Why Am I So Sensitive When Someone Yells At Me?

Why Am I So Sensitive When Someone Yells At Me?

Why Am I So Sensitive When Someone Yells At Me? – ‘My boss yelled at me. My parents don’t get me. My friends are so deceiving and negative!’ God, my whole life feels like a mess! How often do we feel these emotions? Speaking of the current era, more than half of the population on our planet feels the same thing. Did we ever ponder the fact that what does this constant feeling of being vulnerable get us in return? 

Being sensitive when someone yells or shouts at you is one way the mind is signaling you that you are stressed. Usually, crying, shouting, and feeling vulnerable when someone yells at us signifies a weaker state of mind. What causes this weaker state of mind? Let’s find out the reasons that are leading to a sensitive state of your mind. 

Susceptible To Negative Responses!

How often have you been in situations where you start crying out of panic? If your answer is many times then, it looks like you have become highly sensitive. Or you have a vulnerable personality. In both cases, the person at a loss is you. Often we have defenses like if we start crying and give in to the situations, maybe the things will start working out for us. But does that happen? Practically speaking, this kind of attitude will make you feel miserable. 

It is because you start relying on emotions like sadness, crying, isolation, unhappiness, etc. These emotions will keep you in the lowest energy state because these emotions are highly negative and at the lowest frequency. What do you think are the main causes for having such a susceptible attitude? Is it any good for you? No! Then what are the dangers of this personality? How to deal with it? Keep reading to know more. 

What Are The Causes That Lead To A Feeble Attitude?

The reasons why you might be having a feeble personality are as follows:

  1. It’s in your roots:  Everyone born on this planet has a specific attitude and personality. Not everyone on earth can share the same attitude or lifestyle. Hence, different people have different personalities. Some prefer loud surroundings, whereas others may like it quiet. Some are extroverts, and others may be introverts. Having a sensitive attitude can be your root personality. It is not at all a problem to have a feeble attitude unless it starts harming you. 

  2. Genetics: We inherit a lot from our parents. Personality and attitude are one of those things. If you have mom and dad, who are equally shy and introverted as you, then folks, you surely have inherited some shy genes. Well, how cute is that!;) But, sometimes, a fragile personality might break you from within. Feeble people are always cute, and their smiles are pure. But it’s hard for pure people to survive in a world full of harsh and rude monsters. 

  3. Obese lifestyle: Obesity is a serious condition. Not only it leads to internal disorders like hypertension and diabetes. But it also results in a vulnerable personality. Having an obese lifestyle makes you lethargic and ultimately wants you to delay the necessary tasks. Once you start delaying your stuff, you are surely going to lose your confidence and self-esteem. This will lead to delayed submissions and lethargic performance. Apparently, you will end up attracting yellings and scoldings. 

  4. Stress: Stress is the only thing we wish we could eliminate from our lives. If taken positively, it can benefit you. But if take in on a severe level, then it surely leads to mental health disorders. Stress disorders like depression, anxiety, headaches are often common in people with weak personalities. Being stressed for longer durations leads to damage to brain cells. This results in reduced productivity and an anxious psyche. Stress disorders affect overall appearance as well. It may lead to dark circles and acne. One of the most hated circumstances of stress disorders is insomnia. Sleepless nights then lead to headaches and gaining weight uncontrollably. 

  5. Hormones: Your hormones play a bigger role in forming your personality. Sometimes it isn’t your fault for being a highly sensitive person in the room. It can be because of your hormones. Disorders like PCOS, PCOD, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypertension can lead to an easily provoked persona. Every small change may irritate you. Your anger levels might be on a constant surge. If something doesn’t go your way, you might get irritated. On top of it, if someone yells at you, you might lose your calm and start crying. Even if you understand the situation, you will still get easily enraged by some or the other thing. Women may experience such sudden changes during the menopause stage. 

  6. Trauma: Some life experiences may change you within. They may affect you right up to your core and change you forever. Sometimes it’s for good, but not always. Not every heartbreak can set your heart free. Some may break your heart into pieces and leave grave marks on your soul. Some traumatic experiences can give you a feeling of guilt. Thus, making you a weaker version of yourself. Other traumas may lead you into a world of fear where you lose your confidence. All of these traumatic incidents may leave a mark on you, due to which you have become what you didn’t intend to be. 

Dangers Of Having A Vulnerable Personality!

A vulnerable attitude is the most harmful one. This is because it leads to severe problems that affect our mental health to great levels. Some of the critical ways a sensitive personality may harm you internally and mentally are listed below. 

  • Anxiety 

According to science, anxiety refers to a stressful state of mind. This term might look funny, but it has some grave effects on mental health. Anxiety can be developed from any feeling. Be it yelling or heartbreak or even the feeling of losing. Anxiety has many causes, but the most prevalent one is a sensitive and susceptible attitude. If you have an attitude where you are constantly affected by others, then there are chances, shortly, you might become anxious. Sensitive people often start judging themselves by the opinions of society. This is what makes them to the next level of anxiety. Prolonged anxiety eventually leads to cases of severe depression. 

  • Depression

Depression is a mental disorder caused due to several factors like anxiety, stress, abuse (mental, physical, emotional), weak personality, etc. Depression is a long-term disorder. It slowly kills you from within. In the most severe cases, depression takes away the life energy and makes the patient feel useless and with no purpose. If you own a weak and tender attitude wherein you can’t stand for yourselves, then chances are you might give in to depression. However, if you possess a tender personality but you know your worth and stand for yourselves, then stay relaxed as depression can never harm you.

  • Hatred

Aggression is the ultimate feeling you get after subsequent yellings or constant negativity in your surroundings. When you share a sensitive personality, you start to hide your feelings within yourself. You start suppressing your emotions. You keep things in your mind and your words unspoken. These hidden feelings and suppressed emotions may eventually turn into hate and anger. Then time will come you will suffer from a sudden outburst of anger at wrong situations. Some may even experience agitation in public and start shouting out of nowhere. At the same time, severe cases will lead the person to hate almost everyone.  

  • Health Issues

Suppressed feelings and emotions start giving you stress from within. This eventually leads to sleep disorders, eating disorders, heart problems, obesity, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and many other conditions. All of these lead to a life of suffering. Why not instead take a stand for your emotions and not get into the mess of these disorders?

How To Overcome Anxiety And Related Factors?

Anxiety is a feeling that needs to be monitored and controlled. It can be done by several healthy methods some of which are:

  1. Relax: Amidst all the hustle and bustle going around in our lives. We often forget about relaxing. We are constantly busy fighting for a promotion or struggling for a new job. Other times you might be busy due to your regular and boring routines. All of these exhausts you both mentally and physically as well. Going for a trip or participating in other recreational activities might help you get out of that sensitive zone of yours. Go shopping, meet up with an old friend. Talk about all your worries and let yourself free. You should keep your mind mentally active, or else it will affect you in every way. 

  2. Eat clean: We all know the benefits of clean eating, yet we somehow constantly ignore it. Well, when I say eat clean, I don’t want you to get started with those keto-diets and balanced diets or intermittent fasts! All I want from you is to keep count of your calories. Stay away from foods that trigger your acidity levels. Drink lots of water. Fruits infused water or detox water would be great as well. An equal number of proteins should accompany the number of calories you eat. Add veggies, fruits, nuts, and dry fruits to your snack list. Once you start adopting these small eating habits, you will notice a change in yourself from within. Your skin will start glowing, and you will feel happy from within. Also, you will be less lethargic and more energetic. You will gain focus and, in turn, perform better always.

  3. Meditate: Meditation is the key to building the best version of yourself. Meditation not only helps you to soothe your mind. But it also helps to visualize your problems and the solutions to them. Meditation allows you to enter into a new dimension wherein you can work upon your feelings and emotions. Meditation is the most powerful tool to manifest your dreams. Simple affirmations like ‘I am confident. I fear no one. I attract positivity.’ during meditation will help you gain confidence in no time. This works because meditation affects your subconscious mind directly. It helps to channelize your thoughts in a better direction. 
  4. Read good books: Reading is a culture that needs to be revived. When I say reading, I don’t mean reading those comics online or stories published online.

    Reading needs to be done from books. Self-help books, motivational books, spiritual books can be and must be read to create the best version of yourself. Books like The Secret, The power of positive thinking, the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, how to win friends and influence people are a must-read. 

  5. Breathing exercises: This might look and sound insane. Like why will a breathing exercise help you remain calm? But let me tell you, this is one of the proven ways to reduce anxiety instantly. When you are anxious, the body releases adrenaline, resulting in fast breathing, leading to even more stress. To avoid such a situation, keep control of your breathing. Take a deep inhale and then exhale slowly. Do this 5-6 times, and you will feel a lot better. Breathing slowly helps to reduce the fastened heartbeats and lowers the adrenaline in your blood. Therefore, it makes your anxiety go away quickly. After all, controlling the mind is difficult. But controlling our breathing is easy! So, why not give this trick a try? 

  6. Sweat it out: If your anxiety makes you aggressive, put that energy into a workout session. Instead of yelling and crying and wasting that energy. Why not work it out? Go for jogging, learn swimming, start dancing, learn martial arts. Hurt yourself for good instead of yelling to attract even worse. Working out has scientifically proven to reduce mental disorders and mood swings. When you start sweating out, your brain gets decluttered from negative emotions that have been pulling you down. 

  7. No to alcohol, caffeine, and junk food: Say no to all sorts of alcoholic beverages and drinks. A strict no to smoking and a no to junk food as well. These things slowly incorporate into our body and produce harmful chemicals that lead to diseases like cancer. Subsequent encounters with these toxic substances will kill you slowly from within. Also, leading to disrupted mental health. 

Healthy Living Guide: A Step Towards Self-Development

Mark Manson, famous author of the book, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck truly said, “Self-improvement is prioritizing better values. Choosing better things to give a f*ck about. Because when you give better f*cks you get better problems. And when you get better problems, you get a better life”. This is exactly what needs to be done and what we don’t do! We often know the answers to our problems, but we are either too scared or too lazy to deal with them. Then ultimately, the problem becomes severe, and we get some serious yellings. To avoid this constant cycle of receiving yelling and breaking down into tears. We need to prioritize values that are in favor of us. We need to become more disciplined. We need more dedication and passion. We need to embrace our faults and change them from within. After all, we have been running from our demons throughout the town. Little do we know they reside within our minds and not on those streets. 


  • How to not cry when someone yells at us?

The best way to prevent yourself from crying when someone yells at you is to take a minute. Tell the other person you need a minute to get yourself together. Relax for a minute. Practice breathing exercises. Drink water. Think about the situation and your role in it. Gather your pieces together and stand strong. 

  • Why am I scared of getting yelled at?

If scoldings or yellings easily provoke you, it signifies an infirm personality. If other’s opinions easily shake you for you and the way they yell at you. It means you are developing anxiety and stressful remarks against the feeling of being yelled at. This feeling stays in your subconscious mind leading to anxious and scared behavior. 

  • How to handle a situation when someone yells at you?

Try to remain calm and silent when someone is yelling at you. Let the other person speak first. If he/she is deliberately setting a trap for you, then they’ll surely slip some beans while yelling at you. Get those terms and then speak up. If someone is seriously disappointed in your work, then allow them to speak and try to remain calm. 

  • How to stay calm when someone yells at me? 

Try breathing exercises. Having control over your breathing distracts the mind from the situation. This, in turn, will make you calm. Drink some water. Hydrating yourself will prevent you from being aggressive and taking things to a bigger level of mess. Get some air, relax yourselves. Go for a walk. Talk to a better person. Discuss things with your colleagues. 

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Why Am I So Sensitive When Someone Yells At Me?

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