mistake.
  10. Ambitious – This is something that most people figure a way around. But most people also do not make it to the end and achieve their dreams. Unlike the other characteristics, this is not a trait that can be individual development. Of course, it involves only you as a physical entity, but it demands more. Ambition only comes if you have passion. If you really crave to have something in your life, and you feel you would do anything to get what you want, this feeling with a little hard work will turn into your ambition. And this ambition is the thing that makes you thirsty for success. Go quench that thirst!
  11. High Energy Hospitable – Having high spirits at work is obviously an important part of having a good work life. Showing up to work with a happy face and a zeal to do better every day is a good sign that the place is the right place for you to grow as a person professionally and emotionally. However, being a happy spirited bird demands energy. Working out, eating clean and taking care of your mental and physical health are crucial factors. But remember, when you are a happy go lucky person, bad days are bound to come and that’s okay. All you have to do is embrace yourself and go have a great day!
  12. Hospitable – When you work, especially in a highly demanding atmosphere, you and even people around you are bound to get insecure. So, you can do your little part by being kind to them, be their safe haven. Being hospitable does not have to be a big deal. Even if you just listen intently listen to one’s woes, they form a bonding with you- which is very healthy for a good work atmosphere. So go on be that shoulder that your colleague probably needs.
  13. Conscientious – Being conscientious simply means being self-disciplined. It is important to keep yourself in check because only when you have a good monitoring system in place, you know in what areas you need to work on yourself and strengthen your game.

Now that you know what to do to get your chipotle game on, get that job, guys!

13 Ingredients Needed for that Chipotle Jobs

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