Up-to-Date Kitchen Assistant Job Description – Duties and Skills

Kitchen Assistant Job Description

After 1.5 hours of hand whipping, the cream turned out perfect. My hands are not hurt at all. We will discuss Kitchen Assistant Job Description here. How is this even possible? Opening my eyes wide, I woke up from the dream. My brain remembered to prepare a lot for welcoming my new kitchen assistant. Do not be afraid to apply for the “engine room of the kitchen” as it requires only a passion for cooking. Kitchen assistants do not need to follow rocket science but the guidance of a kitchen supervisor. 

Typical physical works like – cleaning the kitchen, preparation duties are given to the assistants. This may include cutting the veggies and fruits, cleaning the dishes and tables, and, if you are lucky enough, assist the chef in cooking. You can turn out to be the most qualified candidate if you already have the skills wanted in the job description. 

Kitchen Assistant Job Description

It is bound to find the duty and responsibility, eligibility, payment, shift, area, and some more specifications in a job description. The Kitchen assistant job description is not an exception. There are some general points that a kitchen assistant job description has to make clear. These can be:

  1. The location of work
  2. Participants’ working hour 
    • Part-time 
    • Full time
    • Shift
  3. Payment
  4. Application requirements
  5. Position’s name
  6. Specification of duties
  7. Preference etc.

In case if you are wondering these are all, well there can be more, even less. Prepare yourself to find the job based on these criteria, wish you luck.

Who has the requirements?

Usually, the requirements vary per need and age, and area of the restaurant. For example, the sea beach Inn can want sea-food experts. A bakery may need some baking masters. But, there remain common terms everywhere. The job descriptions can be looking for:

  • A part-timer high school student
  • Intern from a culinary school
  • A full-time sous chef
  • The experienced home cook with a determined mind

The people who love to eat are encouraged to apply, as taste bud plays a major role here.

Why should you become a “kitchen assistant”?

A fish can never climb a tree but can survive if it is a sea. The same goes for you. If you have a craving for cooking, you should also try it before it is too late. I loved eating. This has dragged me to cook. Believe it or not, I have earned happiness and money together by following my dream. 

You should have your reasons to consider this profession. But if you are in, you can put a great stepping stone in your carrier. A proper probation period on sticking to kitchen assistant will produce a chance of obtaining senior positions. You can become a junior chef, afterward a station chef, deputy chef, then eventually run a restaurant becoming head chef. Of course, you must hurry if you have studied cooking in any institution.

According to ZipRecruiter, the payment of an assistant can sprout from $300 per week and reach up to $550.  Not a negligible amount for getting in this profession. Give it a try. It is worth it.

To-do List for a Kitchen Assistant 

It cannot be seen with a naked eye how much a kitchen management team has to do. As kitchen assistants are almost newbies, they get to learn the maximum workflow step by step. Some of the responsibilities are shortly elaborated below:

  • Attending the customers: It is very normal for the kitchen assistant to attend to the customer. Sometimes, there can be a delay in preparing fresh items. You have to entertain the customer with your word and assure there staying until the service.

  • Cleaning the dining and kitchen: Cleaning the dining area and the kitchen is one of the main roles of a kitchen assistant. As food is a very sensitive issue, you have to make everything neat and clean to create no health issue.

  • Supply checking: Again, checking the daily supply is a key role for this job. You should ensure to have every item the chefs will need on that particular day. If anything gets missed, you will be accountable.

  • Vegetables, fruit, and meat processing: Every chef wants to sharpen their knife skill. The skill is not acquired over the night. Once, they were newbies like you and had to practice cutting. Prepare to have a few cuts on your hand. You will also be able to show your cutting skill one day.

  • Filleting the fishes: I do not know if you watch any cooking shows. If you watch, then you know the importance of filleting a fish properly for every menu. A chef is also known for his filleting art.

  • Assisting the station chef: It will be the most interesting duty performed by you. When you can assist the station chef, you will be fighting to become a culinary expert in the front line.

  • Figure out food wastage and popular items: It is another fun part of being a kitchen assistant. You have to measure the popularity of any dish based on the leftover of the customers.

These were the common duties performed by an applicant for this job. Prepare yourself well by practicing them at home if you want to become a pro.

Who should avoid this job?

Even if you are passionate about being in kitchen, you shouldn’t apply for this job without taking to the hiring authority if you are:

  • Allergic to meat, and vegetables, or other ingredients
  • Cannot perform excessive physical work when the restaurant is busy
  • Have anger management issue
  • Have asthma or any breathing problem

This is because a kitchen is where you have to face smoke, get disappointed when you are doing wrong and work under pressure. But if the authority wants you to work despite having the above reasons, jump into it.

Final Words

Food is the common language of every country. It will be your achievement if you can make someone satisfied with your effort when he eats.  Nothing is hard or easy to gain in this world. You have to prepare and search a lot to become a kitchen assistant despite your passion for cooking. Follow your passion.

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Up-to-Date Kitchen Assistant Job Description – Duties and Skills

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