Good Excuses For Getting Out of Something in Advance

Good excuses to get out of something in advance

Introduction: Often, we face situations or take up things that we don’t want to do. So what would you do to escape that situation? you will make excuses. But making good excuses to get out of something is quite tricky. So here we will give you mind-blowing and reliable excuses that will help you escape a situation without embarrassment. You can use these excuses for getting out of personal or office work. 

Answer:  The excuses that you make for getting out of something depend on your situation. They can either be for getting out of your work or for escaping from a get-together. You can use some excuses in all the places and get out of something. But some of these excuses would work only in specific places.  So first, let’s see the excuses that can help you get out of anything, in general. 

Great excuses for getting out of anything, in general: 

  1. A family emergency:  One of the most frequently and commonly sought excuses is ‘I have a family emergency. The best part about this excuse is that you don’t have to tell the exact emergency to your boss or the person you are with. Even if the person asks about what kind of family emergency, you can say that your loved one is ill and needs your presence.  Try to avoid the false death excuses as the other person might come to know that later. Also, being a sensitive issue, you should not lie about the death of an alive person. 
  2. Illness or accident: The second most sought excuse is that you are ill or you had an accident. This is the best excuse if you are fed up with the office work and need an off. But be prepared with what your disease is or how you meet the accident. Make sure to work on details because only if your details are right can you successfully get rid of the work. Finally, you can say that you have a minor injury, but you need time to recover or normalize from the accident. 
  3. My Child’s caretaker is absent, so I won’t be able to come: This can be one of the best excuses for you if you are a parent. We all know how difficult it is to manage the kids of working parents. So you can use this excuse and say that there’s no one to take care of your kid, and they need your presence. You have to show that even if you bring the kid with you, they will only mess up the things, and you won’t concentrate. So, you will need to get out of the thing at hand. 
  4. Doctor’s appointment: All of us know that Health is wealth, and you can use this phrase to your benefit. You can say that you have a doctor’s appointment, and it might stretch longer. So you can’t come to the office/another place. You can show the urgency of the appointment by saying that this appointment is very difficult to get. Further, you will have to wait for a month for the next appointment.  For more emphasis, you can say that you have an appointment with the dentist, and you can’t miss it because your root canal is to be filled. This will create a better impression and show that you care about your health, and you will be able to get out of something without hurting anyone. Be prepared with the doctor’s details and expected timings to make it look like a genuine reason. 
  5. Occasions like marriage, births, etc. in your family: You can also make an excuse for any ceremony like marriage, birthday party, newborn baby party, etc., in your family to get out of something in advance. You have to show that the person is close to your heart and you can’t leave them alone on such an auspicious occasion.  The other person would understand the auspiciousness of the occasion and might allow you to take an off. But you might be asked to send a wedding card or a party invitation to prove your point. So be ready with that.
  6. Bad health of your pet:  If you have a pet at your home, it can help you get out of something conveniently. For example, you can say that your pet is very ill and have to take it to the vet. Or you can give the excuse for its regular checkup. Even if you say that you don’t have someone to take care of your pet, you would be able to escape the thing in advance. Your friends/boss would understand your problem and might give you an off. 
  7. Voluntary activities like blood donation camps:  Participation in voluntary activities like blood donation camps, cleanliness drives, awareness programs, etc., is also a great way to get out of something. You can say that you need to be a part of volunteer work, and you can’t withdraw at the last moment.  If your boss/friend cares about a social cause, you will get a day off and escape what you were trying to do. However, make sure to have a concrete activity plan because they might ask if they can join in. In this case, you can say that the maximum volunteer limit is exhausted. 

Special Excuses for getting out of a get-together or not so important event: 

  1. I have to take an important delivery that day:  You can say that something special is going to be delivered that day. You can elaborate on the urgency of the delivery by saying that you neither have the delivery boy’s number nor you know the timings. Further, you might miss this special delivery if you are not available that day. You have to show that the delivery requires your signature. So you need to stay at home for the delivery.  To show that you wanted to attend that event but could not come due to delivery, you can say that I would come as soon as I get the delivery. Rest you know that you are not going to come back
  2. Workload or important office meeting:  Another great excuse for getting out of an event (not related to business) is that you have many workloads. You can say that your deadline is two days and you need to complete this work. Besides this, you can say that you have an important business meeting you can’t miss on the coming day.  This will help you get some sympathy from your friends, and they won’t stop you from getting out of the thing in advance. 
  3. Flat tire:  You can tell your friends that there is some problem in your car like flat tires, sound problem, not starting, etc. Then, you can falsely say that you would come as soon as the mechanic arrives and the problem is solved.  You can play smart by calling them some minutes before the end of the event and say that the vehicle is okay and confirm if the party’s still going on. A high probability is that the party would have ended, and everything would have left. Give a pat on your back you have successfully got out of something without letting them know. 
  4. A sudden rush of guests:  If you want to get out of any friends’ event, you can say that some unexpected guests have come on your side. But, unfortunately, you can neither leave them alone nor ask them to go away. The result is you won’t be able to come.  You can say that they want to spend their weekend with us and it might be difficult for you to attend the present event. Then, your friends would understand your problem and won’t force you to attend that event. 

What excuses should you never make

Besides knowing the right excuses to get out of something, it’s equally important to know the excuses you should never make. So here’s a list of excuses that won’t help you in getting out of something. Instead, they will push you into more trouble: 

  1. Hangover:  Never make an excuse for a hangover because it will show your unprofessional behavior and negatively impact others. So next time, even if you are hungover and want to get out of something, try the above-mentioned excuses. But never say that you are hungover. 
  2. You hadn’t worked that day: If your reason for taking an off is that you are not yet done with your work, you should never mention this reason. Again this will show your unprofessional behavior and can pave the way for your expulsion from the company. 
  3. I forgot about the event or I don’t want to simply attend the event: These straightforward excuses can hurt your friends and might show that you don’t care about their feelings. If they have put great effort into the event, you should never say that you don’t want to attend it or forget about it and could not plan. 
  4. A bad hair day or a haircut appointment:  This excuse won’t help you escape the thing you want to escape. For example, if you say that you have a haircut appointment and therefore you want to attend something, this will show that you give more importance to a haircut than the event. Similarly, if you say that you are having a bad hair day and decline to attend something, this will show that you don’t prepare in advance for things. 

When and how to give the excuse? 

It would help if you tried to tell the reason for getting out of the thing at hand or taking off as soon as possible to your friends or boss. Try to inform at least a night prior so they can plan accordingly. If you are informed in the morning, you can send a direct message on the most used messaging service like WhatsApp, signal, telegram, etc. In the alternative, you can call them directly or leave a voice message. 

Bottom Line:  Well-crafted excuses can help us escape certain situations and workloads. Try to back your excuses with the right answers and inform them at the right time. But use these excuses only if the situation is worth escaping. Making excuses on every occasion can lower your value and reputation. So it would help if you make these excuses occasionally to get the desired result. 


Ques 1: How can I write a perfect excuse text so that your boss gives you a day off? 

Ans: You have to mail your excuse in the most polite manner. A perfect text example: “Hello Sir/Mam. I am not feeling well today and might need to stay home. I hope to recover by tomorrow.” Similarly, you can give other excuses. Ensure that you tried your best to come and join the work as soon as the sickness or the problem ends. 

Ques 2: If I mail my boss a sickness mail, can I be fired? 

Ans: Yes, you can indeed be fired for calling in sick because, in the USA, employers can fire you without explanation unless you have a contract to prevent the same. However, certain exceptions can prevent you from getting fired if you have genuine reasons. 

Ques3: How can I prove that I am sick if I am making an excuse? 

Ans: You can show your illness according to the disease you have told to your friend/boss. For example, 

  1. In case of fake fever, you can show your face as sweaty and hot and show that you are wearing several layers of clothes to prevent shivering. 
  2. In case of fake stomach aches, you can have a bucket near you and show that you are spending maximum time in the washroom. 
  3. Fake Cold or flu: Show that you are unable to breathe through nostrils and use your mouth for breathing. You can cough or sneeze to add more emphasis. 

Similarly, you can look for the disease symptoms you are faking and use them to show that you are sick. 

Ques 4: Which events count as a family emergency and help me get out of something? 

Ans: Those unexpected events that affect family health, safety and cause you a lot of mental and emotional stress are counted as family emergencies. Examples are accidents, illness, death, etc. Also, a family emergency is a great excuse to get out of something because everyone knows that you can’t concentrate on something if everything is not fine in your family. 

Good Excuses For Getting Out of Something in Advance

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