“What Interests You About This Position?”: How to Answer [With Samples]

What Interests You About This Job?

Every employer wants to know and is convinced that they pick the right person to be a better addition to their team and a representative to the company. The question “what interests you about this position?” is asked generally in every job interview for them to know specifics about you, your personality, goals, and qualifications. And they need to be convinced that you are aware of the responsibility of the job you are applying for, you need to tell them and show them that. This question is what can turn a seemingly good interview into horrible a one. This is an opportunity to put your best foot forward and take charge.

Why do they ask the question?

These are some of the questions you can expect at a job interview.

  • Do you understand the position you are applying for?
  • Are you enthusiastic about the position?
  • Do your goals and experience align with the role?
  • Will you positively contribute to the company?

There are a lot of reasons why you will be asked at an interview, what interests you about the job, the interviewers are trying to determine if you are fit for the role or not.

This question was designed to explore what you think the scope of your job description is supposed to be and the relationship it holds with the company.

Be sure to cover areas of your important skills for the job and the level of experience you hold.

There are key things that they need to pick up from your answers.

  • If you have done your research about the company, job and what you know about it.
  • Your career aspiration and what part this opportunity plays in it.
  • That you will be motivated to get the job done.
  • Your technical know-how and your ability to get the job done.How to answer the question of what interests you about the job.

There are a few general steps that can assist you to answer the question “why you are interested in this postion” at an interview, always endeavor to show off your qualities and skillsets as relevant to the position.

I. Research the position

Putting a lot of thoughts and preparing for this type of question before the interview would give you an edge in the questioning session, and makes it easy for you to appear sharp and professional. Answering the question, you need to understand what that position entails and it’s primary responsibilities to both clients and staffs, it is advisable to thoroughly review the job description before the interview. If perhaps the position you are applying for is in accounting, you should understand that your responsibilities might include:

  • Inventory taking and management
  • Uploading invoices
  • Handling invoices
  • Talking with vendors

II. Research the Company

Although you need to be familiar with the position, you are applying for, be aware that it is also very important that you learn a lot about the company you are applying to work in, their values, mission statement, and also their business model. You demonstrate a strong interest and you get an upper advantage.

  • The company website: Look for the company’s press releases, blog posts, and everything that gives off a sense of who they are and what they do.
  • Look for stories about the company that did not make it to the media.
  • Reach out to people who work or know people who work there that can give you relevant information.

III. Always give Structured Answers

Your answers should show that you took out time to prepare for it and thoroughly read the description of the job that you want, this indicates that you are interested in that specific opportunity rather than another one.

For your answer to be structured properly, it should be able to address a few of these key points.

a. How the position plays a role in your career advancement
b. Your future goals and how it aligns with this position
c. What makes the job special
d. What makes you a good addition to the team and position.

IV. End with an Open-Ended Question
Ending your interview session with a question for your interviewer tends to give room for a two-way dialogue, a lively and healthy work environment. This makes you different and stands out from other candidates seeking for that position also because you rub off as a risk-taker and you are able to ask questions when you require clarity.

What you need to emphasize at your job interview:

I. You need to highlight the key points of the job description and how it appeals to you.
II. Talk about the vision of the company that aligns with you.
III. Let them know your skill sets and qualifications, and what you intend to bring to the table, not just what the company can do for you.
IV. You need to show them that you are eager to work with them and you will be excited to get things done.

Mistakes you should Avoid at a job interview

There are so many turn-offs that could possibly hinder you from getting that job at an interview, especially acting unknowledgeable about the company or appearing with a lack of interest for your interview could be one of those mistakes that you need to avoid making.

  • Don’t show off that you are unsure, these things are easy to spot. Do your research properly about the company and position you are applying for.
  • Do not think one answer covers all, give thought to each question asked and answer accordingly.
  • Do not give off the feeling that you do not seem interested in the job, even if it is a backup plan always be professional.
  • Do not forget to let them know what you will be doing for them and what you know about them rather than what they can do for you.

Tips for giving the best answers at job interviews

  • Be positive: Positivity is contagious, so endeavor to show that you are eager to be here.
  • Make a list of your skills and qualification: Always be ready to show off your relevant skill sets and what makes you qualify for the position in the company.
  • Know the company mission statement: Always know what the company stands for.
  • Research the company.

What not to say at your interview

  • Generic answers.
  • Don’t talk about what you stand to benefit.
  • Don’t focus on perks.

Sample answers to What Interests You About This position?

If you are applying for a job as a Human resource manager

I am applying for the job of human resource manager. As mentioned in the listing, I will be responsible for recruiting and training. I was in charge of these operations in my former job. As a human resource manager, at my former workplace, I was able to recruit almost 200 employees and led the training of new staff members. I applied for this job because with my previous skill sets and experience I can achieve more results and take on new responsibilities.

Why it works for you: you are specific about the job in the listing. It is included in the answer and your work experience.

If you are applying for a job as a programmer

I am interested in this job as a programmer because I am skilled at, learning new technologies. I have mastered programming languages ranging from python to java. I look forward to developing my skills in new programs as they are developed. I also developed a creative problem-solving tactic which I learned from being an analyst for over 7 years.

Why it works for you: you acknowledge new knowledge will be required of you, and you are a creative thinker, which are the skill sets required to get the job done.

If you are applying for a job as a special education teacher

I am interested in applying for a job as a special education teacher because I value education and the mission of this school, which is to focus on the unique need of each child. With experience of teaching kids with special needs for almost 7 years, I have developed a working system that will help me reach the kids and push them to success and I look forward to accomplishing the goal same here. One of the tools I use for them is communication lines. I remain in constant communication with the parents of my students, so I could solve issues that arise with them and if given the opportunity, I would love to bring that skill here.

Why it works for you: the applicant acknowledges the school’s mission and recommends a system they use that works.

When answering the question, “what interests you about this postion” at an interview, remember to always show enthusiasm and strategically respond to questions. Always give the interviewers something to think about, something that sets you apart from the next person that wants that job. Include details of the job you are applying for, the company’s mission statement and how it aligns with you, and also what you can offer, to be a great addition to the team and company.

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“What Interests You About This Position?”: How to Answer [With Samples]

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