Pink Hiring Age Complete Guide 2021

Pink Hiring Age


PINK is an apparel and lingerie brand branching from the very famous Victoria’s Secret. It was launched on 16th October 2002 and targeted young adults and older teenagers ranging from age 13-22 years of age. It’s an epitome of a brand that appeals to many young girls and women and provides a lucrative offer for jobs to earn experience in the world of Victoria’s Secret. It has grown on to become a lifestyle brand that celebrates femininity and celebrates the power of oneself. The apparel and lingerie range from underwear, loungewear, swimsuits, tops and bottoms, accessories, and everything that makes one feel good from inside. According to the statistics of 2020, PINK has 141 stores, all in association with Victoria’s Secret. Also, in this article, we will be discussing the complete Pink Hiring Age gide over here.


There are numerous career ventures and opportunities at PINK. It is a corporate sector with various avenues like Customer Care, Designing, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology, Merchandising, etc. There are also opportunities for sales and store associates. There are also career openings for fresher or university juniors and seniors in the form of internships. Internships at this retail brand are targeted at those people who have a fresh perspective and outlook combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. Those applying should be solution-oriented, possess leadership skills, and have the know-how to work with a team collaboratively.

They should have the ability to build relationships. They should also have a  score of a minimum of 3.0 average grade point. Internship opportunities will provide the internees with a competitive environment fertile for career and personal growth. They will have the real, first-hand experience of the retail world through these opportunities. The job openings are mainly for the United States of America. If anyone wants to apply worldwide, they can, but the visa approvals and work permits are limited. 

Hiring Age 

The people who can be hired at PINK need to be above 18 years of age. Those looking for full-time or part-time jobs should fill out the application form provided on the site. They should also have a high school diploma. Those who have had some experience in retail will have an added advantage, but freshers are also welcome if they meet the required criteria. Those who are looking for internships should send their resumes through their school website. 

For job openings, visit

Skills Needed

Those who are well-versed with fashion can create styles or help people find their style and the perfect fit suitable for this job. They should be customer-oriented, friendly, and should have an eye for detail. The skill requirement varies with different job profiles. But what remains the same is the leadership quality and the aim to do better and make people around them feel comfortable and confident. The candidates should know how to multi-task, work in teams, and build customer relationships.  

Application Form 

For downloading the application form, visit-’s-secret-job-application.pdf.

  1. On the top right corner, the applicant needs to fill out the preference of a full-time or part-time job, the salary expected, and also the date of availability. They should also fill out the position desired for easy filtration of forms. 
  2. The applicant should fill out personal information and then the details of educational background and history. 
  3. In the next section, they should fill the details of their employment history. 
  4. Then they need to mention their achievements and skills, and activities they participated in. 
  5. Then the applicant needs to give their consent for allowing the company to do a background check on them, for reasons such as past criminal records, drug usage, driving and credit records, character check, and also the mode of living. It also gives the company authorization to verify that the records entered are genuine. 
  6. The final part of the application is the space for references, two of these are for supervisors and one for peer reference. 


  1. Sales Associate’s Salary is ranged roughly from $9.00 to $12.00 an hour. The employee’s function is to assist the customers, promote the products and also maintain the cash register. 
  2. Fitting Specialist is a job that requires knowledge about each individual’s sizing estimates, problems of sizing, and fitting. They also need to look into the personal style of each individual and recommend products according to it. Their pay range estimates to be about $14.00 per hour. 
  3. Assistant Store Managers earn around $60k per year. Their job is to recruit, hire and train employees. 

These are the roles people usually apply for. However, other roles may have different salaries. 

Tips for Applying

  1. Be true to yourself and fill in factual information.
  2. If applying for more than one position, kindly send the resume to the company’s email along with the application form. 
  3. Only apply if you are interested in the beauty and fashion arena. 


  • Flexible Hours
  • Fair Wages
  • Incentives 
  • Sick Leaves and Paid Vacation
  • Healthcare Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What after application for part-time and full-time jobs?

If the job profile requirements match the applicant’s entries, then a Talent Acquisition member will contact the person and discuss the further steps. If the requirements are not met, then the entries will be stored in the database and will be considered in the future if any other opening presents itself. 

  1. What after application for internships?

Once you have applied, a member from the college hiring team from PINK will review the profile and look into the details. If the information matches the requirement, then it will be processed further. 

  1. Is there an interview process for this company?

If the requirements of the jobs are satisfied, then a person will contact you and enquire about your interests, experiences, and eagerness for the opportunity. There could also be subsequent processes, depending upon the role you are applying in. 

  1. Is PINK a part of Victoria’s Secret?

PINK and Victoria’s Secret belong to the same parent company L. 

  1. What are the probable questions asked in the interview and pointers for answers?
  • What brought you to apply at PINK? I am passionate about the products of PINK. And also take in high regard the brand that Victoria’s Secret is. 
  • Why should we hire you? I am highly driven, keen on everything related to merchandise and the fashion world. I can do multi-tasking, work in teams, present ideas, work under pressure, and know the value of customers. I also have strong communication skills and an eye for attention to detail.

(Mention Your Retail Experience)

  • What is your greatest strengths and weakness? Say something that would affect your hiring or is related to the job and your personality in general. 
  • How will you manage an upset customer? Listen carefully; remain neutral. Don’t blame either the customer or the company but try to find an objective solution. 
  • Was there any time that you resolved a conflict that took place near you?
  • What did you learn from your past experiences in the retail department?
  1. What are some tips needed to crack the interview at PINK?

The interview at PINK is like any other interview where the pointers remain the same, that is- 

  • Stay Confident
  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Stay Genuine.
  • Speak Clearly.
  • Remain Punctual.
  • Be Sincere
Pink Hiring Age Complete Guide 2021

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