Worst Colors to Wear in Interview 2021

Worst Colors to Wear in Interview 2021

Finding a job is an essential part of one’s life. As it can be your “once and forever” opportunity, you can’t risk it. Every job has different eligibility criteria and ways to fulfill them. One of the ways is the interview and the most common one. For a perfect interview, you must talk well, answer nicely and logically, be polite, know what you’re talking about, and dress properly. So, we will tell you which colors to wear in interview whether it is offline or online.

The dressing does make an impact during interviews. It defines you and what qualities you may hold. It’s your first impression and maybe the last. You must be very careful while selecting the piece of clothing you are going to wear. Not just that, it’s color too. Each color makes a different impact. Its science, how our brain functions vary while looking at different colors. 

Let us help you find what color clothing you should wear and what must be avoided. As it is your important day and your piece of clothing shouldn’t overshadow your qualities.

Why color matter?

Colors are seemed to affect the human brain. Each color changes the common functionalities of the human body. How? Colors tend to change the brain waves. Man and woman both act differently on individual colors. There are several types of colors and their effects on the human brain. Let’s find out how they can affect us.

Colors with long-wavelength are warm colors, while colors with short-wavelength are cool colors. The human eye needs to adjust during viewing warm colors. On the other hand, they don’t need to while viewing cool ones. Red, orange and yellow is a group of warm colors. These colors can make you feel warm and comfortable but can make someone angry. While blue, purple, and green are a group of cool colors. These colors calm the mind but can lead to sadness.

Why is it that most people prefer to purchase black or silver cars? Why do tech giants don’t prefer colors other than black and white for their objects? Why are light bulbs mostly white? All these questions can be answered by saying, “because color matters.” 

You must know that color doesn’t just provoke a single emotion or feeling. There can be several ones. Colors can’t create these feelings; they only enhance what’s already inside that person.

Worst Colors to Wear in Interview 2021

No color is worst to wear, but it does matter when it comes to a particular occasion. For interviews, some colors are a complete no-no. You can’t risk it, as your future depends on it. So let’s find out what colors do and how they affect us and which color should be avoided.

  • Red 

Red is the first color of the spectrum; therefore, it has the longest wavelength compared to other colors. As a result, it catches our attention quickly. There are several feelings or emotions enhanced by red. Excitement, energy, passion, desire, dominance, power, aggression, anger, danger, and warning are some. 

Red increases blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and enhances metabolism. These changes in the human body increase excitement and energy. It increases the passion and desire within someone. It is found that red dominates. Whenever a person wears red-colored clothes, they are found more dominant than themselves otherwise. Why is the carpet used in award shows and promotions always red? This is because red is considered to represent power and dominance. 

How did red become a representation of anger and aggression? When we are angry, our blood pressure increases, due to which our face turns red. That is how it began to symbolize anger and aggression. Red is an attention seeker; therefore, it is widely used in danger signs, fire engines, sirens, and traffic lights. How red dominates someone depends on their past incidents, their relationship with it, and what it symbolizes.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? It depends on what shade you are wearing, how you have combined it with pants, shoes, and accessories, and what interview it is. But mostly, you must avoid wearing red, as it represents power and aggression. It can be a bit pointy. It is a sharp color, and it’ll be better to avoid it.

  • Orange

Orange is the most attention seeker at its wavelength is no less than red. It is a spiritual, energetic, happy, dark, cartoonish, enthusiastic, beautiful, and attention seeker color. Orange is widely used in advertising as it grabs attention more than any other color. It is energetic and warm as it is one of the warm colors. It is widely used during Halloween, due to which it is sometimes said to be dark and cartoonish color. Spirituality can be linked with orange as it is widely used in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Some people consider it childish and energetic. It is mostly a favorite color of social, friendly, and loving humans.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? It’s a big NO, orange may be an attention seeker, but it doesn’t mean you can wear it for an interview. This color is considered to be the worst color one can wear to an interview. It might not make a change in your performance, but this is not what you should consider.

  • Yellow

Yellow, the last one of the warm types. Yellow is the most visible color; therefore, it is the most attention seeker. Even more attention seeker than orange. It reflects so much amount of light. This property can make the person wearing yellow most visible and been hidden under yellow at the same time. Yellow creates irritation and increases temper. In a study, it is found that babies get irritated and cries a lot in yellow rooms. It can frustrate humans because of its sharpness. Yellow is over-energetic color; it enhances excitement and energy. It cheers the energy and develops an exciting feeling. Like every other color, yellow has its downsides as well. It can provoke a feeling of anger, irritation, and aggression. Some even consider yellow as extrovert color. It is found that introverts find yellow extremely irritating. There are mixed reactions for every color by every individual.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? Yellow is wearable during the interviews in creative fields, but about formal ones, you must play safe and avoid it. Warm colors are usually suggested to avoid.

  • Purple

Purple color is described as mysterious, imaginative, royal, and wealthy. Due to the lack of natural resources of the purple color, this color was considered rare. Getting it was expensive. To this day, this color made its image of being rare, expensive, and a symbol of royalty. There is only one country, Dominica, that uses purple in their national flag inconsiderable amount. In contrast, Nicaragua uses a negligible amount. Other than these two countries, there is no nation to do so. It is a symbol of bravery, spirituality, wisdom, the supernatural, and the divine. Light purple is considered a color of romance, heart while dark purple is of sadness and frustration. It isn’t a natural color; therefore, it is more tent to have artificial behaviors.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? It’s quite a confusing situation when it comes to purple. Some consider it to be a perfect color for an interview, while some don’t. Shades matters, some shades of purple are okay to wear, but some are not. You can wear light purple with grey, black or brown suits.

  • Pink

The pink color is associated with kindness, love, calmness, romance, softness, compassion, and femininity. It is quite popular among females. Pink brings joy and happiness; it deeply affects and makes one joyful and influences the emotions. It is a color of artists and provokes creativity. It gives a refreshing vibe. While some don’t consider pink to be a good color as they find it baby girl’s color. 

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? Pink holds similar property, just like purple. It’s not that much preferred, but some shades are acceptable with specific suits and combinations. Like you can wear a light pink in a black or gray suit. It’s mostly suggested to stay away from it.

So, what colors are wearable?

We discussed what colors you must avoid. Now we should you wear? No worries, we are here to let you know.

  • Green

Generally, green represents nature, natural elements, natural awareness, wealth, health, good luck, with jealousy. In some studies, it is found that green may reduce stress and heal faster. Green is a natural color; therefore, it calms down, relax, and motivates. Green is often used in signs indicating safety. These reasons can be responsible for the popularity and calm effects on the human brain. Green is further related to Irish culture, St. Patrick’s Day, and all those related decorations in green.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? It depends on the shade, as a lighter shade of green is youthful, cheerful, and peaceful. But at the same time, it makes an impression of immaturity. In contrast, a darker shade of green is worth it. It has the same properties, and it shows maturity too. So darker shades of green not only look good, but they also make an impression.

  • Blue

It enhances stability, productivity, calmness, inspiration, silence, sadness, and intense thinking. Blue is the most preferred color by men. According to some individuals, it represents masculinity. It makes you feel stable, reliable, and comfortable. It is used highly in offices, and formal platforms as blue make us more productive. Blue feels strong, quiet, and strong as it is the color of the ocean and the sky. At the same time, it portraits sadness how it’s just you, your feelings, and blue.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? Blue is one of the best colors to wear for an interview. It portraits confidence and, because of its low wavelength, its best. If you are considering a suit, navy blue is the best color for it.

  • Brown

Strength, security, comfort, isolation, loneliness, and negative thoughts are some of brown colors effects on human psychology. It enhances strength as it is a color of woods and earth. It provides a sense of comfort and security. However, not just the positiveness, it has a negative side too. People have reported feeling alone and filled with negative thoughts when surrounded by brown.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? Brown is a wearable color for an interview. It can be worn with shirts of different shades of purple and pink. Other than that, blue and white are the best combination with it.

  • Black

Black holds a very different position from other colors. While it increases confidence, power, boldness, and self-trust, it can enhance sadness and cryptic behaviors. It makes a person look more attractive and charming with elegance. That is the major reason why so many prefer black in functions and celebrations. It presents power that is why judges wear a black coat and most prefer black colored cars. It’s not just the positive side, as black is associated with negativity. Evil, monsters, death, and all the bad things are mostly tied to black. Sadness, anger, and fear are enhanced by black. Black is the color of darkness and night. 

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? Despite its negative representation and all, black rules when it comes to dressing and even more when it comes to formal functions and interviews. Black suites with so many colors, and it even formalizes the look.

  • White

White symbolizes purity, cleanliness, peace, innocence, emptiness, cold, and loneliness. That is the reason why white is used in weddings. It showcases purity as angels wear white supposedly. On the other hand, white is a cold color as it doesn’t absorb any light within itself. Therefore, most persons prefer to wear white during the summers.

The question arises: worth wearing to an interview? White is one of the most wearable and formal colors. It suites with so many colors, just like black, and most people consider white with black. It is a peaceful color and suits when worn properly. 


  1. Is magenta wearable? No, as magenta is another shade of pink, it isn’t recommended to wear it for an interview.
  2. What suites with black pants? It depends on which type of cloth you are wearing with black pants. But with black pants white or blue shirt is mostly preferred. But if you are wearing a suit too, you can wear it with light shades of green, pink and purple. 
  3. Can I wear gray? Gray is a nice color to consider. It suits perfectly when worn as a suit.
  4. Does a shoe’s color matter? Yes, shoe colors matter too. They are an undivided part of proper dressing. The shoe’s colors should be black, brown, white, or blue. Other than them, no colors are safe to wear.
  5. Do hand watches color matter? Yes, accessories should be of proper color too. They shouldn’t be of warm colors; cool color watches are mostly preferred.
Worst Colors to Wear in Interview 2021

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