Excuses Versus Reason- Definition and Examples

Excuses Versus Reason

Today, we’ll know what the excuses are and what the reasons are- Excuses Versus Reason. Once before, Lucy organized the sports club for the female students in her college of study to condense the gender stereotypes that have eaten deep into the core of our social standards. The club took off with a major turnout from an audience that shared similar motivation as Lucy, putting an end to the stereotypes that associate themselves with gender roles. Like a daisy, the club bloomed until it was fully fledged.

Plans for various sporting competitions were in place already until Lucy’s passion began to witness a relapse. She gradually stopped persuading other ladies, and her training sessions were at a standstill. Her excuses were that she was tired after classes, had a bunch of stuff to do, or even pretended to be asleep. Her excuses overshadowed the desire and denied her a prestigious award, as well as two job opportunities after college. Again, Lucy subjected herself to excuses, and she lost.

The truth is, I am Lucy. Maybe you are too. Maybe you are still on a route to being Lucy and have not even realized yet. But, honestly, it is so basic and tough to decipher. One excuse opens the gateway for another, and immediately, it becomes so rigidly a way of life. Excuses are like drainage. It slurps every bit of desire that we have. It leaves with us rugged regrets and blatant nostalgias. 

So, how do we eradicate this psycho-depriving flaw that outrightly drains people of their potentials?

We live in a world where the conception of “picture perfect” is an outright façade. We live in a world where plans do not amount, and things are never how we expect them to be. One second, you are stuck in traffic, stressed. In a millisecond, you are subject to a tantrum on the street because of a driver who hit your bumper, and once again, you have to be present at a meeting, or school, or work.

The truth is, life happens, and while it comes at us real fast, like the speed of light, we sometimes try to come up with EXCUSES, and other times, it is a life that gives us REASONS as to why things do not go as planned. 

Now, this is is where I am at your service. 

What are excuses? And What are the reasons?

We must try to explore the concepts of “excuse” and “reason.” Most often than not, the meanings of both conceptions have been trivially configured to mean the same thing.  They have both been defined as an explanation put forward to defend or justify a fault or offense. However, there is a huge difference that exists in the definitive paradigms of the two concepts. 

  • An excuse is employed to imminently avoid responsibilities. A lot of times, we make justifications to suit our off-the-mark and negligible actions and inactions. In this case, we always possess the ability to control the situation but choose to shift the blame on everything except ourselves, avoiding responsibilities for our failures. This is so bad that it makes us.

  • Reasons are natural occurrences, which we, most times, do not have any remote control over. 

Let us consider this simple, practicable illustration. 


  • I could not make it to the meeting because I did not know what to wear. OR
  • I failed the course because Tade did not lend me his note. 
  • He is the cause of my misfortune. 


  • I could not make it to the meeting because there was bad weather which caused heavy traffic. 
  • My plan was disrupted by the governmental policy against cryptocurrency. 
  • Institutionalized racism deprived a lot of blacks, basic amenities in the 20th century. 

The conception of Reason is saddled with the realization of the hope that it leaves behind. I hope that there would not be bad weather. The hope that you would not get a medical crisis can stand as an impediment to the fulfillment of your plans. I hope that all plans align.

The hope for better social construction projects all-around inclusivity, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual status, and financial standings. The hope that you do not die. I hope for the best while working towards it. This hope serves as an innate quantifier for the feasibility of any plan.

That is why we hope that everything good comes with our differing life strategies. Hope is a projection of profound certainty in the midst of vagueness. With reason comes responsiveness to every iota of responsibilities, hindered by a valid and uncontrolled situation. 

Sometimes, life gives us lemons. It leaves with us reasons to doubt our abilities in our surge for absolute possibilities. Still, it is essential for our personal introspection that we take the giant strides, regardless of life’s damping rollercoasters, is our ultimate aim for glory.

But when it comes to excuses, it has to do with “act” and not hope. Excuses are designed for wading us off our tasks, regardless of the remote severities, and one excuse makes way for another excuse, which goes on and on.

This puts us in a really depraved state because we fail to do what we have to do, with these excuses serving as our alibi. The only panacea for making excuses is starting to work rather than making up defenses for not working. Eventually, possibilities go to only those ready to take their chances, which does not happen without enthusiasm and perseverance. 

Acting towards the accomplishments of certain goals is as important as the goal itself because our actions and inactions define us advertently. For every excuse made, there is a wasted time and opportunity that will never be reimbursed. Thus, we must shun away every form of making excuses instead of working. More importantly, is the bravery that associates itself with owning up to our misdoings.

I understand that we will not always have it right every time because life is not a bed of roses. Often, we just do not cut the merit of whatever it is we intend to do. Maybe because of stress or a mental breakdown. Believe me, it is only a normal human attribute to wear off, but strength comes from the immediate acceptance of fault for the failure. Excuses only give a sense of undeserved entitlement and laziness, as it makes us really irresponsible to all the duties expected of us to be carried out. 

Do not sit back, hoping anyone would pity you for doing nothing. Take responsibility for your actions. Excuses are like an avalanche. We glide through its fall, and it becomes very hard to halt. And it takes us through a bad and noninnovative state of mind.

It takes away our ability to think critically and act on reflex because it feels us with different defense contrivances that we can alternatively blame for our actions and inactions. The world is filled with limitless possibilities. Limitless ideas. It is really impossible to be limitless in our pursuit of absolute accomplishments if we do not pick ourselves up. 

Picking up yourself is the ultimate response to making excuses that inadvertently wade you off performing your proposed duties. The American dream is a canopy that accommodates every American who chooses to dream and work towards accomplishing this dream, regardless of age, sexual representation, religion, race, and color. It is poised at an America in which there are no limits to the dreams and achievements of the American people if only they do not succumb or let reasons and excuses overshadow their passions. 

The American dream is set out for the most diligent persons, who persevere, regardless of the cumbersome choices that life toss at them. Available to all creeds, it only necessitates one’s optimum need to beat odds, to be extraordinary, and it is absolutely impossible to be extraordinary if excuses are still powering us. This is because excuses oppose the conception of the American dream. So, when it is time to work, do not grumble or make excuses because the American dream does not give any room for excuses. 

Start working. Through being occupied at heart, we find what we love, not when we are sitting idle, being the devil’s spawn, and thinking of excuses to give. The American colors are symbiotic in their ability to project the fact that everything is possible if only we set our hearts to accomplish it.

Our ability to disregard excuses is pivotal in our quest for acclimatizing to the models of the American dream. Understandably, naturalistic reasons obstruct us from the immediate action that we intend to take or plan. Still, we must also be careful not to let these reasons blind us from witnessing the bigger picture. 

Excuses Versus Reason- Definition and Examples

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