Mail Handler – Merits & Demerits


Are you someone who constantly checks on the U.S Postal Service (USPS) portal to catch up on an opportunity to work under them? If you are that person who is preparing to work for the postal service department, you must be familiar with their jobs. We are going to look into the details of one such job called Mail Handler. 

It is one of the demanding jobs of the U.S Postal Service. It is the process involved from Unloading mail from carriages to loading them into carriages for delivery. It is often confused with mail carrier and sometimes with mail processor. 

What is a Mail Handler?

He/She is a person working in the Postal Service Department of the U.S.A. They perform duties such as processing, sorting, distributing, and delivering mails. Their work is stifled to the mailroom. However, some mail workers get to work at the front desk.

How does they manage work?

Typically, a mail handler’s job starts with unloading mails to loading them. 

  1. Unloading mails from the container 
  2. Processing the mails from the container
  3. Sorting the mails into mules/forklifts
  4. Pushing the mails round the mailroom
  5. Distributing the categorized mail into the respective counter
  6. Packing the correspondences which are to be delivered at houses and companies
  7. Loading them into trucks for mail carriers to proceed with the delivery

How does a Mail Handler do?

In addition to unloading and loading mails, mail handlers indulge in minor works like repacking damaged parcels, cleaning the mailroom, calling the courier services, weighing the parcels, filling incomplete details in forms, covering at the clerical desk, checking for faults in machines, and maintaining records. 

Is the job easy?

It is quite a glorified job, but it is not an easy one:

  1. Your work is entirely manual.
  2. You will need a lot of physical strength as the work includes handling containers and machinery.
  3. You will be ready to walk round the clock inside the mailroom.

Weekends are the critical period for mail handlers. Mail handler cannot take off on the weekend. Although they can take leave on two consecutive days, it cannot be Saturday and Sunday. It can either be the combination of Friday and Saturday or Sunday and Monday.

How much a Mail Handler make?

Mail Handlers are paid $ 17.28 per hour on an average sale. They get increments based on experience. The salary can slightly vary depending on the policies under which the candidate is hired. Mail handler gets extra money when working on weekends(Saturday and Sunday). The additional cash will add up to $ 3500 a year. This weekend bonus is called Sunday Premium.

Are Mail Handler and Mail Carrier the same?

A Mail handler’s boundary is within the mailroom—their work stops with loading the sorted mails into the corresponding trucks. A mail carrier’s job starts from this point. They go around the city to deliver the mails to the concerned person, company, or house. Mail handler usually starts their work in the evening and work till early morning. Therefore, their busy-bee work timing is from 6:30 pm to 2:30 am. On the contrary, the mail carrier’s job starts at 2:30 am after the mail handler packs their carriage with the processed mail.

Eligibility of a Mail Handler

Candidates with a minimum age limit of 18 and above are eligible for the post of mail handler. Further, they must be citizens of the U.S.A and must provide valid proof of their permanent address. Your profile is precisely scrutinized for any criminal background. If any criminal background or fake residential address is known, the recruiter will not proceed with your application further. Besides it, you need to be physically fit as the physical examination is a part of the application process.

Qualification of Mail Handler 

A minimum qualification of high school or its equivalent is essential to apply for the post of mail handler. After the application, you need to go through a postal service exam. The exam is to know how swiftly you identify the name and address. Being fast and accurate will save the job for you.

What happens after clearing the mail handler entry exam?

Passing the exam is not enough to work at the postal service department. You need to undertake a drug test. On successful completion, you are officially ready to start working on your position. Your work as a mail handler begins with the plant tour and a short period of training.


In the first week of joining, you will be given training by your senior in the field. You will get to know about the workings of the mailroom, how to work with machines, handle forklifts and mules. You will be exposed to challenges. The training period will educate you to understand what is expected of you as a mail handler. 

Does Mail Handler have a supervisor?

Mail Handler has a supervisor to report and consult for queries. The supervisor is mostly the mailroom supervisor, but sometimes they can be the senior staff. The mailroom supervisor has to see through the efficient working of the mailroom. 

As a mail handler, your work is centered around the mailroom. So, you need to report to the mailroom supervisor on your work update and other inquiries. You can consult him for any difficulties and dilemmas related to work.


  • Physical fitness certificate
  • Ability to operate machinery
  • No criminal record
  • No prior history of drug consumption
  • Strong enough to move the mule carts and forklifts
  • U.S Citizenship
  • Working English Knowledge


  • Government job
  • Timely breaks 
  • Lunch break within 6 hours
  • Scope for promotion
  • Increase in payment on experience
  • Health insurance coverage


  • Heavy manual labor
  • Pushing/Lifting forklifts and mule carts
  • Constrained workplace. You cannot see anything other than the walls
  • Noise pollution due to machinery and lifting of containers
  • Lack of communication due to the noise 
  • Mandatory 12 hours work

Is Mail Handler a good job?

Every job has its pits and falls. Evaluating the pros and cons of mail handler, one can say that it is a decent job with good money. The manual labor and working hours involved in this job make it natural for people to see it as tiring and floppy. But, the Main handler is a good job as it gives job security, healthcare, and environmental care.


  1. Do I need to have a license for operating forklifts? No, You don’t need to have one before applying. You will be given the training to operate forklifts and machinery. The license will be issued after it. 
  2. Should I have prior experience applying for a mail handler? No, You need not have any experience. But, you need to pass the entrance exam to secure the position.
  3. What is the difference between a mail handler and a mail processor? The job of a Mail handler and a mail processor are both the same. Like the mail handler, mail processors work on sorting, compiling, and delivering mails to the mail carriers.
  4. Does they have uniforms? Yes, Mail Handlers have to wear uniforms authorized by the U.S Postal Service. The uniforms are provided only for full-time career workers.
Mail Handler – Merits & Demerits

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