Jobs That Can Make You Famous

Jobs That Can Make You Famous


Almost every one of us wants to become famous, and accordingly, we look for the right jobs that can make us famous. So, if you are looking for a career that can make you popular, we have a list of jobs for you in this article. 

List of careers that have the potential to make you rich and renowned: 


Acting is one of the first careers that come to mind when we think of name and fame. This career is open to all who have requisite acting and dancing skills. The best part is you don’t need to make a lot of investment in an acting career. But it is more or less dependent on your luck besides your hard work, talent and passion. Even a single project or movie can make you successful and famous. You don’t even need to belong to the Hollywood industry to make a name. Some of the most renowned actors who have become household names through their impressive acting careers include Marlon Brando, Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Emma Stone, Kate Beckinsale, and much more. 

Pros of Acting Career: 

  1. Opportunity to earn a huge name and fame.
  2. Tour across various places for shooting
  3. Freedom to perform different roles like a police officer, Army officer, Businessman, sportsperson, and whatnot. 
  4. No specific degree is required. 
  5. You can make a career no matter what your background is, even if no one in your family is an actor. 

Cons of Acting Career: 

  1. The success or failure of your next film is very uncertain.
  2. High probabilities of injuries due to stunts 
  3. Very little free time and almost no privacy. 
  4. Difficult to get the first project. 


Besides acting, you can try your luck and talent in various other aspects of the entertainment industry. If you have extraordinary musical talent, you can become a famous singer like Justin Bieber, AR Rahman, or any other singer who motivates you. Apart from singing, Dancing is also a great job. You can refer to the popularity of Michael Jackson, not only in America but globally. To excel in this job, you will need to devote your time to polish your dancing skills and stay determined until you succeed. Further, you can venture into a director job or other entertainment jobs to become a prominent personality. 


Almost all of us have a favorite sport and a preferred player. If you are a football fan, you can hardly deny the popularity and fame of Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Therefore it is not wrong to say that you can earn a huge reputation if you are a top-ranking athlete. A highly successful athletic career can make you a household name. Besides that, you can earn huge money through sponsorships, championship money, endorsements, etc. 

What does it require to become an athlete? 

You will require Dedication, persistence, and backbreaking hard work to succeed in this field. You will have to pass numerous training tests and undergo regular physical training. But once you have put in a lot of effort and won several tournaments, you will become world-famous. Therefore, it will help if you decide early which game you want to continue and start practicing to make a name in the sports field. 

App Designer/Famous Software Maker

An app designer job can earn you a huge name if your software becomes popular. Take the example of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of social media platforms, Facebook and the owner of Instagram and Whatsapp, or Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. Almost all of us are familiar with their success. Some of these software developers are even our role models. If you want to persist in this field, you will require software and a smart idea that can attract people. With some technical knowledge and an understanding of market needs, you can become successful in-app designing and gain a huge name. 

Social Media Influencer/Youtuber

Social Media is one of the best and the cheapest ways to become famous. If you are an extrovert or ready to face the camera, you can become popular by becoming a social media influencer. You can demonstrate your skills to the world or help them deal with their common problems on any popular social media platform, be it Youtube or Instagram. But if you want to become popular on social media, you have to promote your account in the right manner and stay consistent. Remember, you can’t achieve success in one night. But once you have a certain number of followers, you will become famous and start earning money. Some famous names who have used social media to become famous are Mark Edward, Logan Paul, Jenna marbles, King Bach, and many more. 


Almost every one of us has a hobby to read. So you can see that writing has a huge potential to make you famous. Take the example, J K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter and the Jungle Book. So, if you have a passion for writing, an author’s job can make you famous. But becoming a famous author is not an overnight task. You have to put in a lot of effort from writing a book to making it published, and still, there is no guarantee whether your audience will like it or not. So, learn from the journey of J K Rowling, who faced rejection almost twelve times before publishing the Harry Potter book, and don’t give up. 


From Jeff Bezos to Walt Disney, Entrepreneurs have made a great name. They control their destiny, and instead of working under others, they make others work under them. If you have a unique business model and the courage to take the risk, you can choose the job of an entrepreneur. Again, you can not expect overnight success, and there remains a high probability of failure. But through determination and proper marketing strategy, you can become a renowned entrepreneur. 


The Law profession can also make you famous and successful if you have been a part of a leading case. For instance, Kapil Sibal is one of the prominent lawyers in India. Even Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama were lawyers before becoming the President of the USA. Similarly, rising to the post of Justice of the Supreme Court can also make you famous. For instance, the current US Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barett, had made headlines after her appointment as the US Court Justice. So, if you are persistent and ready to fight for the right, you can make a great name through a lawyer’s job. You don’t want to forget to enroll in a reputed law program to build this career. 


A new invention is always a topic of discussion. So if you bring something new to the table and try to address the existing problems of people, you can become famous. For instance, Thomas Edison, the creator of the bulb, earned name and fame with his invention. You will also earn a huge royalty from your invention. But being an inventor is not easy. You have to have ‘out of the box ideas and the determinations to work on materializing them, no matter how many times you fail. Imagination and innovation are the building blocks for becoming famous in this career. 

Investment Banker

How many of us know about Warren Buffet? The answer is almost all of us. But what is that job that makes him famous? It is the career in investment banking that has made him immensely popular among the masses. Given the rising importance of the stock market for an economy, this business can see enormous growth in the coming times. So, you can become a famous investment banker through clear stock marketing skills. Let’s look at what it takes to become a famous investment banker like George Soros or Warren Buffet. First, you have to put in long hours of hard work to understand the market trends. Then, only through a vivid understanding of the stock marketing concepts can you excel in this field. 


Be it Donald Trump or Barack Obama, a politician, has a high probability of becoming a renowned personality. The best part is you need not be specialized in any particular degree to become a politician. But this career is suitable only if you possess the diplomacy skills, the tact to prove your point and argue with your opponent. Though you become very popular, the worst part is whatever you do. You are under national attention. You need to give an opinion and backing for every issue. So if you think you are good at debating and can frame the right policies, politics is the right field for you. 

Closing Words 

Choosing the right profession is very important for everyone. Your talents and your interests play a crucial role in your choice of career. No matter which job you choose, you can become a renowned personality if you put in effort, hard work, and determination. 


  • What are the other job options for becoming successful and famous? 

Answer: You can become successful and famous in any career from teaching to doctor if you put in your best efforts and demonstrate some spectacular and extraordinary skills. 

  • What benefits will I gain if I become famous

Answer: Fame brings a lot of money and attention. You are invited to popular events, and people look forward to your advice. 

  • What are the cons of popularity?  

Answer: The major downfall of popularity is that the media starts taking a lot of interest in your life, and as a result, your privacy is at stake. You have to give up a common man’s habits like eating from a stall, going anywhere without security, etc. You become very busy, and stalking becomes a new normal for you. 

Jobs That Can Make You Famous

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