How can you become a catering assistant in 5 simple steps?

How can you become a catering assistant in 5 simple steps?

Catering assistant is a simple job if you’re a born leader and have the right skills to carry out the given job’s responsibility. Catering assistants are those who work under caterers. We will discuss how to become a catering assistant in this article. The catering assistant holds the responsibility to prepare the food and serve food and beverages to customers. The catering assistant also ensures that proper hygiene is maintained in the working staff and kitchen. They also manage to coordinate with the restaurant, hotels, and companies. Catering assistant is not just a job of responsibility but also a career of service. It is the best job if you want to make more money in less time. A customer is like a god to catering assistant whatever they say the catering assistant must offer. They should see that the customer is happy and satisfied with the food and services offered to them.

Job Description, Salary, Duties & More

Given down below are job description, duties, qualifications, salary, etc. to become a catering assistant:

  • Job Description: The catering assistant is the one who works under caterers. The catering assistant carries out the responsibility of preparing and serving food. Catering assistant responsibility also includes maintaining stock. They also have to see that there is proper hygiene maintained in the kitchen. Catering assistants are excellent correspondence as they have to coordinate with various companies, hotels, restaurants, etc.  Sometimes catering assistants work as middlemen between the customer and caterer(owner). Catering assistant needs to be a born leader to lead their team. 

  • Duties: The duties of a catering assistant include management and organization of the kitchen and storeroom where all the food is kept. It also includes keeping track of supplies and orders. To unload the delivered material from the dealer is also considered as one of the catering assistant duties. To maintain cleanliness and see that the working staff have all the appliances they require, they are in a catering assistant’s duties. To wash, cut, and peel the vegetable is also considered as the catering assistant’s duty. They also have to maintain the schedule of working on time and ensuring that the client has received its order on time or not. Their responsibilities also include setting up tables or dishes at an event. 

  • Qualification: Qualification for a catering assistant job includes, High school diploma or GED, food hygiene certificate, secondary qualification such as GCSEs, doing a catering course, a bachelor degree in culinary management, etc.  If you have good knowledge of food and you’re excellent at maintaining cleanliness, then you might land a job as a catering assistant. In the end, you can also find many online courses or degrees on the internet that might help you to get a job.

  • Salary: The salary of a catering assistant is based on the time limit you work for. If you work full time, you will get more salary than a part-time employee. A full-time catering assistant’s salary will be a minimum of 40k a month. And a salary of a part-time employee will be a minimum of 20k a month. Salary might also increase after 2, 3 years of working as a promotion in the job. Salary is also based on experience if you have more experience, then the salary will a little more than that compared to a fresher. 

  • Age: The age limit for becoming a catering assistant range from a minimum of 18 years to 35 years. And as for maximum, there is no range age limit as long as you enjoy working as a catering assistant. If you want to have work experience or just for the sake of learning, you can work as an intern before the age of 18. 

  • Catering Assistant Job: In catering assistant, there are many jobs. You can work in events or work in hotels or restaurants. The catering assistant job has much more scope when finding a job. If you’re adventurous, you can work in the armed forces as a catering assistant. If you want to help people, you can work in a hospital or school as a catering assistant if you wish to work at one place and work at restaurants or hotels. 

How Can You Become a Catering Assistant in 5 Simple Steps:

To become a catering assistant follow these steps:

  • Maintain a good resume or CV with some work experience in the field of catering assistant. You can also add some catering courses you have learned to your CV. Try doing some internship which will be great for your resume. These all things will definitely help you become a catering assistant.
  • A catering assistant is someone good at communication; if you are a good communicator then, great! Half of your work is done here. If you are not, you can watch some YouTube videos, which will boost your communication skills.
  • You can learn how to coordinate with a team. This can be done by taking part in some group activity in your school or college days. You also need to be able to work in a team.
  • Try to be a leader because a is the only one who can guide the team. Leading your team will help you make your work done fast and efficiently.
  • Be calm, as calmness is the key to success. Being relaxed will help you in different ways. It will make your work easy and clean. You should be able to multi-task while being calm. This will make your work seem faster.

Catering assistant might seem like a hectic job, but you will enjoy it once you start doing your work with a focused mind. If you’re right in the kitchen, why not apply for a catering assistant. You can also complete your other study courses while doing a catering assistant job. A catering assistant is the one who is all-in-one package, from multi-tasking to being a leader to coordinating with their team they should have it all.

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How can you become a catering assistant in 5 simple steps?

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