Bullet Point Symbol [•] – How to Type in Word?

Are you searching on your keyboard how to insert bullet point symbol [•]?

The bullet point symbol [•] has two main uses.

  1. It is helpful when conveying key information within a document.
  2. Secondly, it is used to introduce items in a list that are written vertically. 

Inserting the bullet point symbol [•] can be confusing at times. 

But you don’t need to worry, because you’re reading the right article

The following are five simple and practical ways to accomplish this task. 

Use the Home Tab to type bullet point symbol

Do you have your word document ready?

Let’s go straight to inserting this bullet point symbol.

Open your word document, then select the area you want to apply the bullet point symbol [•]

Have a look at this example.

Taking the above as an example, select the list and go to Home Tab. Click the bullet button on the paragraph section, then choose the bullet point symbol [•]

bullet point symbol

The following screenshots show the bullet point symbol [•] inserted in the word document.

Use Insert Tab to type bullet point sysmbol

If a bullet point symbol [•] was just available on the keyboard, how would that have made things simple?

Very simple, you may say. But that’s not the case.

You have to navigate through, which at times it’s difficult or even confusing.

But the Insert tab in Word document can have a solution for you. 

Check these steps out:

  • Put your cursor exactly where you want to insert the bullet point symbol
  • Then go to the Insert tab
  • Look for the Symbols groupings, then click symbols and on the drop-down arrow select more Symbols
  • You will see a Symbol dialogue box, a library containing many symbols that can be used in Microsoft word. 

Now you need to look for bullet point symbol [•] 

Have you managed to locate it?

Great! There you have a bullet point symbol [•] in your word document.

To make it even simpler, check this out;

There is a display list of specific types of symbols you can choose from on the subset down arrow.

Locate the general punctuation type of subset and pick on the Bullet point symbol [•]

Press the bullet point symbol [•] and click the insert button. The bullet point you selected will be inserted into your word document. 

Follow the above simple steps and insert a bullet point symbol [•].

Use keyboard shortcut keys

If you’re looking for the simplest way to insert a bullet point symbol [•], here is how you can easily do it. 

Wait a minute! There is something you need to know about symbols in Microsoft Word;

All symbols are assigned unique codes.

These codes can be used to insert symbols into the word document.

These codes are always referred to as Alt Code

These are the steps you can follow to insert a bullet point symbol [•] using the keyboard shortcut.

  • Open your document and put the cursor right where you desire to insert the bullet point symbol [•].
  • On your keyboard, locate the Alt Key. Press it and hold as you type the Alt code 0149. 
  • After typing the Alt code 0149, release the Alt key, and the bullet point symbol [•] will be inserted into your word document. 

Use autocorrect

This is another way to insert the bullet point symbol [•] into your word document. 

The Autocorrect method allows you to create shortcut codes for any symbols in the Word. 

For example, you can assign the bullet point symbol [•] a code such as  KYXZ

Every time you type this code, the Word will understand you meant to type symbol [•]. 

This process throughout your typing will automatically be replaced with the bullet point [•].

Let’s go practical with this method;

  • Go to the Insert tab, then to the Symbol, and click on More Symbols.
  • On the Symbol dialogue that appears, find and select the bullet point symbol [•]
  • Locate and click the Autocorrect box at the Right corner of the Symbol dialogue box

Type the code KYXZ as follows

Replace: KYXZ

With: •

Finally, click on the Add box and click OK, and every time you type the code KYXZ, it will be replaced with the bullet point symbol [•].

Use Insert Tab to Create a Multi-Column Bullet List

You can create a multi-column bullet list using the bullet point symbol [•]. 

Let’s see how we can achieve this method

Open your word document that contains the list of items you would want to insert the bullet point [•]. 

Locate the Insert tab on the Word, and you will see the Table section right there. 

bullet point symbol

Click the Table section, and an insert box pops up. You need to select rows and columns according to your need. 

bullet point symbol

Now you’ve your table on the word document.

Select it, click the Home tab, go to the Paragraph section and click the bullet library and insert the point symbol [•] into your document.

bullet point symbol

 The bullet point symbol [•] will be applied to the list of items in the table.

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Bullet Point Symbol [•] – How to Type in Word?

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