How to type plus or minus symbol in Word or Excel (Windows & Mac)?

How to type plus or minus symbol in Word or Excel (Windows & Mac)?

We will discuss how to type plus or minus symbol in Word or Excel (Windows & Mac) in this article. Stay tuned to know more.

Normally, people find it easy to work in Word or Excel for simple tasks. But you have to add some symbols inside a document. You might feel weird. The reason is that many keyboards do not have direct keys to put a sign like plus or minus inside the document quickly. This problem becomes bigger when you have to type these signs often in your file. This article will thoroughly tell you about multiple ways to add plus or minus symbols in Word and Excel.

Quick Method to Insert Plus or Minus in the Document

If you are using Windows, you should do nothing but press Alt and enter 241 using your keyboard. On the Mac, you should press Option + Shift += shortcut. It will open a dialogue box. You would only have to type 00B1. Now, the symbol will be on your screen. Press Alt + X to get the sign on your keyboard. Using the above keys, you can type any of these symbols inside the document at your desired place. If you find it difficult to press multiple keys and remember it, keep reading. We will also show you some easy and efficient methods to complete this task.

How to type plus or minus symbol in Word or Excel ?

By reading the following methods, you will not find it difficult. It will be super simple for you to type plus or minus in Word and Excel. Let’s start reading about your concerned task.

  1. Copy and Paste Method

Many of us love to work with this method because it is simple for all. You should not be an expert of the Microsoft office to do this action with this method. You can do it simply by copying the symbols and paste them to your desired sections. You can do this task using two different methods. First of all, you can get your symbols from Google search results and copy them for pasting. It is not difficult because you would only have to visit your browser and type plus or minus symbols.

Another method to get your symbols copied on your clipboard, you can use your Windows built-in program. It is termed a character map that you can easily find by typing in the search bar.

  • Search for a character map in your windows search bar
  • Launch it by double click on it
  • A complete window will pop up with different characters
  • Mark the section advanced view from the bottom section

After doing this, you will find a window with sheets like Excel and some other options. In the bottom section, you will get a search bar. Type plus-minus there in the search bar and enter. In the above box, you will get characters to the copy box.

Here you will find the symbols that you can easily get. Click on the copy button on the right side and get them on your keyboard. Now, you can paste these signs wherever in the document you need.

  1. Use Insert Tab

Without using any other program, you can use this method to get plus or minus symbols in your document. In the menu bar, you will see multiple options. On the third number, you will find an option named insert.

Click on it, and you will see that the drop-down menu will be completely changed now. In almost the middle of the lower section, you will find a symbol with a downward symbol. You can click on it, and you will get some symbols. Click on “More symbols” that is at the lowest part of the symbols box. Now, you will find many other symbols and a bigger box. It might be difficult for you to find the exact plus-minus symbol and paste it into the document.

For quick insertion, you can check the subset box above the table. Here, you can select the Latin-1. Now, the symbols will be shortened to the previous one. You can click on the plus-minus symbols that are available in the 3rd row. Just select your symbol and insert it using the button available in the lower section. With these simple steps, you can use the built-in features of Word or Excel to insert plus-minus symbols in Windows or Mac.


It is recommended to use any of the above methods to insert plus-minus symbols. The reason is the quick outcomes that you will get with them. You can also adopt many other methods, but these are difficult to some extent.


  • Can I insert other symbols using the same method?

Yes, you can insert many symbols using the same method. You only need to know the code or category of that particular symbol. It will be inserted into your document at any point you want.

  • Will the process different for Mac and Windows?

If you are using the direct keys method, then the process will be different. But if you are pasting symbols using the insert bar, then the process will be the same for both devices.

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How to type plus or minus symbol in Word or Excel (Windows & Mac)?

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