13 Characteristics Needed to Get Hired at Chipotle

13 Characteristics Needed to Get Hired at Chipotle

Are you really willing to make the world a better place? And if that is the case, Chipotle could be the destination for you and your wishes. Chipotle, as strange as it may seem, was launched back in 1993. Since then, it has expanded to over 2,000 outlets in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, serving great quick, comfortable Mexican food. However, cultivating a Better World is much more than just adopting fruits and veggies for this food-focused, people-favoring organization. It entails employing people who are enthusiastic about what they do and participating in their growth. It entails promoting and appreciating multiculturalism and integration. Finally, it entails cultivating a positive culture for both society and the environment. Thus, if you’re already looking to advance your profession, pursue your interests, or learn a few new talents, Chipotle is here to assist.

If either you’ve been waiting to take part in the list of Chipotle‘s squads or are on the job search and understand exactly that you may have the qualifications to flaunt out during a Chipotle interview, you should surely give chipotle a thought. However, if you are confused about the hiring procedure followed or the qualities that they look for in their candidates, don’t worry. We got your back!  We will guide you through Chipotle’s recruitment process and will make you aware of how you can put yourself in a position for a phenomenal question and answer session and successive work proposal.

So, what makes Chipotle so popular and successful?

Chipotle is one of the brightest shining brands in the restaurant world.  Chipotle’s burritos and specialty tacos are rushing off the counters amid the increased menu costs due to some food availability limitations. Sales at sites open for at least a year increased by 17% over the previous year, an impressive statistic for any restaurant. 

Undoubtedly, various factors contribute to such achievement. To begin with, it performs an excellent job of adapting to people’s shifting tastes, as evidenced by its promotion of largely natural, GMO-free meals. It also adheres to a well-established purpose and maintains robust standards. All of which are essential for any firm’s sustainability. Second, Chipotle’s modest menu is one of the reasons for its success. There are three advantages to having a limited menu. First, because Chipotle only stocks fresh supplies, food deterioration is always a possibility. The short menu decreases the number of ingredients that must be kept on hand, lowering the risk of wastage. Second, smaller menus indicate prompt service. In many other fast-food businesses, the kitchen can become overworked and make errors due to the volume of customers. Chipotle makes it nearly difficult to make an error: buy a basic taco, select your ingredients, and finish the payment. Even when a staff misses to include one of the ingredients, the customer will notice and will be sure to highlight it out. Third, it’s simple and quick, and customers adore it.

But honestly, it also depends on the approach it uses to recruit and train its staff that sets it apart from the rest of the fast-food industry. And as a result, the employees who work there are significantly more concerned about their employment than those who work at a regular fast-food business.

Why should you work with Chipotle?

Chipotle believes that the quality of food is mostly determined by how it is produced and processed, and that is why they focus on a modest cuisine filled with great items. Chipotle was among the first major fast-food chains to pledge to objectives such as utilizing only sustainably farmed beef that meets the strictest standards of animal well-being and using native and natural products. Chipotle is the best place to work if you care about animal welfare and environmentally sustainable eating. Serving the frantic burrito line comes with a slew of perks.

Chipotle holds itself to a superior benchmark, not only in terms of obtaining the highest quality products but also in terms of employing and nurturing the greatest employees. To recruit outstanding people, they compensate well and give special perks and rewards to their dedicated employees. As a means of retaining and hiring the best staff, many companies offer extensive and distinctive compensation packages. Drawing up great employee incentive schemes helps Chipotle Mexican Grill achieve those two aims and the company’s long-term emphasis on staff interaction and developing relationships. The fast-food chain planned to construct off of its yearly crew reward, which is accessible to staff members depending on the length of service and a minimal amount of one year of service, and even a quarterly reward, which is accessible to all staff, to keep its compensation package crisp and grant the employees something more to aspire for. The new crew and the rest of the restaurant’s employee benefits are just a single page of the story.

They also provide fantastic benefits, including medical, dental, and visual healthcare benefits for all full- and part-time employees, an unparalleled standard in the sector. In addition, pet insurance, adoption help, a two-month paid break after ten years, fitness initiatives, a subsidized employee share buying scheme, and free burritos and meals are all available to the employees during their daily shifts. Furthermore, Chipotle dispels the notion that working at Chipotle is “just another job” by providing employees with a stimulating experience replete with the opportunity to grow and, if wanted, you must make Chipotle a long-term legitimate employment choice.

How does Chipotle connect with its employees?

One of the greatest perks granted, according to Chipotle, is then possible to interact with colleagues. Professionals would feel more involved and committed to the organization if they interact with other crew participants.  They’re also more inclined to stick with you. This purpose is achieved in four ways by the company:

  • Knowing Your Audience: Supervisors seek an opportunity to get to know their staff, learn about their career aspirations, and foster an inclusive workplace atmosphere.
  • Growing Your Staff: Chipotle urges its workers to advance their professions with them by upgrading from the inside. According to Chipotle, 80 percent of general managers rose through the ranks from the ground up, frequently starting as line degree workers.
  • Making Investments in Your Individuals: Chipotle offers a variety of education and growth options to help staff members to evolve, including mentoring, seminars, in-person teaching, and third-party mentorship through Bravely.
  • Employee Engagement Schemes: Chipotle urges its staff to provide comments on how to improve the organization. The yearly quality evaluation procedure was substantially overhauled as a result of staff engagement.

Chipotle’s Unique Employment Model

When you visit Chipotle’s career site, you will notice that there aren’t many advertisings for the supervisory roles or any opportunities at all, other than “member of the team,” which is their lowest-paying role. Why? The answer is quite simple and interesting!  Since Chipotle seldom recruits from outside the company for management roles. Alternatively, their whole model is based on internal promotion, a brilliant approach to boost staff involvement and minimize attrition in even the lowest-paying positions. A career staircase is sketched out on Chipotle’s recruitment site, followed by anecdotes of individuals who climbed their way to the top from $9-an-hour burrito rollers to $87,000-a-year restaurant owners. As workers progress from team member to supervisor to restaurateur, Chipotle’s recruitment site lays out a six-step career path, with salary and benefits increasing with each advancement. It’s a workplace where, as a team member, you know that Chipotle wants you to succeed as a supervisor and that you will have all the knowledge and assistance you require to reach there.  The idea is that managers are rewarded for promoting individuals who work under them, so they constantly seek out candidates who want to advance and devote time to training them. Furthermore, supervisors can only be upgraded after locating a successor, reinforcing the need to develop their personnel.

How to get a job at Chipotle?

This multinational Mexican restaurant brand is on a quest to transform people’s perceptions of taste. The same is true for employing its staff. They consider their staff as family and always strive to uplift them in all the ways possible. Getting hired as a staff member at Chipotle might be an excellent entry-level position because they want to mentor new employees.  It’s not difficult to get employed; all you have to do is conduct your study and possess the 13 qualities that Chipotle seeks in potential company members.  Passionate, joyful, cordial, intelligent, respectable, courteous, decent, genuine, dedicated, focused, highly energetic, inquisitive, and appealingly eager are qualities that a potential crew person must possess.

Here are a few suggestions for entering the workforce at Chipotle.

  1. Refresh Your Resume: For Chipotle recruiters, the resume serves as a career summary, thus only the most significant aspects of your talents and expertise should be included. As a result, constantly updating your CV can lead to reflection and reignite your passion for professional betterment as well as assist you to concentrate on your work objectives and aspirations.  Once you have finished each big assignment you have been working on, it’s a good idea to enhance your CV. Your CV is an important tool for the Chipotle firm, even if you’re searching for your first employment with them, a bigger chance, or even if you are jobless. It’s critical to have your portfolio up to date, especially in today’s competitive job market where each prospect at the interview is looking forward to work with Chipotle. Make sure you have a current resume and cover letter that shows the precise talents that the position listing requires. If you take the time to do this, you’ll almost certainly get an interview and the chance to explain why you are the best candidate for the role.
  2. Conduct Preliminary Research: Pre-interview, the smartest thing you can do for yourself is to enter the employment phase with both eyes and ears open. That implies doing your homework first. When searching for a job or planning for an interview, knowing a company’s identity is quite beneficial. The philosophy of Chipotle is based on honesty and genuineness. They admire honest people since they put forth the effort to prepare real food. This will assist you in comprehending Chipotle’s hiring standards as well as the expectations of its staff. Consider Chipotle’s goal of creating a healthier environment.  They’re enthusiastic about food and trust in humans, so you can anticipate them to be on the hunt for enthusiastic workers who want to advance in any capacity they take beyond the Chipotle counter. Here we have mentioned in detail all the aspects you need to research and have a brief knowledge of.
    • Chipotle’s Vision is something to be aware of:  You may be questioned this during the screening, although if you are not really, knowing this will help you when you get recruited. “Build a team of top performers who are empowered to reach high standards,” Chipotle’s goal states. Every day, everyone must work together to achieve the aim of turning your general manager into a restaurateur. It’s not always sufficient to be good; excellent could be even more preferable. The first and only path to becoming a restaurateur is to live the concept. To want to be a restaurateur, the general manager will need three things: high achievers, confidence, and understanding of strict norms.
    • Being capable of articulating in your own words what it takes to be a top performer: This is a question that can come interview session. “An individual who has the drive and skill to accomplish the exceptional job, and whose persistent endeavor to do so enhances them, their team, and Chipotle,” according to Chipotle’s description of a standout candidate. Being a great employee is not just being excellent at all you do, but also demonstrating your desire to be excellent and assisting your teammates in achieving the highest expectations.  
    • Understand what high standards are and be prepared to describe them on the spot: This is a question that may come up during the interview. “Creating a uniquely outstanding restaurant experience for every one of your customers and team,” says Chipotle. Keep in mind that having high standards means having them all of the time. Prepare the greatest cuisine you can. Have a strong work attitude at all times. Consistently provide excellent customer service. Maintain a tip-top restaurant at all times. Maintain a high quality of excellence. It’s how stuff ought to be done.
    • You should be aware of what you’re committing yourself to: Since Chipotle only hires executives from within, you will most certainly begin as a team member when you acquire the position. Remember that you will most likely not be stepping in solely to operate the queue or the payment; instead, you will be prepared to do anything and everything. You will finally become a future Chipotle restaurateur when you’re issued your black Chipotle shirt with the cool design on the rear side and footwear coverings. To be a leading performer, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. You’ll need to be able to make your own judgments about how to meet high expectations. Chipotle may not be the best location for someone like you to work if you aren’t enthusiastic.
    • Recognize the term “restaurateur”: This is a question that can come up over the assessment.  “A person who fosters a team of top performers who are empowered to meet high standards,” is Chipotle’s concept of a restaurateur. Chipotle general managers are all restaurateurs, but not all restaurateurs are Chipotle general managers. Being a restaurateur necessitates a unique individual and a specialized team.
    • There is no need for prior experience: To apply for a job at Chipotle, you need not have served at a Mexican grill or perhaps some other eatery. Simply be aware of what you are getting involved in, in the fast-paced world of customer care. Expect long schedules and a large number of clients.
    • Food curiosity is welcomed: Although prior experience is not required, they do urge that you have a passion for food.  With each and every spoonful of grilled beef and dab of cream cheese, you’ll most likely begin your Chipotle employment on the fabled burrito station, trying to cook flavorful cuisine and bringing happiness to consumers’ cheeks. You would like to cherish your career, just like any other employment! Obviously, stuffing tacos like a kitchen marvel isn’t the overall aim, but it’s still crucial to appreciate what you’re doing all of the time, in spite of what it is.
    • Physical requirements: You won’t be required to lift dumbbells or slam jackhammers into concrete, but perhaps you must expect to be on your toes throughout the day and perform some lifting. Furthermore, smart and presentable applicants have a better chance of passing the interview process, thus you should choose to be well-groomed when attending the interview.
    • Professional attire is essential:  Chipotle conducts in-person screenings, therefore try to ensure you’ve dressed appropriately for the occasion. Business attire is okay, and you can wear whatever you like; just don’t wear pajamas.
    • Make a point of expressing your eagerness to learn:  Chipotle is a great location of employment for any first-time job applicant, and they understand that many of its workers may not have much consumer relations or cooking expertise.  The organization is glad to train new hires, but you must demonstrate that you have the necessary abilities and a willingness to improve. To show that you’re a hard worker, stress talents you have collected or stuff you have mastered by yourself.
    • Ask inquiries:  At the conclusion of an interview, you must consequently ask the interrogator questions.  It demonstrates that you’re enthusiastic about the potential job offer. Consider a few queries you may ask about the work or the corporate environment, and then you surely will wow the interviewer.
    • Establish a good working relationship:  Make an effort to involve your recruiter and establish a nice rapport with them. Also, utilize the chance to discover more information regarding the employer as an individual and allow them to get to understand you before and after the screening session.
    • More research may be required:  When you are requested back for a second screening session, you should redo your preparation procedure to assure that you are armed with good responses. The second meeting session is usually with a relatively high supervisor or recruiting manager, so you will want to convince them. An additional session of preparation is the ideal strategy to impress your next interviewer.
  3. The Employment Procedure at Chipotle: Interviewing for any career role at the Chipotle’s may be stressful, and that’s the reason we have assembled quite enough details as needed by you for applying to Chipotle and taking control of your question and answer session.
    • The application submission: The majority of people submit the application online, and the procedure usually takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Make careful to complete all sections of the form and to be truthful. Take it for granted that you do not wish to be caught off guard during an interview whenever anything from your resume is brought up that isn’t accurate. It would be much better to be forward and genuine. So, if it’s just an issue of revealing something a little less-than-ideal, you should do it right away.
    • Receiving a return call: So, if your submission was successful, Chipotle will contact you. Now for the next phase, make sure you’re well-prepared for the interview. You would undoubtedly be requested to do any and every interview at Chipotle previously. But, considering the prevailing pandemic, you may be able to conduct one or more interviews via telephone or video chat. Nonetheless, you must understand what Chipotle is looking for: genuine, ambitious, and dedicated individuals who see Chipotle as a chance to assist people, work with a skilled community, and progress emotionally and economically. Furthermore, Chipotle feels that its best performers have 13 unique fundamental traits that serve as the company’s driving force. A further perspective to look at it is that Chipotle is looking for very excellent people, and it’s totally upon you to demonstrate to the Chipotle team how your social and work circumstances have formed you into the dedicated, comprehensively skilled individual you are currently.
    • Getting ready for the screening appointment: Since one of Chipotle’s fundamental ideas in delivering outstanding consumer care, you should reflect on and be prepared to illustrate some examples from your previous job scenarios where you pushed your limitations and took a step further to fulfill clients’ demands. Try to ensure you perform the second round of investigation. The more information you have about Chipotle at this point, the better. It’s useful to understand Chipotle’s commitment to organic, high-quality products, its environmental stewardship, and how it actually aims to cultivate a good society. The Chipotle Cultivate Initiative supports the regional economy, environmental sustainability, and culinary literacy in addition to its customers and staff. And who knows, maybe if, during your interview you are able to bring this up and establish yourself as somebody who is passionate about Chipotle’s humanitarian efforts, you may have the chance to get hired instantly. Start preparing for questions like:
      • To you, what does customer service necessarily involve?
      • What do you believe your chances are of succeeding in a fast-paced environment?
      • Would you prefer working individually or in a group? Why?
      • In the next 3-5 years, where can you picture yourself?
      • What role does Chipotle have in your professional life?
    • The day of the interview: When you’re having an in-person interview, be absolutely sure you’re dressed adequately. Your safest choice is to hire a business specialist. Even if you’re speaking over the mobile device, you should dress up. Actually, it can help you prepare for the interview. Try to relax and keep a calm mind. You just simply need to be yourself during your interview. Address each of your interviewer’s queries. Be truthful and receptive to criticism. Understand that your recruiter wants to confirm whether you’re a suitable player for the job, no matter who it is. Bring your genuine self to the table and simply be yourself. You’re going to be fine. Generate a checklist of any inquiries you have for your employer as well. It’s usually a good idea to have a question ready. It highlights your enthusiasm and, relying on the question, can demonstrate that you completed your homework.
    • Post-interview: Chipotle interviews may result in an employment proposal on the scene. Don’t sweat if yours does not seem to. It doesn’t necessarily imply that the interview ended terribly. In fact, your interviewer will almost always need a few days to gather administrative documentation before making an offer. If you haven’t heard back after a few days, it’s quite acceptable to contact them again. This will only serve to highlight your dedication and general enthusiasm in the role.

What are the 13 Core Characteristics that Chipotle strives for?

When evaluating prospects, the chain prioritizes specific personal attributes over technical ability. Monty Moran, the company’s co-CEO, has created a list of go-or-no-go attributes known as “The 13 Characteristics,” which are utilized in all selection and employment evaluations. He put together a set of characteristics that he believes are fundamental in high-performing people and that prospective employers can scoop upon during a brief interview. They believe that top performers, those who have the potential of becoming the best and brightest leaders and are well-positioned for long achievement, will have these attributes, which cannot be instilled by the time they reach adulthood. So, if you’re searching for a job at the rapidly evolving fast-food chain, make it certain that you have all of the following qualifications:

  1. Conscientious: Talented professionals do their jobs without being questioned or supervised. They assume individual accountability for doing the work correctly and on time.
  2. Respectful: Loyal staff has too much self-respect to bow down to hierarchy, but they admire and acknowledge their superiors’ and managers’ contributions.
  3. Hospitable: High performers are excited to collaborate with their teammates and clients, and they show it through their thoughts and deeds.
  4. High Energy: Good personnel doesn’t rely on their bosses or colleagues to “encourage” them. They put their “best foot forward” in everything they do.
  5. Infectiously Enthusiastic: Effective workers are happy and energetic people who look for the positive aspects of a circumstance and rarely worry about the things they can’t alter.
  6. Happy: Talented people are self-aware and take charge of their own wellbeing. They understand that pleasure is determined by how you view the world, not by what unfolds in it.
  7. Presentable: Exceptional individuals don’t need to be informed that dressing like a mess or a slacker at work is improper. They have always dressed adequately. 
  8. Smart: High performers wouldn’t have to be Geniuses every time, but they should understand how and where to add to the total effort with the intellect they possess.
  9. Polite: Good professionals understand that being impolite is naïve and cruel and that treating colleagues and consumers with respect is the ideal route to get through it. 
  10. Motivated: Bait and punishments aren’t necessary to motivate great personnel. They’re determined to be the best at what they do, regardless of the task they are assigned, or even if there are any underlying unpleasant circumstances occurring that might be affecting them, they choose to battle their way throughout, without giving up.
  11. Ambitious: Successful entrepreneurs aspire to advance in their careers, which involves taking on new tasks and positions of power.
  12. Curious: Good workers are curious about the “why” underlying the “what.” They want to know more about individuals, technologies, and concepts than just what they perceive on the exterior.
  13. Honest: Loyal individuals don’t really require an older comrade to continue keeping an eye on them since they practice the appropriate stuff even if no one is looking.

These 13 Characteristics have persisted not only in Chipotle’s hiring culture but also in its professional route.  And over 10,500 members of the crew were promoted to leadership roles in 2014 after passing the 13-characteristics test.

So, in an interview, how can you promote these qualities and increase your possibility of getting the job?

It is advised that you welcome the interviewer cheerfully and have positive body language in conjunction with appearing on time and looking respectable. For example, rather than leaning back in your chair, use the correct posture, such as leaning forward. It is also recommended to ask good questions, having a passion for knowing further, striving to improve yourself, and challenging others. Also, it certainly won’t hurt to mention how much you enjoy the cuisine. Don’t try to fake your skills or characteristics, as this will lead to more harm than good.

How should you inculcate these 13 characteristics in your habits?

  1. Put on a smart outfit. Take a bath, clean your teeth, style your hair, apply perfume, put on a decent attire, and apply makeup if desired before entering. Try to ensure you are presentable because it’s one of the 13 qualities they look for when hiring someone. You don’t have to dress up a lot, but you should try to seem presentable.
  2. Come in a positive frame of mind. Before they recruit you, one of the 13 qualities they look for is happiness. Don’t put on a joyful face either. Welcome yourself by shaking your interviewer’s hands. Since you are likely to meet more than just a single interviewer, make sure to greet everyone properly without fail. When you are being questioned by others, make an effort to reintroduce yourself to everyone. Relax and behave as if you would just love to be included in their workforce.
  3. Address all of the questions honestly. Whenever they recruit you, one of the 13 qualities they look for is honesty. It’s preferable to be truthful rather than have difficulties afterward just because you exaggerated.
  4. Demonstrate that you are an energetic person. When they recruit you, one of the 13 qualities they look for is high energy. If you’re invited to participate in introductory events or community activities, indicate that you’re eager to do so and that you enjoy doing it.  Since looking sleepy or uninterested can make a terrible impact, it is advised that you must take a sound sleep, the previous night and turn up refreshed for the interview.
  5. Before saying anything, consider what you’re about to say. Another of the 13 qualities they search for throughout the discussion is intelligence. Make certain you have a thorough understanding of the organization. You wouldn’t really have to learn everything right now but you should be prepared to respond to questions about Chipotle’s mission as well as what high standards, empowerment, and being a top performer require. You can sometimes be questioned about what your passions are, as well as what creates good or evil leadership.
  6. Among the 13 qualities, they check for while hiring someone is politeness. When you are in a gathering, pause for your chance to respond to queries.  When in doubt, say the magic words – please and thank you. Try not to mess around over things.
  7. Demonstrate that you desire to make a difference in the world. One of the 13 qualities they look for when hiring someone is ambition. If you have been quizzed about your objectives or where you can see yourself in half a decade, please do not think it’s necessary to mention Chipotle if that isn’t where you picture yourself. “I do not really know” is not an acceptable response. That response comes out as a slacker and suggests an absence of purpose. It’s perfectly fine if you are not sure, but add something such as, “As of this moment, I do not really understand exactly what I’ll be doing in my professional life, but I’m thinking” and then state anything really that you can enjoy doing.
  8. Do not really consider the interview as a contest. Therefore, really there is no cause to belittle others. Before they employ you, one of the 13 criteria they hunt for is respect. There is really no necessity to behave as if you are fighting with them because of a group interview. Allow everyone to respond to their queries instead of stealing the limelight. If you are appreciated by the group, you are accepted by the recruiters. If they choose not to, then they do not recognize the 13 traits in you, and so Chipotle isn’t the perfect position for you.
  9. Demonstrate your motivation. Whenever they recruit you, one of several 13 qualities they evaluate for is motivation. Demonstrate your enthusiasm for working at Chipotle and your desire to succeed.
  10. Construct questions for asking the panel.  When they recruit you, one of the 13 qualities they consider is curiosity. Throughout the conversation, discuss any issues that spring up in your thoughts.  There is no such thing as a foolish inquiry, particularly when it comes to your career as a Chipotle staffer. Bring a set of queries with you because thinking out new inquiries on the spur of the moment can be tough.
  11. Demonstrate your ability to be hospitable. Because when the Chipotle team hires you, one of the 13 qualities they search for is hospitality. Convey how you respect others by being polite and pleasant to everyone in the group. When questioned about what would you do to deal with impolite clients, say that you would treat them with respect.
  12. Interact well with others. One of the 13 qualities Chipotle looks for when hiring new employees is conscientiousness. Your interview will most certainly include group exercises. You should be able to do your job well, but don’t attempt to grab the spotlight.
  13. Be contagious with your enthusiasm, because before Chipotle hires you, one of the 13 qualities they look for is this. Enjoy a good time at the screening. And not be too hesitant to crack a couple of jokes to lighten the mood and keep the discussion fun for everyone.

The Bottom Line

If you search for a position at Chipotle Mexican Grill and are interviewed, you can expect to be asked about several topics about the company’s strategy and values. It is indeed vital to be aware of these topics if you would like to excel in your appointment. One question they may ask is whether you can articulate what it requires to be a great contributor.  Top performers, according to Chipotle, are those who interact well with each other push themselves and others to the greatest of standards.  One must also learn what “Food with Integrity” signifies, which is Chipotle’s credo for treating animals, humans, and the ecosystem with decency and kindness. If you follow all the points mentioned in the article, then surely make a great impact on the recruiters and have high chances of being selected.

13 Characteristics Needed to Get Hired at Chipotle

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